Cruise Business

Summer – a season for Mediterranean cruises, cruises to Northern and Western Europe. In addition, in summer you can take a cruise on the American or Alaska to make the transatlantic passage from London to New York. Also in the summer Cruises are very popular in Scandinavia and the Norwegian fjords from St. Petersburg. Cruises from St. Petersburg offers a unique opportunity, without leaving their home country to go on a cruise through Europe, visiting countries such as Norway, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Estonia and others. Fall and spring – the time of passing cruise. In the autumn cruise lines ships gone from Europe, where it becomes colder and winter approaches, in countries with warm climates.

An example is serve as a transatlantic to the U.S., after the liner is ready to carry out cruises the Caribbean islands or South America. Some of the ships sent to Asia, and Australia. In the spring movement occurs in reverse order. In the fall 2011 season will be very popular to use Mediterranean cruises from Odessa. Itinerary of Odessa are very diverse. They can be for 5-12 days to see Turkey, Croatia, Italy, Greece and other countries Europe. Winter – season exotics.

Regions across the equator is visited by cruise ships in the winter, because in the southern hemisphere at this time of summer. The main directions of sea cruises – Australia and New Zealand, South America, Southeast Asia, Arab Emirates. There are regions where the cruise season lasts all year round. These include the Caribbean Islands, French Polynesia, and, oddly enough, the Mediterranean Sea. So to see Europe with his balcony on a cruise ship can virtually year-round. Extraordinary popularity enjoyed visa-free cruises are also on the Red Sea region and Israel, the Caribbean, South America, islands of the Indian Ocean.

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is one of the Islands that make up the Canary Islands. Geologically speaking, it is a formation of volcanic origin, around one thousand five hundred square kilometres, and in a slightly circular motion. The highest point is the Pico de las Nieves, of almost two thousand metres of height. The island, though small in area, offers visitors a great variety of landscapes: from the beautiful beaches of soft decline, to Plains, cliffs, and beautiful urban landscapes. But another of the most important reasons to seriously consider to Gran Canaria as a tourist destination of excellence are also hotels in the Islands. There are for all tastes and all budgets.

Most of the hotels, as well as the tourist points of greatest attraction, found on the extensive marine coastline, although there are also those inland. The climate is truly ideal, without exaggerations. In fact, a recent study by the University of Syracuse in New York, has proclaimed that Gran Canaria has the gentler climate of the planet. Furthermore, the topographical diversity makes that, despite its limited length, Gran Canaria present climatic diversity, due to the prevailing trade winds, and elevations of the land. Certainly the paradisiacal beaches of Gran Canaria are all the attention of millions of tourists that come together in the archipelago every year. However, the island also offers the possibility of urban sightseeing, touring many places loaded with history that still remain. An example is the neighbourhood of Vegueta.

Nothing less than the foundation of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has carried out in this historic place. The site is considered a historic for its peculiar architecture of the 15th century, and by museums and historical sites that are found here. The Museum and Archaeological Park Cueva Pintada is a trip that will be of great attraction to those wishing to learn more about the prehistoric past of the primitive inhabitants of the region. The site has been declared a site of national interest, between other things by the large number of murals Hispanic pre that are hosted on it. We know the culture of these ancient locals, through the archaeological remains that have been found, such as utensils, pots and other items here. The Canary garden is another beautiful place you can walk is from any of the hotels in the islands located in the downtown area, since it is only 7 kilometers away from the center of the city. It is an area of 27 hectares where has done work for the conservation of the flora and the fauna, and to have settled several terraces and inns, with the purpose of offering the tourist a nice place to rest, spend the day and enjoy the multifaceted natural life of the place.

Latin America

Projects have been developed by students of the University of Castilla la Mancha and the Mondragon, respectively. WaterSense is aimed at getting water everywhere. Smart-Light, towards an efficient lighting system. Two teams of Spanish computer science students were selected to compete in the finals of Imagine Cup, a contest organised by Microsoft to reward the talents of the future, the company reported this week. Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems facing is the premise of this competition which, inspired by the Millennium development goals, encourages young people to find solutions to real problems.

In its ninth edition, whose final will take place from 8 to 13 July in New York, two Spanish teams, the University of Castilla la Mancha and the Mondragon, will compete, respectively with a project to send water everywhere and an efficient lighting system. WaterSense is the project of La Mancha students, who will compete in her third final of the Imagine Cup thanks to a software (with different applications for mobile, Internet and Facebook) that measured the potability of the water in the most needy areas, incorporates this information into a database, develops a plan with the most urgent needs of water and channelled solidarity aid. For its part, Mondragon Guipuzcoa University students have created Smart-Light, which proposes the development of a management system of urban lighting that allows, through sensors, recognize the needs of light and control the intensity of the lighting depending on these. Together with the Spanish teams, 17 proposals from countries in Latin America such as Brazil, Chile, Comlombia, and Mexico, and a total of 400 young people from around the world displayed their projects and will vie for awards in various categories totalling an amount of 215,000 dollars (152,000 euros). Source of the news: WaterSense and Smart-Light: two Spanish projects in a final of young talents from Microsoft

First National Festival

Been born Assar well – CE, was famous with the song ' ' Sad Partida' ' , recorded for the King of the Baio, Gonzaga Luis, who at the time was in the height in the radios of all the country. Quickly one became known in Brazil and the world. Its productions are true stories of the events of the people northeastern. Innumerable politicians start to use the brochure as part of its campaigns. As many public agencies as religious and private entities order livrinhos of twine or, even though they improvise, them.

