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Web-studio "Svarga '- it's compliance with international standards of quality and high level of customer trust. We love our job and responsibility, to the best of attitude towards their work. Making websites by us at a level that more than half the customers come to us repeatedly. We value each customer and value in return from them. For us, no less important reputation and good name of the web studio. Therefore, we do not deal with orders for manufacturing sites, the concept of which is associated with pornography, advertising alcohol and tobacco products, as well as gambling. In addition to quality work, web studio Kazan offers customers an adequate price for all types of services, including manufacturing sites. These positions, we consider not only the key indicators of a professional approach to business, but also a guarantee of its success.

Manufacturing sites in our web-studio – it's easy to manage development resources. Our credo: Just = n-GROWTH-on hard-to = FALSE. We believe the site should be as simple and convenient to the owners of the resource is not required to work with the study of literature. Effective site to optimize existing problems, rather than multiply them. Creative, enthusiastic and passionate in the process of the business people together in a team web studio. Kazan, where the "Svarga," only a small portion of the vast space, where they live and successfully employed our customers. This is Beijing and Moscow, St Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. Web-studio (Kazan) has customers far beyond their hometown. U.S., Australia, Cyprus and Israel – is not a complete list of countries where we have created resources are widely used as a tool for efficient business. The fact the vast geography of our virtual products, we have repeatedly proven success of the Web-studio in a remote location. All customers who order the production site in web-studio 'Svarga', we provide a warranty for one year. Errors and disadvantages found in the 12 months, removed and modified for free. Wherever there was our potential customer, for it is not difficult to contact us by clicking on the contact page and filling out a simple questionnaire will allow us to better understand each other.

Customer Site

Today the site on the Internet is the vast majority of commercial organizations and owners of every company sooner or later come to the conclusion that their firm must have its own website. At the same time they often do not even realize specifically why they needed a site and how it will help your business. Often, all decisions on the specifics of a site shall not customers, and developers of this site, you end up with no website required a firm and website, which is most convenient to create a web-studio. To avoid falling into such a situation, you should prepare for pre-order the new site. First of all, it should be clearly understood that when a site will have a lot of customers work if they want to get a quality site that meets their requirements. To, first, to formulate these requirements will require considerable effort. Of course, you can order a complete solution that includes conducting market research, identification of business development strategies, development of promotional materials and, finally, the creation of the site.

However, the cost of such work would be prohibitively high, and the result is not always satisfy the customer. If you just want to order a site, it should be clear about which markets and consumers focused on what your business, know their characteristics and be able to present themselves favorably against the competitors. In fact, you have to prepare promotional materials describing your company and features of products and services offered by it. Web-studio in which you request a site based on these materials can develop a strategy to promote your site on the Internet, create a website and carry it further support. If you just say that your company offers some services, like thousands of other similar firms, and the site will unremarkable, hardly able to attract additional customers. The better you represent features of their business and know how to describe its benefits to customers, the better technical requirements for site development you can develop, which means that the more high-quality site will get a result. While you should describe in detail the features of most of its business and its benefits to customers, as provide this information to the Internet, prompt you to professionals.

There are features of the Internet, you may not know, so do not move to the site all the techniques used in your conventional advertising of your company. If you order a web-studio complex works to create and promote the site, they are based on materials received from you, offer the most successful versions of a site. If you want to make sure your company has been the site supporting the core business, work on the description of this business, formulate goals and tasks of the site, determine the site earmarked for development funds. Only then can order the creation of the site. If you order a web site straight off its features, you'll not only spend more money at his establishment, but also as a result do not get what you need.

Basic Exercises

One workout a week done strictly according to plan, another arbitrary, 3-4 approach with a weight of 60-70% of 1RM for 2-3 bars, or just with weight, to maintain body processes. With further increase in skill transition occurs even in one workout a week. Progress in this case is substantially slowed down, but, nevertheless, remains. Otherwise it is impossible, resulting in bodily injury. 6. Number of exercises per workout trenirovku.Prodiktovano time itself.

What can keep up with the remaining 20 minutes after the main exercise? Only 2-3 exercises 2-3 sets, including the press. That's it! In other words, it 9-10 approaches for 20 minutes at a brisk pace. The result – 4 exercises per workout (including the press) within the power cycle the maximum! 7. Number of approaches to argue uprazhnenii.Kak sports experts, the increase in workers' attitudes more than 4 there is no advantage (it is the amateur bench press). That is an increase, for example, approaches to the basic exercises to 6 will not give any advantages compared with 4 approaches. In addition, for the average amateur regime is fraught with fatigue. Conclusion: The focus on four core business approach to exercise! Warm-up, support and additional exercises do not count. For additional assistance exercises and is considered do a normal 2-3 working approach.

