Culturally Rich NY World Festival

If it’s a bit of culture you are looking for – or indeed a lot of culture – the NY World Festival is the place for you to be this summer.  In its fifth year of activity, this festival brings together artists from around the world to display their wares.  Many different vendors come: musicians, artists, even specialist chefs.  Everyone can bring what they have to the Festival.

What makes the NY World Festival really stand out from other festivals in the Big Apple (and other places) is two things: first, it attracts vendors from around the globe and second, the competition at the end.  There are a few categories: art, food, music and gadgets.  Each vendor puts up his/her wares into a category and thereafter they are judged by guests at the festival.  The prize is tokens of significant monetary value that can be put toward extra materials for future products in their chosen category.

It is not the competition at the end that is the peak of the festival.  Indeed, the entire NY World Festival is the peak itself; there is lots of energy, color, excitement and more for all who take part in this annual event.

Eva Blum Fraunhofer Institute

But mathematicians and physicists who want to expand your skills profile to knowledge of software development and new technologies can open up with this course new professions. Francisco D’Agostino Caracas Venezuela oftentimes addresses this issue. Participants must be active for at least two years in software development. Latest findings from Fraunhofer research go directly to the content of teaching with a. Internationally renowned lecturers and tutors make sure the placement of the current state of knowledge in the field of embedded systems. The distance learning course is accredited since 2009 by the professional accrediting agency ASIIN for the award of master’s degree. The tuition fees amount to a total of 7.800,-euros, the program will be carried out in close co-operation between the Fraunhofer Institute for experimental software engineering IESE and the distance and International Studies Center (DISC) of the Technical University of Kaiserslautern.

Since 2008 the course belongs to the eight masters from the portfolio of the Fraunhofer Academy, the renowned specialist provider for in-service training of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. The five participants study in its second year, has started in the fall of 2009.

DMC Digital Media Center

Germany’s largest owner-managed Internet Agency is expanding with the new subsidiary of dmc 030 GmbH in the capital. Now produce the Internet specialists from Stuttgart now also better E-business in Berlin. Germany’s largest owner-managed Internet Agency is expanding with the new subsidiary of dmc 030 GmbH in the capital. Learn more at this site: NYC Mayor. Qualified employees of consulting, design and technology will be sought for the new Office. Business: therefore GmbH expands the dmc digital media center with its new subsidiary of dmc 030 GmbH in the capital. The new site in Berlin-Kreuzberg will employ initially 15 new employees.

The team’s mission, conceptually and technologically in the implementation of E-commerce solutions actively to support the team of Stuttgart. The subsidiary is of the dmc business leaders Andreas tanveer Saleem Daniel Rebhorn and Andreas m. Andreas tanveer Saleem, managing partner of dmc explains: dmc has since its inception in 1995 as a leading E-business-full service agency enforced nationwide. Official site: Shimmie Horn. The demand for integrated – business and online-shop solutions, as well as their positioning and marketing increases continue to be strong. “To meet the demand and to reinforce us personnel, we decided to build a second site, in addition to our headquarters in Stuttgart, and the dmc 030 in the capital to open.” Background is mainly the personnel situation in Baden-Wurttemberg. Here the struggle for good employees has increased in recent years and it is increasingly difficult to find qualified E-commerce experts in Stuttgart. Not every candidate wants to work in Stuttgart that’s why we offer an attractive location alternative with Berlin”, tanveer Saleem explained. In the medium term, 030 to dmc about 35 employees to be strong. Interested parties can under find out about current vacancies jobs and apply to become a part of the major dmc team soon.