He has a certain change in what if it relates to the content of the brochure. The poets leave of side the subjects of the daily one and to pass if to interest for ' ' infortnios' ' of bigger reach, informed for the national and international press. In 1978, the First National Festival of cantadores was carried through in Brasilia more than counted on the presence of two hundred violeiros and cordelistas poets. As if it can perceive in the decade of 80 the necessity of the creation of an Academy of the Twine was a dream of all the cordelistas, that were only carried through in day 07 of September of 1988. However the idealizao of the conquest for the Presidency of the Republic was not materialize. To the step that another cordelista of the River candidatando itself for the Brazilian Academy of Letters, got five votes.

In Brazil, for this time enormous lines in the consulates for the attainment of visas and passports formed themselves. It is clearly that this age only for the foreign descendants, therefore the northeasterns not even to come back toward the region, could. The inflation one more time was uncontrollable, and the skill was to try to more resist a economic crisis in Brazil. The loss of heart took account of all the classrooms of the population.

Festive Occasions And Diets

We always make question of remembering in them our anniversary. Although at different times, every year we wait the time of the carnival. We repeat the same gestures and greetings in Passover. at the end of the year we make always the same trips and familiar meetings to commemorate the Christmas and new year (the places can be different and the people can be others, but we repeat the same commemoration). For these and others it is that we can say, without undeserving the linear dimension of history (therefore the things are and they are not what they are), that we live in circles. This if manifest also in our intentions and objectives. In each end of year? start of another one? we repeat the intentions: to leave to make such thing, to start to carry through one another one To stop to smoke, to stop to drink, to make diet to emagrecer, to start to make physical exercises to improve the health, to move of love, to remodel the house, to study more to pass in a competition old carried through intentions and that they will not be become fullfilled, therefore we do not remain in the same daily life of current repetitions.

The intentions and plans are made at the moment of the party, at the moment of the ticket of one year for the other; they are made not to be fulfilled! But as our life she is cyclical, we repeat the intentions, but we do not produce conditions so that the intentions if carry through. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is often quoted on this topic. therefore, in some cases, in them we even frustramos, therefore we would like to make what we do not make nor we will make. This behavior, we can say, is one of the characteristics of the human being. The human being, among others things, is fantasioso. It creates thousand of intentions that never will be become fullfilled and if it places countless objectives that never will be reached.

Qingming Festival

Singapore (March 23), global site of hotel reservations online with base in Asia and part of (NASDAQ:PLCN), announced special last minute deals to Hong Kong, Taipei, Macau and Beijing to stay during the Qingming Festival celebrations. The Qingming is a Chinese tradition that goes back more than 2000 years, and which develops around the veneration of ancestors. In Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao and mainland China, this date has been declared national and party during the Qingming pronounced ching ming-, families visit the graves of their ancestors?to pay them tribute, arrange the graves and make offerings of flowers, food and the so-called money of the spirit, money delivered so that the spirit of the deceased has everything you need in your afterlife. By these practices it is known as the day cleaning graves. This year the Qingming is celebrated on April 5, the festival takes place 15 days after the spring equinox and coincides with the arrival of the best climate.

Qing Ming – which means clear and bright name alludes to the sunny days of spring and the customs of the festival are closely linked with the benefits of the climate. After visiting the graves of ancestors, people usually go for a walk to the field, plant trees or back comets. A Chinese tradition is to serve cold dishes without cooking, so it also usually refer to the Qingming as the day of the cold food. Visitors to Beijing during the Qingming may walk through the gardens Yuan Ming Yuan, the gardens of perfection and light. A space where, in the middle of the 18th century of the summer palace relics, artisans installed their posts and the comets fans show their skills. The Macau Dome, presents along the River during the Qingming Festival. This is an animated version of a renowned parchment of the 12th century that describes the life in China during this period and is one of the most important illustrated works of China.

Popular Festival

PAULA ARENAS this Friday begins the 70th Edition of the annual celebration bookseller from Madrid. Add to your understanding with NYC cultural events. It is the great hope editorial for squaring the bad numbers for the year. This year’s guest country is Germany. It will be the star of the weekend: literature, especially the popular, but also once again and luckily there will be space for less commercial titles and the classics that never cease to wear any shelving, and much more if the booths of the withdrawal is. 447 exhibitors in order to burst the car ride of our most famous Park.

The big question is not whether people will go, that will do it and en masse, as every year, but if will raise the temperature of this wounded sector fair. Because the year has not been nothing good for the book. Germany, the guest writer and German philosopher Rudiger Safranski will be who opens this Friday at 7 p.m. the cultural activities of this edition in the Pavilion of the Circulo de Lectores. Germany at the book fair! is the motto agenda of meetings organized by the Goethe-Institut Madrid, Embassy of Germany, and the book fair.

German authors who will attend will be Clemens Meyer, Volker Braun, Kathrin Schmidt, David Safier, Christian Schunemann, Volker Kutscher and Hans Magnus Enzensberger. And for those who want to take advantage of to make with some essential of German literature, although many already have been doing since 2009 to win the Nobel germana-rumana Muller, it is time to bring some exceptional award-winning title as well as stimulating German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk, whose last published work in Spain is zeal of God (Siruela). Small big titles among all the best sellers, so always present at the book fair, meanders some less known, but no doubt interesting for some attentive readers titles.