Culturally Rich NY World Festival

If it’s a bit of culture you are looking for – or indeed a lot of culture – the NY World Festival is the place for you to be this summer.  In its fifth year of activity, this festival brings together artists from around the world to display their wares.  Many different vendors come: musicians, artists, even specialist chefs.  Everyone can bring what they have to the Festival.

What makes the NY World Festival really stand out from other festivals in the Big Apple (and other places) is two things: first, it attracts vendors from around the globe and second, the competition at the end.  There are a few categories: art, food, music and gadgets.  Each vendor puts up his/her wares into a category and thereafter they are judged by guests at the festival.  The prize is tokens of significant monetary value that can be put toward extra materials for future products in their chosen category.

It is not the competition at the end that is the peak of the festival.  Indeed, the entire NY World Festival is the peak itself; there is lots of energy, color, excitement and more for all who take part in this annual event.

New York Times

(Continuation of the interview with Gregg Braden, the best-selling author of the Fractal time according to the New York Times by Laurie Nadel, Ph.d. / host of the Show of the Laurie Dr. (The Dr.) Do (Laurie Show)) question: what do you mean when he says, time cycles?Gregg Braden: Our own science now is telling us that we, on this planet, our lives and our planet in general are under the influence of the great cycles of time, cycles within cycles cycles inside. Some of the cycles that we know, as a 24-hour cycle of day for night and day or 28-days of the woman’s cycle. But the great cycles cover such vast periods of time that not remind them of a civilization to the next. Hear from experts in the field like The Museum of Modern Art for a more varied view. Our current great cycle is a long 5,125 year cycle linked to an astronomical event that occurred in the year 3114 A.C.Pregunta: well, that’s almost incomprehensible for people 3114 A.C.Gregg Braden: ends on December 21, the winter solstice, December 21, 2012 D.C.Pregunta: And at that time or in that day, the Sun like you said to move towards an alignment with the equator of the Via Lactea.gregg Braden: what happens during this time and we must be really careful when we talk about this – there is an alignment that is occurring because the Earth makes this small inclination and this small wobble over long periods of time. While the Earth tilts and wobbles in its orbit, it changes the landscape of the night sky. Change our orientation in space relative to the center of its own galaxy – our galaxy of Via Lactea.ahora well, our own scientists have discovered and are publishing it openly that the center of our Galaxy, the milky way is a powerful source of magnetic energy. The term they use is magnetic filaments that radiate from the center of our Milky way.

New York

That is a question that many wouldn’t know how to answer. We know that we love travel, and many times would change that it was for the ability to break out of the routine and enjoy a new site, or revisiting one already known and loved. But it is difficult to know what exactly drives us to that. Perhaps the instinct of the conquest, which formerly man motivated to go practically in direction to the death by the mere possibility of reaching land far away and still ignored by the majority. Or maybe the fascination that feels in front of the unknown, of what is new and can be experienced for the first time. Or can even be said that the desire to stand out along with others, have different or more interesting experiences and thus stand out, as that leads some to buy more expensive cars than your budget allows you. We live an era in which up to memories become merchandise, and digital cameras generate a myriad of images that best be seen rarely, but they guarantee to the owner his pose, keeping them trapped more forcefully on a card than in its own memory.

It is difficult to know for sure, but we can affirm that nowadays travellers have it much easier that formerly. I do not know made lengthy trips on ships to reach the sites, unless they are pleasant and full of pampering cruises. You can find flights to New York without the need to even attend a travel agency, just by inserting the words into an internet search engine. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Shimmie Horn. Cheap flights to Madrid appear on all sides, defying anyone who possesses the heart traveller to leave your side routine and to pack for a new experience.

Resources For The Assembly Of Your Speech

You can prepare before your presentation material of very high level, but people go looking for listening to a speaker, not only to a person who reads a text in a systematic and monotonous. Organized ideas give as a result a clear expression. For that reason it is essential that you mentally organize your ideas for developing a good speech.We will now learn secrets about the Assembly of your speech. And I ask you to lend much attention because much of your success in public speaking is in concepts that I will now share with you. As a first step, you should determine what type of speech you want to expose. Starbucks in new york can provide more clarity in the matter. To do this, you will provide different resources that you can use when you begin to diagram your exposure.Resources that will really serve much when you have to transform your layout in oratory. Descriptive resources: use this resource if your intention is to have something that has happened to you personally and you should transmit to the rest.If you participated in any situation, event or event for which you were contacted to perform your oratory, tell to the public present descriptive details of what you played live. For example: if received a scholarship to travesde your college to study one year in another country, brindarasinformacion to your classmates what they experienced.