An exception is possible with the use of pharmaceuticals allowed to accelerate the recovery. But no more than 6 working approaches. 8. The number of repetitions in podhode.Razbeg opinion is not great, and is defined ramkah.Vse depends on the stage of preparation, ranging from 8 to 1. Of course, we mean the basic regimes exercise. In addition, the latest iteration of any approach should not be abandoned! NEVER! "Denial" is only allowed in the competition! If you're not going to compete, then never make penetrations to the limit! Use other methods to determine its limits.

Before Booking Site

What you should know before you order a website? Today, every company in the Internet tend to occupy a leading position in the ranking of sites. But few managers know that the online campaign plan would need to start ordering Site developers. Before you order a website, say to yourself the following questions: Why do you need a website? If you need it, "in other words, it would be necessary and I" or "because the site does not now" – or forget it and go on their business outside the network, or specify why you site. The site – it's not just a pretty picture. It is a tool for management and business development. Website – it reflected the status of the company on the Internet. This is an interactive, efficient resource to achieve various objectives. They need to be able to lead, it should develop.

Then and only then he will bring the desired result. What is the purpose of this website? Often websites are ordered lightly. A qualitative approach to development of the site makes highlight the goals and objectives, such as the sale of goods and services (creating an online store), advertising of new cars, personal website, booking services, etc. The main purpose of the site as a tool business management – to bring profit to the owner. A way to achieve this goal, each individually choose. Determine the target audience. Certain groups of goods and services bought different categories users of targeting depends on design, ease of operation, the textual content of the site. For example, for older people is to develop a site with the integrated text, contrasting colors, no dark background.

And for Youth can add bright animations and sounds. What will polzovatelna your site? An interesting product or information much more effective than striking visual effects or just a nice menu. A visitor comes to life in First of all, learn something, and if the content informative and helpful to him – the site will certainly be favored.

Distance Education Estimated Case

High-quality e-learning estimate case consists of theory and practice of the estimated cases. For this study, there are many synonyms. For example, the estimated distance learning business, learning the cause of the estimated Internet training by email. But the essence of teaching is the same – learning, self-study material which will receive an email, does the job of the teacher and sends the completed assignment to the test. The advantages of this method is undeniable. Trained fully manage their time, who decides when and where you study. This may be a house, internet cafe, on a visit.

Usually the cost of such training is much less on Compared to full-time education. Beginners are invited to be trained quantity surveyor to estimate the point. You will receive a basic knowledge of the estimated cases, learn to make estimates for the construction, repair, equipment installation, commissioning. Learn how to make calculations and the basic documents of VET. This knowledge will be enough to start working in any construction company. Also invited to the organization (legal person) who wish to improve the skills of their employees.

Provided students with the theory of the case and the estimated budget targets for case (estimate). For problem solving offers free program for compiling estimates. Consider the topic of distance learning budgeting: Theory of the estimated case Part 1. A short theoretical course of the estimated cases. Introduction to the Estimated pricing. Theme 1. Wages of workers. Theme 2. Operation of construction machines and mechanisms. Topic 3. Salary machine. Theme 4. Estimated cost of materials. Theme 5. Direct costs. Theme 6. Equipment. Theme 7. Overhead. Theme 8. Estimated profit. Results on topics 1 – 8. Topic 9. Coefficients to estimate the position. Topic 10. The coefficients for end quote. Topic 11. The coefficients in the preparation of estimates for repair and construction work. Topic 12. Charges to costs for the company, applying the simplified taxation system. Topic 13. Regulatory framework. Topic 14. Calculation methods. Topic 15. Resource method. Topic 16. Basically-index method. Topic 17. Features of a basically-index method. Topic 18. The rules for determining the scope of work. Topic 19. Temporary buildings and structures Theme 20. Winter appreciation Theme 21. Unforeseen work and expenses Theme 22. Compilation of estimates of the estimated business practice problem number 1. Basically-index method. Construction works. Objective number 2. Basically-index method. Plumbing work. Objective number 3. Basically-index method. Electrical work. Objective number 4. Basically-index method. Commissioning. Objective number 5. Basically-index method. Renovation of residential buildings. Objective number 6. Basically-index method. Repair of industrial building. Objective number 7. Basically-index method. Replacement of materials and materials 'on price'. Objective number 8. Basically-index method. Installation of equipment. Objective number 9. Basically-index method. Installation and fabrication of steel structures. Objective number 10. Transport calculation. Objective number 11. Calculating the cost of materials. Objective number 12. Resource calculation. Civil works task number 13. Resource calculation. Electrical work. Objective number 14. Resource calculation. Repair residential building. Objective number 15. Resource calculation. Repair of an industrial building. Objective number 16. Resource calculation. A comprehensive estimate. Objective number 17. Basically-index method. Objective number 18. Local, object estimate. Objective number 19. Combined estimated calculation. Objective number 20. The estimates for 'IMPLEMENTING' work.

