Nothing is more beautiful than packing bags and in the China. Like every year around this time of the summer is coming up and all holiday plans are in full swing. Nothing is more beautiful than packing bags and in the China. A few years ago, still that was totally shut down, and if you can not totally shut down that was associated with high costs. Today, however, they can advance at home and even on vacation with friends or acquaintances in contact. The mobile makes it possible. But how can you in China using his own mobile phone and save money when calling in China or the China home and forgo the high roaming charges? There of course different ways to avoid high roaming charges and telephone charges. The easiest way is to use a prepaid SIM card. Without such a SIM card international roaming charges can be bypassed unfortunately. There are different providers of prepaid SIM cards with the different tariffs and also the different options to choose from in the China. Very simply with the SIM cards Find the appropriate tariff Configurator. Card, you can buy such a prepaid actually everywhere in China, and each kiosk offered different maps for different needs, provided one speaks Chinese. German or English is not helpful in China. Call your friends to much China or perhaps you are planning world to call your friends and acquaintances from the China? Or perhaps remember to show your holiday photos on the Internet, to retrieve emails or use Skype also think? So different destinations, so different are the needs of travellers. However so different tariffs and limits of prepaid SIM cards are provider in China. What discount rates has which provider at the time where they are on your tour? Where can you free call or are called from abroad for free? How is the quality of the Internet connection and the data transfer is how much? Not only your cell phone should be more than that nowadays most support mobile 3 G EDGE support and better, you should also know your ISP can offer you a quick and good Internet connection. On a trip it is not just in one place, to visit many interesting places in a short time. So, what does your provider in Hong Kong and what in Beijing? Of course, other issues are also where can I recharge my prepaid SIM card when needed and where can I get help if I need that time? Such offers are of course not to expect from a dealer by a gas station or a kiosk. One gets such help from King which know the provider in China and know the hidden, so services and tariffs which one gets not called and must ask for, savings rates. And of course you will also receive his prepaid SIM card China before the trip home. But those who would not pay the cost, can also free in China send to them. Other benefits like for example the resulting its own cell phone number phone number can forward the new China, or also the German assistance which is included you and where all important Questions from the outset. At least speak English not every day and knowledge can China also isn’t all about that. Further tips and tricks related to savings for the call abroad visit here and just a SIM card Configurator, you would pay only what you really need.

Not Afraid Of Legionella.

Decentralized water heater protect consumers from dangerous bacteria is water not only for drinking. Every day we use it also to the showers, cooking, washing or rinsing. For this quality of drinking water available is tenants. This must be so, because bacteria in the water can be dangerous. The new more stringent drinking water Ordinance is therefore in November 2011.

Thus for example landlords of apartment buildings have to annually inspect their equipment to the hot water for Legionella. These bacteria, which are inhaled through the finest water droplets, respiratory problems or even severe lung infections can trigger especially when showering. Self used houses the expert review of the hot-water system is absolutely advisable but no obligation, to prevent hazards from the line”, so Roland Grabmair from the initiative heat + in Berlin. Who uses decentralized tankless water heater in the House, is on the safe side. The modern devices that heat Water just as the flow passes through, so that Legionella bacteria have no chance to develop into the cold water pipes.

Legionella is most multiply at temperatures between 30 and 45 C. Excess of 60 C they die quickly and also cold water provides no growth medium for bacteria,”Garcia knows. Hot water systems where the water is stagnant longer periods of growth-enhancing temperatures pose a higher risk. This is the case for example in houses with Central hot water storage tank. Therefore here large amounts of water must on high temperatures above 60 C constantly be heated and stored, to prevent the formation of Legionella. This costs energy and goes into the money. Decentralized devices work much more efficiently. Electronic tankless water heater consume no standby power and adjust the flow rate sparingly. More information on the topic will find under about the initiative heat + for many homeowners in the coming years Investment in a contemporary house heating on. With a comprehensive information and services the initiative heat + in enlighten, as an efficient plant technology can contribute to a more intelligent use of energy in house and apartment. In the focus are innovative solutions such as the heat pump, the decentralized hot water production with electronic instantaneous water heaters, electric underfloor heating and the home ventilation system with heat recovery. The members of the initiative include the companies AEG Haustechnik, Clage, DEVI, Dimplex, Stiebel Eltron and Vaillant, and the Central Association of electrical and electronics industry (ZVEI) and the HEA technical community for efficient use of energy. Press contact: becker-Doring communication Anja Becker / Yasmin Schachl Kaiserstrasse 9, 63065 Offenbach FON 069-4305214-14