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, football has so much importance that there are thousands of playfields located virtually anywhere, say, for example. Narrative resources: If your intention is to have events, whether with chronological order or not, this resource is that you should use for your speech. For example: during the first days in Buenos Aires, toured the main squares of the city. Since that time and until the end of the trip I devoted myself to make new friends. Explanatory resources: will be your utility if you try through your speech is to convey knowledge of investigative or technical nature. It refers to the definition of concepts. For example: La Republic Argentina is a sovereign State, organised as Republic representative and federal, located in the extreme southeastern part of South America. More information is housed here: Jewish Communal Fund.

Its territory is divided into 23 provinces and an autonomous city, Buenos Aires, capital of the nation and seat of Government. Instructional resources: will be a key resource for your speech when you want to assert it as a generator of actions. For example: we have to go to Buenos Aires.Debemos repeat this experience. Do not let the opportunity pass. Argumentative resources: are those which most possibly use in your speech. They will allow you to provide your opinion justifying the reason for it, which will show to the public a high degree of knowledge and abilities on your part. If you strengthen your stance on returning to Buenos Aires, say, for example, the following arguments: is not expensive to return to Buenos Aires, since its currency is very devalued respect ours. For more information visit original author and source of the article.

French Forms

The history or the reading of the time. Belo Horizonte: Authentic Publishing company, 2009. ‘ ‘ History is a glad, full car of a contented people Who runs over indifferent that one all denies that it. It is a train scratching out tracks, opening new spaces Waving many arms, balancing ours filhos’ ‘ (Chico Buarque/Pablo Milans) In its workmanship the history or the reading of the time, Authentic, 2009, Roger Chartier, Pope of New Cultural History, discourses concerning the historiogrfica production and the problems that perpassam the writing of history. The rhetorical form and narrative of history concomitantly go being shown with its place of production? before the monasteries and palaces, today the university academies – and also its forms of spreading? editorial and through the Internet. Here, Karen R. Adler expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

The forms are cited to inside produce history and its divisions between diverse historiogrficas chains beyond its temporalities and forms of writing shared with the fiction or of its arcabouo conceptual scientific. It has also the competition with the scenic arts and literature in the art to reconstruct the facts with probability. Roger Chartier, French of Lyon, researcher and university professor are managing of research of the School of High Studies in Social Sciences and also member of the Center of European Studies of the Harvard University, in the United States. The history or the reading of the time is its tenth workmanship published in Brazil, country that Le visited for some times and where one of the French intellectuals is considered more influential contemporaries between the students of social sciences. Its practical book cultural history between and representations, published in Brazil in 1988, helped to create a new concept for the research in cultural history: the concept of ‘ ‘ representations and prticas’ ‘. In its first chapter, history, between story and knowledge, Chartier cites historians as Paul Veyne, Michel de Certeau, Hayden White, Carlo Ginzburg among others to speak concerning the forms of narrative rhetoric of history.

Russian Federation

The first is the hourly pay of the Executive (the lawyer). When hourly wage remuneration determined by the number of hours spent in response to the request for judicial assistance, and the considered only the time spent on direct response to this request. Time spent on activities related to the execution order (travel time, waiting for hearing in court, the time spent on analysis of legislation, etc.), but which is not the subject of the contract payment is not refundable. With hourly billing is prepaid, its size is determined by the expected number of hours spent on the execution of the order. See more detailed opinions by reading what NYC Mayor offers on the topic.. In If the amount of prepaid hours exceed the amount actually spent, undeveloped part of the fee shall be returned to the principal. The second way is to establish a fixed amount of remuneration for legal assistance. The amount of remuneration is determined by project cost performance of the commission, which takes into account the complexity of the case and includes the time taken by the Executive for the provision of legal aid costs such assistance. In determining the order of payment and its amount should be considered the opinion of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation expressed in the Decision of the COP of the Russian Federation 23.01.2007 1-P, namely, in the current legal regulating the relations of compensated rendering of legal services is not expected to meet the requirements of Executive remuneration to be paid under the contract of compensated rendering of services, unless this requirement justified by the condition that puts the size of the payment contingent on a court decision to be taken in the future.