People Democracy

Especially the transition to a permanent (eternal) life is inevitable, as the collapse of capitalism. The future of society can only be deeply democratic, or no, so why put off then on what you can start doing right now. The so-called democratic western society, as well as the fact that trying to implement in Russia has nothing to do with this, real democracy. Our democracy figuratively called dermokratizmom and not without reason. The concepts of communism, capitalism, socialism, in the minds of most people, discredited and cause negative emotions and associations, so I propose to call the future model of social organization – social and abandon these isms. Defined with some definitions to avoid confusion and to what is being said (taken from wikipedia).

Democracy (Greek "people power") – political regime of the state or a political system in which power is exercised through direct democracy (direct democracy) or through representatives elected by the people, or some part of the people (Representative democracy). The main feature of democracy is to ensure proportional representation in the power of the widest possible interests of the people present in the country, as well as dynamic change of representative government, along with corresponding changes in those interests over time. Political power – the ability of one person or group of persons to control the behavior of citizens in a society based on national or national tasks. Direct democracy (direct democracy) – forma political organization of society in which major decisions are made directly by citizens; direct exercise of power by the people at the national and local levels, various forms of decision-making by the people of the general and local character; direct lawmaking people.

Luxury Bathroom

From the bathroom to the today’s luxury bath bathroom called “only in the second part of the 20th century came up, before it was titled as a wet room. Mostly these were only very karg furnished, and is only a sink and a toilet available. Taking a bath was usually in a large sink or a tub, which was set up in the kitchen or the laundry room, and was filled with hot water. Was also as something not exist, public public baths were visited. These were built from the 19th century in Europe, to allow regular hygiene also poorer layers of the population. The first such bathroom 1842 in Liverpool built.

Other English cities followed, and the first German people bath in Hamburg was built in 1855. Generally the enlightenment drove a rethinking in terms of hygiene, was previously all share of the population, even the richer, neglected. Because in modern times until the 18th century the people, even doctors, water considered harmful and therefore only very rarely washed up. Powder and wigs can be used to cover the dirt. It looked a bit better in the middle ages, it was not frowned upon to wash, but there are sparsely seeded bathhouses, which were only for the richer part of the population available. It was farmers and people of the underclass hardly possible to adequately maintain their body. Otherwise, the hygienic conditions in the middle ages were disastrous. And although the ancient Romans lived approximately a thousand years earlier, it looked much better with their hygienic conditions.

They had a well-developed drains, as well as a pronounced bathing culture, which they took over from the Greeks. It should be by this time a long up to the modern bathroom, which as I said only since about the 1950’ern was introduced. People could only afford during the economic miracle such a proper bathroom. From there, the comfort in the bathroom was capitalized. There must be a separate, heated room be, and flowing, warm water for sinks, shower and bathtub. The dimensions of the bathroom was also getting bigger with time, so that today of mostly at least two people to accommodate, or even the whole family. That’s why, today mostly two sinks are attached. Also a large mirror should not be missed. The luxury continues with massage showers, steam vents and bubbling bath. The bathroom is a place driven not only hygienic but also relaxation and wellness. Nowadays a bathroom if not located in every house, even more. Body care is sometimes a bit exaggerated in contrast to earlier times, but we can be happy that we have the opportunity to do so, because unfortunately there are still many areas in the world, not in the luxury”the regular body wash come. Also the matching furniture today has a new meaning, if you are looking for bathroom mirror cabinets, click here: bathroom mirror cabinet Tobias Zimmer