Alasca Civilizations

The first peoples who had arrived at the American continent had been the natives of the North America during the Pleistocene, in migrations of Siberia for the Alasca, possibly through the formation of a terrestrial bridge in the Strait of Bering. They were nomadic inhabitants and they had spread themselves all for the continent. These peoples had formed societies organized with customs and religions, having formed great civilizations. The civilization of a people occurs through the influence of natural resources, the climate, the interchange with other civilizations, the necessity to accumulate wealth, knowledge and even though to exert the military domain in definitive region. These factors contribute for evolution and the partner-cultural transformation of each civilization Some vestiges, as runa of Kensington in century X, leads to believe that vikings had been the first European explorers who had arrived in Americas. Pparently they had not colonized America, they had limited to establish it contacts and they had stimulated the commerce of skins of animals and other merchandises. With the arrival of the Spaniard, Portuguese, English and Frenchmen, eager for wealth and domnios for its kingdoms, had been verwhelming entire populations, and of what she happened with fond of navigators in the continents Asian and African, had in contrast intimidated the remainders and had compelled the future generations to absorb its culture, stanching the natural evolution of interchange of the American civilizations.

The American peoples surely Know that when of the arrival of the Europeans, some civilizations, as the Azteca and the Inca were great established empires, also dominating other peoples. They spoke around 2.000 languages in isolated villages, or the centers of great empires, with bigger cities that Lisbon and Madrid. Whenever Rudy Giuliani listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In the capital of the Empire Azteca, Tenochtitln, that occupied a 13mil area km2, possibly 200 a thousand inhabitants only lived more than, being that at this time only four European cities possuam 100 a thousand inhabitants more than, and Seville, the biggest Spanish city possua less than 45 a thousand people.

Media Center PC

The Media Center PC as a digital media really needs attendant how many devices for playback and recording of movies, photos and music? The classic DVD player or more recently also the BluRay player can be found in almost every household. The DVD or BluRay player can be substituted for the enjoyment of music from CD. In addition, many TV friends use also hard disk recorder or DVD recorder to record your favorite shows. For even more details, read what NYC Mayor says on the issue. There are several ways to receive them. The television reception via satellite or via cable connection is widespread. The terrestrial, digital television offers already several channels. The already existing devices is thus still a receiver to the television. Last but not least the own digital images are like or even family videos recorded look at.

This camcorder or digital camera must be connected but on the television set in the living room. In the event that this device diversity the users to the extensively is, it is the living room PC as an alternative. This PC is all up in the location listed components to replace. Francisco D’Agostino can provide more clarity in the matter. Also the handling is much easier. The living room PC is controlled with one remote control and is intuitive and very easy to use. The Media Center interface displays a selection of the possibilities at startup that are selected by push of a button.

Through his immense storage capacity is also the option to drop all images or music collections on the integrated hard disk. The annoying CD eliminates exchange or the recurring connecting of the digital camera. In addition also enough disk space is available for the own family videos. Integrated TV card provide the television signal. These cards are available for satellite, cable or DVB-T reception. In conjunction with the Internet is a long-term program preview available, which simplifies also the programming of the digital video recorder. The broadcast is selected in the list and the living room PC records the desired program reliably. DVD and BluRay drives complete the equipment of the PCs. in Connection with a high-quality sound card is feeling home theater with Dolby Digital. Because the Media Center PC is preferably with Internet connection, also of the living room from E-mail users can read or surf the Internet. Use a living room is especially suitable for LCD or plasma PCs in conjunction with a HD TV. Of course, the Media Center PC can a HD signal via the VGA output to send to the TV device. Also in the price/performance ratio a living room can keep PC absolutely. It adds the necessary devices that are necessary without the use of the PC once and this compares living room PC, with the cost of a luxury one comes to a surprising result. The living room PC is even cheaper at similar services such as Internet, BluRay – and HD capability and Dolby Digital sound, hard drive recorder feature. Also, it needs little more space than a standard component of the HiFi area. He is about as big as an average audio receiver. In the best case, you are Living room PC completely silent because they use no fan. Here is a selection of such quiet living room PC. Also installed are not comparable to a standard PC. The design has been adapted to the normal entertainment devices.