This means that the customer (the principal) pays only for work performed by the Executive (a lawyer), but not decisions made in the case of state agencies and institutions. Thus the size and manner of payment of remuneration can not depend on decisions made by state authorities, because they are not made by the Executive (Counsel) and, therefore, are outside its competence. Having determined the amount of compensation must choose how the payment works. Remuneration can be made as bank transfer through a bank, and by making cash (through cash or through bank transfer) at the expense of legal practice, law firm. Calculation with lawyers in private practice shall be effected by direct transmission cash, in this case, the executor is obliged to issue a receipt stating the amount of funds received, date received, from whom on account of which received such funds. Thus, the fulfillment of the requirements legislation in the negotiation and execution of the contract for legal aid cuts risks of infringement of lawful rights and interests of the parties to such agreement. In turn, knowledge about the contract is prerequisite for the execution of the above requirements.

Tamara Exhibitions

After the liberation to Copenhagen, and shortly after they traveled to Paris, where are installed and birth of his daughter, Kizette; in this initial period in Paris is when Tamara undertakes a formal education in painting, studying under the guidance of Maurice Denis and Andre Lothe. Despite the vicissitudes of life Tamara maintains an economic status, reinforced by the sale of his first paintings, allows a fairly loose train of life (that would be the sign of his life) and that will allow you to perform numerous trips around Europe in the company of high society in contrast with its intimate bonding with the Paris bohemia, by that time of great characters that would make history in many fields such as Cocteau and Picasso. With its style clearly defined and framed in Art Deco in the 1920s, participates in exhibitions that open the doors of the world, so to speak, attaining spaces of dissemination for if same and his work in magazines as Harper completo Bazaar. In this decade large events occur in his life: he moved one season to Italy where in addition to presenting his works in exhibitions maintains relations with the playwright Gabrielle D’ announcement that although hard just three short years will leave deep emotional brands; also in these years you will achieve an important recognition by winning notable awards and recognitions in Bordeaux and in Poznan in addition to concretize his divorce from Tadeus in 1928. In the following years consolidates its position as an artist producing their most notable paintings, among them self-portrait at the wheel of a green Bugatti which will provide you with recognition, (in addition to numerous commissions), as a portraitist. In 1933 he married the Baron Raoul Kuffner, who is also his greatest collector and art dealer. Avizorando hard times that predicted the nazi threat moved to United States in 1939 where addition of mingle with the more select society and great artists film at his residence in Beverly Hills, made successful exhibitions in New York and San Francisco, his daughter, Kizette meets with them at this time and shortly later she marries an American geologist.

Lobo Antunes

Their words and their phrases, sometimes repeated up to sacrilege, to nausea, are deducted his unfathomable desires and their insurmountable urgencies. The soul trapped by herrumbrosos links of concern sprouts with the barely audible voice in the silent wasteland of reading. Angola arises frequently in several of his creations, as an act of confession in all their lustful malevolence. The Lusitanian invader shows his Fuzzy face when you remember it in good evening to the things down here and the ass of the world. He does not forget that it was invasive, that lived the war and it allocated some percentage of their creative energies to cause the death of starving warriors without a shadow, just men in a land of Palm trees and mountains, jungles and diamonds, mystery and superstition. Africa is the recurring nightmare, the dark passage of confusion by where his spirit has due travel to model his art for the work of Lobo Antunes. However, also stops less scabrous as they are the neighborhood where he lived during his childhood, Benfica and Lisbon, the Portuguese capital, where has been situations certain amount of catharsis in the exercise of the medical profession.

Of the latter does not hide that his work has had origin in the terrifying vision of a child’s foot under a headstone sheet, under a funeral canvas. A creature died due to leukemia inoculated his last vital breath into the creative vein of the great Portuguese author. Immediately the maremagnum and the mottled interrelation of a metropolis and then the domestic atmosphere with the harshness of the debauchery of nuclei formed by the dissolution and the Evanescence in an eclosion of darkness. Novels such as exhortation to crocodiles, what I’ll do when everything Burns, don’t go so fast on that dark night and other unique grandeur, complement the catalogue of Lobo Antunes whose literary gestation period surprises by its brevity. Lobo Antunes is not easy to author and not intended to be so. The unwary reader will soon be immersed in an intricate labyrinth where cannot escape if not docked and imposes a redoubled attention to text in their eyes drawn facts, things, people, places with the meticulous talkativeness of the schizoid crisis and the paroxysm of a language devoted to the construction of gigantic verbal skyscrapers. Permanent candidate for the Nobel in literature we can almost predict that soon, laurel will Crown the temples of this brilliant and enigmatic writer. Increasingly, try to flee from the tendency to fill all words I seek the silence inside the book, I want that every reader could write his own book when I read ANTONIO LOBO ANTUNES original author and source of the article.