Finding Good Festively

From year to year, before celebrating any weighty event in life, we face a choice of the building where we want to celebrate. Quite often this kind of choice is given to us easily. In order to facilitate your task, and this was taken note. What should be taken into account when searching for and selecting grand cafes, not to make memorable moments of our lives in disappointment? Before you begin Selecting the banquet restaurant, requires clear and concise form, and take into account in future personal desires and material possessions. Remember that exercise a choice in favor of one or another grand room required in advance. So, if you want to organize an excellent event that will be remembered for a long time you and your family, friends, take care of this for a couple of months before it starts.

Choose a room celebration, given its location, because a very important moment it is available serves a large number of guests. In order to avoid problems to get home after a holiday, it is necessary to pick up a ceremonial hall, which is located in the heart of the city. If you are going to celebrate the triumph, cafes must be close to the registrar that all guests feel comfortable. You also need to know on how many guests you expect, at least roughly, after all, will depend on chosen area of the room. In this case, it is worth considering that in a fairly huge, and very little room guests will feel uncomfortable, will not be of comfort and disposition to fun. Thus, should choose a cafe with a suitable amount of space, where it would be a place for dances and banquets, and for fun. Once you find proper festive hall, by all means go and look at it, discuss all of your worrying to the administrator. Rather acts as an essential aspect of the presence of attractive appearance inside the restaurant premises, because of this will be depend on the convenience and comfort of the celebration, in addition to your photos on the memory will become more colorful and memorable.

If you order a wedding reception, make sure the existence of a place near your chosen restaurant for limousine and other cars. In that case, if such a place is missing, you can choose for themselves another restaurant with a very large area around it. Before you completely sure your loyalty solutions talk with the admin cafe. Make sure to what extent he will be courteous and considerate when talking to you, because of the quality of service will often depend on the mood of the customer. Then you will be required to find a variety of details of the holiday: the location of tables to choose dishes. Find out whether include a banquet hall space for the toastmaster, a DJ, set the admin of your questions. Perhaps you are concerned about the financial side question: is it possible to bring alcohol, whether you want to leave a deposit, need to pay for a service of celebration and how much? Only then will the wedding will bring a large number of impressions and good emotions, when you ahead of time will take care of all the nuances, you will learn even the most minor details in the selection and ordering the solemn hall. And let your life be as much as possible celebrations that you will celebrate at the highest level!

Music Festivals

The weekend from the 15 to the 17 of July arrives loaded from festivaleras proposals, some of gratuitous them. Pirineros Sur and Etnosur command the supply by roots. The FIB will attract the lovers of independent music. It consults the agenda of the festivales of 2011 music. The weekend that comes near is one of most musical of the year. Besides the popular Festival of Benicssim (FIB), that will reunite to the lovers of the MGP independent rock and to a legion of British eager to alternate the beach and the sun with the concerts of its favorite groups around Castelln, other five proposals for tastes very varied exist.

Rock, commercial music, sounds by roots or MGP offer heavy. Some of them are free. FIB, famous and select What to say more of the most well-known appointment of the peninsula and praised outside our borders (the past month of May a study realised by Havas & Entertainment located to him between the ten better musical festivales of Europe). The FIB turns 17 years without showing scars by the relatively recent change of hands of the direction and the loss of one of its main sponsorships. After the little bright program of 2010, the of Castellon de la Plana one returns to remove brightness to its scenes and will count, from this Thursday and to Sunday, with an establishment of artists of first. The activities of Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, The Streets, Primal Scream, Astrud, The Stranglers or Portishead justify very well the attendance to the great levantino event. The high prices of the installments (from 160 Euros) have not dissuaded to fibers to would approach already by the environs of the enclosure in mass. More information on the FIB in its official page. Music disgust Festival, commercial and without complexes Why the more famous events of MGP must take adhered the label of ‘ indie’ in its credentials? Arranged to vindicate that the music that sounds in radiofrmulas does not have why to be of low quality, the Music Disgust Festival (Tarragona) offers two days -15 and 16 of July of activities of artists like Mal, Melendi, M-Clan, the Squid, the Short Guard, M-Clan or Celtas.