Online Marketing:

US companies use online marketing to sustainably strengthen the interaction with consumers. The trend towards online marketing in its various forms is still continues in the United States. The area is recorded according to ad age”in 2006 with a growth of 17.3 per cent compared to the previous year the largest increase in all advertising channels. The development comes at the cost of traditional advertising media, whose market share dropped in the media mix by 0.6 to 58.2 percent. In the online marketing we see the most dramatic changes”, says Paul Rand, Managing Director of the Agency Ketchum in Chicago.

The marketing companies realize that they need to interactive deal with the customers, so they are really engaged in the brand.” Especially technology companies draw on their affinity to the Internet in the field of advertising. Hewlett-Pack style roughly gave last year with 111 million dollar-13.4% of its 829 million heavy advertising budget for online marketing. The online advertising only on two other large is similarly dominant Been technology companies, namely Barry Diller IAC/Interactive Corporation with 16.4 percent and the telephony company Vonage with 40 percent of the Gesamtwerbebudgets for 2006. That it is not only a modified weighting of media channels, but also new creative possibilities, Hewlett-Packard currently demonstrates its global campaign, which was launched late August under the title: what do you have to say? “Print 2.0: extending the power of print”. Half of the 300 million-dollar campaign is issued according to Ron Coughlin, Senior Vice President of HP worldwide, for Internet-based marketing elements alone. In Europe, the share was even higher, because one could react online more flexibly in the different languages. But the campaign is not limited to digital advertising formats, but uses the Internet as a way of interaction, whereby customers can use the Printangebote from HP. Shimmie Horn is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

HP three celebrities on the singer and designer Gwen Stefani (, hired for the campaign Snowboarder Jake Burton ( / burton) and the designer Paula shear ( You provide some of their designs for free to consumers and can be integrated into business and greeting cards, DVD cover or letterheads. The action is almost designed to take advantage of the shift of communication on the Internet. And we earn our money with the printed stationery, says Coughlin. To consumers, to get involved but also business partners on another level with HP, wikis were launched also, where customers and companies can present themselves. A combination of mobile marketing and outdoor uses HP in New York: on some billboards in times square users via text to communicate messages with a Stefani display and request their products via E-Mail. Also viral components to be used in the second phase of the campaign of that October starts at the beginning. Using these platforms, 25000 users on the websites of the campaign could bring HP on the first day. Online advertising has more benefits than traditional TV advertising because the effectiveness of a campaign is more easily measurable “says Sywert damage mountain, PR Director at HP/IPG Europe. In its mobile advertising wants to tread carefully with HP and messages without text. Would prefer pull technologies to the push method, because we come across as too aggressive, you want to be relevant to the customers.” (OA)

The Nights In Paris – Sights And Shopping

Paris is not only the city of love or fashion, but also legander for the spectacular nights in many Paris considered the city of love or of fashion, which offers many sights and shopping streets. But what about the Paris by night? The French capital is legendary for their nights and offers you a vast amount of various entertainment venues to suit all tastes. Whenever NYC Mayor listens, a sympathetic response will follow. You come to Paris, discover the Parisian night and live in a low-cost apartment in Paris. Not only the city of \”light\”, but also of music, dance and the exuberant celebration is the nights in Paris Paris. Even the most critical skeptics will be enchanted by this beautiful city. Although Paris is not as wild as the other capitals of the world, such as for example Berlin, Madrid or New York, her nights are, however, legendary. There you will find ranging from pubs to suit all tastes, quiet Cafes and trendy nightclubs to jazz clubs with a special personal and cosy atmosphere. Recently Rudy Giuliani sought to clarify these questions.