South Street Seaport

After the airplane ticket, the greater cost in any trip to New York is the demurrage. Although the tariffs of hotels are but economic that in the tip of the market in the 2008, the tariff average for a hotel in the city is of $150 $200 per night by rooms for two people with quarter of private bath. Two options that give the opportunity him to save in their demurrage under the pages of Web of Homeaway and Airbnb, where resident of the city they rent to rooms or apartments per days or weeks in different neighbourhoods. For greater security and convenience, it reads the commentaries of other users who have stayed themselves in the place to verify if he is advisable to transportation and if the lodging as is described. The price of the rents varies following the level of privacy and the location of the lodging. 2. Some museums in New York, such as the Metropolitan Museum and the Museum of Natural History, have suggested tariffs of admission.

If it wishes to pay less money it can do it in boletara of the museum (is not possible to buy tickets in the page of Web by smaller amount of money that the suggested tariff). The Museum of Modern Art free has hours of admission Fridays from 4 to 8 at night, and the Whitney Museum allows that the visitors pay what they wish 9 Fridays from 6 to p.m. 3. If it wishes to see some work or musical comedy of Broadway, the kiosks of TKTS in Times Square and the South Street Seaport sell tickets to prices of discount for the function of the day of diverse works and musical comedies. It is recommended to watch the hours of beginning of ticket sale, since the service is very popular and the tickets available are limited.

United States

You were born in Jurez City. He feels the city like hers? Rather I believe that the city makes me feel to me like hers. There is something in all those spaces, that make the people forget that there are other places, as if one did not have a past, just as the city. What I like of that city is that it does not have memory, or at least not so obvious like the other places in which there are been. Further details can be found at Shimmie Horn, an internet resource. It is as if one had fallen and something inside became broken, is like the essence of a poor devil, so stunned by the lost one of whom it remains joined and joined in the same piece of sadness. It was difficult to confront the work from an emotional point of view? The work this intimately related to which is my life. To return of certain way helps to understand things me of my childhood, is like a machine of the time where you can see through the rooms of the children your own space. Now they accompany all those histories to me, all those presences, in which always fodder and itself having that strong anguish exceeds what was what happened with them. If you are not convinced, visit best bars in New York.

Which vibrates is it of the city? Jurez city is the rare place but that I have known. There is something in this city that makes you feel small, you see that great desert and to the people who come from other countries with the fear in the faces, hoping that the night arrives to try to cross to the United States Jurez is as an old kitchen As soon as it dawns and can be seen the trucks rambling that way, like cockroaches, cockroaches of iron running in a dirty, miserable floor, a ruined floor, a floor only. What is happening? Which is the true origin or the true cause of the drama? It is possible to be indicated to the guilty? There is a book essential to speak than it happens in the city, the laboratory of our future, Charles Bowden. . For more specific information, check out Shimmie Horn.

Eastern Europe

Before this very significant flight of talent reality, is very worrisome what says globovision. com (beyond political divergences), this exodus is separandoa families and interrupting careers, but is also sabotaging the country’s future. While many Nations in the developing world are trying to attract its expatriates to inject and catapult their economies in recovery and join their democracies in effervescence, the bleeding of Venezuelan brainpower is destroying the universities and the tables of discussion strategic thinktanks, decapitating industries and accelerating the economic turmoil that threatens to destroy one of the richest countries in the hemisphere. Forget minerals, oil and natural gas, the largest export of the Bolivarian revolution is talent. The Bolivarian diaspora is a total change on a massive scale. The greater part of the century past, Venezuela was an asylum for immigrants fleeing repression and intolerance of the old world. Best bars in new york is full of insight into the issues. Refugees from totalitarianism and religious intolerance of Spain, Italy, Germany and Eastern Europe met in this country located between the Caribbean and the Andean cordillera, and helped to forge one of the most vibrant societies of the new world. Like many developing countries, the country was divided between an enrocada elite and growing poor. Definitely, as Venezuelan fully identified with the great possibilities that the country has in its natural, its people wealth, we consider that the Government should stop to think how to act in the interests of not allowed to lose that great talent of professionals in their disciplines which increasingly emigrate and weaken the country cannot count on themprofessionals are trained them just to commit to make Venezuela the potential country that it has taken everything to have achieved. A country without professionals, will always give sample of weaknesses and will cost you lot get ahead as they have accomplished who herein are that dominate the economies of the world and ensure a quality of life just for those who are prepared to contribute their knowledge. Let us hope that the current Government consider this reality and not allow that follow wasting human capital that today more than ever venezuela requires original author and source of the article.