German Games Festival

Big event themed board game in the Saar Gau Halle Schwemlingen before Christmas there is every year the same problem: you looking for games to give as a gift and can be only after the packaging when shopping and set its caption. Often only the biggest game publishers with their games in the shops are also represented. The nimble fleas in Merzig of resident free youth carriers, offer the possibility to inform themselves extensively on many games and especially also to try them out a few weeks before Christmas. Expert advice completes the service offer of the Association. The 7 Saarland Games Festival“takes place on November 5th and 6th in the Saar Gau Halle Schwemlingen.

“Test matches include Qwirkle game of the year 2011″, the children’s game of the year 2011 as it’s broke”and the expert game of 2011 7 Wonders”. More than 250 games are available to try out available, including interesting insider tips, and many new products from the Essen exhibition game 11 “, the previous just World’s largest trade fair for Board Games. Held since 2005 the program leaves time all possibilities: two days to test the games (Saturday from 10 to 22 hrs, Sunday from 10 to 18 h) are available. Game-experienced youth leaders to the introduction to the games available to guests at these times. Game educator Dirk Oehling, at the same time Chairman of the host Association to this approach: Reading the game manual ended have often been the fun of the game before it can begin. However, it easier for most people to learn a new game if it explains them well. Our goal is to provide exactly this service as many game-friendly people.” “Back in the program are also some tournaments: is on the two days at 14: 00 at Heckmeck in the roast worm corner” played to win.

These tournaments are also considered qualifying tournaments Heckmeck World Championship, which is organized by the Zoch-Verlag. Respectively, the top two finishers qualify for the final tournament in Munich. Saturdays at 6: 00 comes with speed”the probably the fastest card game in the world to use. A crazy tournament is completely new kick”, a quick football simulation. Participation in the tournament is free, small prices, there is win. For children, young people and adults equally interesting the game is the werewolves by dark forest”. Saturday from 20: 00 until 23: 00 guests may immerse themselves in the dark forest in search of after the werewolves wherein some also even discreetly will be involved as werewolves. Who interested to try out new games, or just time with beautiful board games to spend, is invited to participate in the Games Festival. Admission is free, for the well-being of course. Registration is not required. Another special feature of the event: By working with a video game retailers some of the test games on the spot can be purchased or ordered. Thus the Games Festival of nimble fleas evolved into an extensive Programmes on the subject of game. Further information on the Saarland Games Festival are available at the Chairman of the Association, Dirk Oehling (Ph. 06853 400053 or 0173 8466413) or his substitute Simone Schafer (Ph. 06872 887546 or 0170-2156322). Contact by eMail is possible under the address. Dirk ohling

Very Festive Holiday

Chocolate Fountain at the festival – the dream and fairy tale in reality. The embodiment of the legends of milk and honey rivers banks, add chocolate mountain peaks and magnificent waterfalls of chocolate. Children, even very sophisticated in candy – come overjoyed at the sight. Chocolate fountains for the children probably the same as for adults – a fantastic antelope, spreading gold coins in an incredible amount. Think about it: until then – Your child can see only small candies and chocolates. And now this show! But the most curious is that this is not just a spectacle, it – excellently tasty treat! Chocolate Fountain – a special unit, consisting of several tiers.

The higher the chocolate fountain and the more he tiers, the more it is effective and the more kids can enjoy it. The principle of the chocolate fountain is quite simple and is reminiscent ordinary fountain, with the difference that instead of water – runs the chocolate. And chocolate is not flowing streams, and a continuous, smooth flow. That's what makes the chocolate fountain so spectacular. For the filling of chocolate fountains used classic milk and dark chocolate! Around the fountain, fresh fruit laid out his whole appearance beckoning soon dip them in chocolate is infinitely seductive flow. Chocolate fountains come in different sizes 50 cm in height (it circulates 3 kg of chocolate – for 30-40 guests) 112 centimeters in height (it – 10 kg of chocolate – up to 200 guests in different colors, depending on the grade Chocolate: Classic White Bitter Milk Dark Pink a bit of history in the years 1200-1000 dnf.

e in Central America it was customary to drink, "Chocolate beer 'is made from the fermented fruits of the cocoa. July 11 – World Day of chocolate (World Chocolate Day). For the first time observed the holiday in France in 1995. However, if you believe in rapture of chocolate fountains come only child – it is not so! Adults – in no less enthusiastic. Still – after all, in everyday life, never seen so many beautiful and delicious and infinitely seductive chocolate. A sorry … What can you do, chocolate fountains are only at the holidays. Chocolate Fountain is the celebration!