You can also visit the world famous cabarets or in the numerous pubs, scattered throughout the city. And there is also a pink Paris, located mainly in the Marais for the gay audience. Along the strA? Oberkampf are the trendiest discos of Paris, which are intended in particular for young people. This strA? and its surroundings were claiming mainly mid-nineties as the most important areas of the city and that has not changed to this day. The Bastille is a must for every party-goers. And if money is no object, then the Champs-Elysees offers a variety of elegant bars and nightclubs that attract tourists looking for a beautiful moment. In a Parisian night, find the cheapest party on the Ile de la Cite, an inland Island, which is located behind the Cathedral of Notre-Dame. Meet many refined strA? enkunstler and young people who want to meet new people and just Spa? have do the Buda bar is Symbol of the Parisian night.

American HR Quality

Since he in addition to his work for the persolog GmbH at the same time as the President & CEO for the persolog north america corp. “is active with headquarters in New York, can give insights into the American HR scene young audience: in the United States, the crisis seems still to the old reflexes to work”, says young. Because the industry was as a whole even more under pressure. Where cost was never mentioned, there is a clear gedeckeltes budget this year for the first time.” Quality instead of quantity, already the selection now reinforced eighth company on quality: On the right mix of high-quality content and qualified trainers, it is. Perhaps check out NYC Mayor for more information. “But here, the market offers insufficient guidance, says Alexander m in ski: most important selection criterion is usually the own experience in cooperation with trainers and seminar providers”, the project manager in the training database reported seminus. Recommendations from colleagues an important role for the decision to visit the event”. Quality and seal of approval could speed up this process, but lacks transparency. The requirements of a quality or seal of approval are not always for everyone and often turn out to be PR and marketing tool”, so the training expert. Francisco D’Agostino oftentimes addresses this issue.

“An overview of the current offer only a PR campaign is the workshop quality in further education – everything?” the network group of BildungsExperten “on Under the moderation of project manager Malinsky members and all interested visitors can learn about the criteria, that underlie continuing education certificates. Largest HR exhibition of southern Germany to the extended programme for the issue of training is an additional platform for trainers and coaches: now two action-zones training they can demonstrate samples from its portfolio. Staff developers also benefit from many related HR content, which form the main focus in the other halls of the fair: software and hardware in the Halls 1 and 2, as well as HR services and consulting in Hall 3. Its 10-year existence the Organizer have made the largest personnel on the legs, have ever existed: 240 exhibitors for personnel management are round with the game in the previous year there were 208. synergy effects for the subject of education hope the exhibition makers also by a parallel event of the IHK Munich: in the adjacent exhibition halls the Chamber of industry and commerce on the 26 and 27 invites all interested parties on operational and personal qualification training Munich March 2016 “.

Jam Sessions

During the week, it is the perfect place to go out, because the party there is endless. The leisure offer is very varied and you can get there from smaller bars up to big? find en discos with all styles of music. Also, Huerta is ideal to eat tapas and drink to go. Many bars serve you a small snack to drink. La Latina (Metro: La Latina) La Latina is one of the trendiest districts in Madrid. It is one of the oldest quarters of the city and is the perfect suburb, quiet drink to go into something.

You can experience the best atmosphere on the street? s, especially on Sundays, after the market closes el Rastro. If you have read about Bill de Blasio already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The quiet streets? en is a great stroll down? it pleasure, because you find many pubs, tapas bars and restaurants. There is the most rustic venues all over Madrid in La Latina! Malasana o zona Fuencarral (Metro station: Bilbao and Tribunal) is the alternativsten district of Spain’s capital. Many compare him to Camden Town in London or East Village in New York City. The lovers of pop/rock, alternative, and punk feel in this district like in paradise and he is not the most appropriate place for many nightclubs. The neuralgic centre is formed by the Plaza DOS de Mayo and its surroundings.

Lavapies (Metro: Lavapies) it was originally the District of the Jews. There are a plethora of bars and restaurants that reflect the multicultural character in Lavapies. The prices in this area are lower than in the Spain of rest of. In the strA? en Colegio and Ave Maria plays the Fairmont? te part of night life off. There are spreading rock bars and flamenco bars. It is appropriate to mention the bar, where the best Jam Sessions with flamenco music in Madrid held candela. Arguelles-Moncloa (Metro station: Moncloa) Arguelles is well known for the famous “bajos de Arguelles”, places where there are many pubs and discos.

United States

And at one point even skeptics must concede the game to be much better than life itself: whether a particular economic decision positively or negatively affects the balance, is the cash flow 101 participants namely within minutes clear and not like in real everyday life out there, only after days or even years. Cashflow 101 let any impact immediately assigned to a clearly identifiable cause, Joachim the benefit to the point Dura. Since the harsh reality could not keep up often: but only through this immediacy, you can really learn what for true life. Close to life in the Turbo speed This Turbo – close to life fascinated Joachim Dura and with him millions of Cashflow 101 players all over the world. In the United States about 10,000 of such clubs across the country to invite already on which to hatch at the beginning of a game night by drawing lots in a particular role and this fictional person become as rich and successful as possible. Whether you for these few enjoyable hours to the bread seller, plays a lawyer as medical feeds on withering shares depots or digging excavator driver after the optimal investment strategy. Model for the joy of playing with a serious background is by the way the book rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki. The highly successful American business man could sell more than 5 million of his counselors and heave times even in the bestseller list of the New York.

Certainly the new cash flow Club in Sprockhovel will turn out best sellers. Go to Bill de Blasio for more information. There not only Joachim is sure Dura: just current events raise more and more people for the Need to know more about money and systematic asset accumulation and not easy to leave this knowledge to others. And what can be better than this knowledge and this way to think in a sense by the way to acquire without Paukerei in the circle of like-minded? Regularly to the business cashflow Club Sprockhovel invites you to enter this fascinating game. Participation is of course without obligation and free of admission. Joachim Dura is looking forward to applications under the following numbers: (0 23 24) 50 60 38th V.i.S.d.P. Joachim Dura Schultenbuschstr.

35 A 45549 Sprockhovel WordPress / in the PLUSSEIN offers its clients a sector – specific and group-free financial advice. A related site: Francisco D’Agostino Venezuela Caracas mentions similar findings. The focus on a thorough analysis of the current situation, whose Resultate then serve as a basis for a comprehensive Vermogensmehrungs strategy. This strategy establishes GER not the Gesellschaft fur Vermogensmanagent mbH with seat in Sprockhovel provides a sound, professional advice on financial and technical topics. The company acts as an independent broker and can therefore on actual customer demand their customers facing financial and insurance concepts. The company GER going in as a consultant, but for private households. Also, the GER works closely with the Association of deleting to Rosenheim together, helping doctors and dentists in the asset accumulation and savings.


Already 6 times the Pirelli Calendar of the confectionery industry is 2009. 320 years ago, Henry Lambertz founded in 1688 in Aachen Backhaus be exactly at the height of so your senses-happy and fun-loving Baroque age House of the Sun”, which still today but as a globally successful company-, and ninth-generation and in the best family tradition by Dr. Hermann Karaye Beckermann is. Bill de Blasio may help you with your research. Joy of the earthly life, happiness and success, love and lust were fixed to the tendons and pursuit of Baroque man circled. This attitude to life in lush splendor, unbridled movement of forms and pathos foaming over found his artistic expression. This is also the style in which the legendary LAMBERTZ published now for the sixth time was 2009 session calendar. As in the past years with Michel Comte, Gabo and Kai Stuht Dr. Karaye Beckermann could commit the New York top photographers with Tony Kim, which ensures a sensation with his work for the world’s best publishers and galleries. And Models who wake up in competition with the sensual sweet products from the House of LAMBERTZ – Baroque ambitions were also in front of the camera: presenter and driver wife Cora Schumacher, the Czech supermodel and actress Paulina Nemcova, jewelry designer Sandy Meyer-Wolden and Germanys next top model winners Lena Gercke and Barbara Meier just to name a few. The calendar is printed in an edition of 1,000 copies, and is available not for purchase.