Opel Manta: A Classic Has Become 40

1970 came the Opel on the market many citizens know Manta the Manta today only as a highly tuned would-be sports car from the 90s. Occasionally even as Mason Porsche, vilified, the Manta, however, has a perhaps character than other model from the past. At least in its original condition, of which there are only a few -, collectors and enthusiasts for a rare piece must place today much money on the table. The shopping portal auvito.de presents the classic troubled wrongly into disrepute. In the 1990s, the Opel Manta suffered ridicule and scorn. Mostly he was tuned literally broken down and could not keep up when compared with contemporary sports cars. At its launch in 1970 that looked but still completely different. As a counterpart to the rival Ford Capri was sold half a million copies within the first five years.

That certainly had his reasons. Due to its low weight of only a ton, he could convey real driving pleasure with his now ridiculous-looking output of 90 HP. That applies to this day. Further advantages of sport coupes were its low price and the Interior, which was although Spartan, but also as an excellent witness serves his time. By his couch landscape-like seats, he gives an incomparable living experience. From the outside, the Manta can can still see. The chrome door handles and mirrors, as well as the trim on the fender and tail lights are a real eye-catcher. More info: Jewish Communal Fund. More information: presse.html Unister GmbH Lisa Neumann

Is The Unisex Still In Vogue?

Is 2011 the year of the nerds or comes a new trend? 2010 trends was fully the character of nerd. The celebrities in the United States have made it above and primarily with the ray-ban brand of sunglasses equipped themselves on the red carpet look let. Johnny Depp or even U.S. rapper legend Jay-Z gave Wayfarer brand themselves with their horn glasses like stuffy geek or geeks in public. The nerds have moved from the fringes of society suddenly fashionable focus and have triggered a new trend with their appearance. Suddenly, no glasses frame could more large and clunky enough. Thick, dark frames as they once at Horn glasses gang and give you were were the hit at the opticians.

Whole Web sites and blogs such as nerdbrillen.com at once engaged in the topic and thereby strengthened the trend even more. Now for 2011 a special question arises: will stop the trend and accompany the retro fashion over the next month and years or it was now with the nerds? The opinions are very mixed. Many expect out that it was now, but not the marketing and persuasion of major international brands of glasses underestimate. These companies don’t have a lot of money on this trend bet and want with security that now everything is over. Noble designers such as Tom Ford and Prada brought extra own nerd glasses collections on the market and will allow their marketing Flex muscles in television and in the print media. You can not evade this clenched hype on duration and by artificially increased sales, more and more people on the road with the flashy glasses are running around. Whether can be obtained in the long term so that is certainly debatable, but one may be sure: even 2011 is still strongly influenced by the retro trend be. John Jansen

Egocentric Spinner Or Historical Visionary?

spectacular conference series in February with Dr. Sam Osmanagich Zug, Switzerland, January 2011 is occasion for the Conference series which has itself vigorously cheered ruling controversy between unconventional pyramid research and standard science, the Dr. Osmanagich with his revolutionary theses to an early historical culture in Bosnia for years. Referred to as unscrupulous grave robber or money-grabbing spinner”, shows the researchers quite great understanding for his critics, he now wants to convince with its impressive visuals. Flank protection receives Dr. Osmanagich by Dr. Davidovits, Ph.d. chemist and expert on ancient building materials, which helped the world champion driver Michael Schumacher with restored antique building materials in the car.

Chris Dunn, engineer and decades of expert on Egyptian pyramids representing the thesis that the pyramids in the Valley of the Kings originally as metaphysical power plant were built and were led to their intended as tombs of the Kings until much later. Most prominent in this historical revolutionary ranks is the international best-selling author Graham Hancock, which ensures with his theses to a prehistoric culture in present-day Antarctica and its millionfold sold publications for years equally big splash as Dr. Osmanagich itself. Never encountered four so scintillating personalities who differ but seriously, but nevertheless have in common their life’s work in breaking up encrusted structures of thought, a 4000-Member strong audience. For the first time succeeded in four ways of philosophy of fiction, pyramid research, to present science chemistry, archaeology and anthropology on a stage in a series of lectures.

The science is sitting in the audience, we have a high goal ahead of us. Those who want to join us, are welcome. Attempts to label us and attacking us don’t worry. That is our language of scientific reasoning “, so Dr. Osmanagich. Many renowned experts keep the pyramid-like Construction of the hills in the Visoko Valley simply for a freak of nature and accuse Dr.

Much Holiday For Little Money With Tips From Skyscanner.de

The flight shows favorable alternatives to Caribbean and co. of Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria these countries are rarely on the list the dream holiday destination. This is just Eastern Europe with Sun and beach as a cheap alternative for the next summer holidays. The flight search engine shows Skyscanner.de, where you can get the most vacation for less money. Who want to save even more, is the direct price comparison for more than 670,000 flights and more than 600 airlines at Skyscanner.de. Poland Germany’s eastern neighbour is the absolute savings tip among European countries. With a euro buying power from 1.32 there’s a third here on average more for the money, so that Poland is the front-runner in the euro zone. The country has 500 kilometres of beach which invites you to sunbathe and relax.

From small guest houses of to large hotels, tourists here find accommodation to suit all tastes. Lake Drwckie in Ostroda offers a special highlight above all water sports: directly on the sea promenade with a 800 metre long water ski facility, located Beginners and professionals about the sea change can leave. Also, flights to Poland are often cheaper than flights to Paris. Hungary Hungary’s second place in the ranking of the best holiday destinations with a purchasing power of 1.17 euros. Referred to as the largest lake of in Central Europe, this Lake Balaton is commonly called the Hungarian Sea”.

77 km-long Lake Balaton is ideal for families with children, as the shallow entry allows still safe bathing even after many meters. Wine connoisseurs will find in the South of the country Csongradi, an American viticultural area, which is famous for its aromatic red wines. Long ago the golden sands in Bulgaria has become Bulgaria a popular destination for holidaymakers. With a purchasing power of 1.09 euros much is here cheaper than in other countries. In addition to an extensive nightlife, active here athletic for a comprehensive, whether at the tennis, horse riding and water sports. For lovers of culture many impressions are all in the capital Sofia, the Alexander Nevsky square with the Cathedral. Croatia Croatia is evident almost as cheap. With a purchasing power of 1.08 euros, visitors here find Beach and sea for very little money. “The European version of the American spring break” thousands Feierwutige celebrate a year in Rovinj. For those who like quiet, can find peace on the island of Krk, on a hike or enjoy the natural beauty of the land in the Bay of Stara BA ka. Skyscanner.de: Skyscanner.de is one of the smartest Flugsuchmaschinen in Europe and offers the direct online price comparison for more than 670,000 flights and more than 600 airlines. Skyscanner in Scotland was founded in 2001 by the three computer scientists, Gareth Williams, Barry Smith and Bonamy Grimes. The avid skiers of Gareth Williams had tried in vain to find cheap flights for his ski vacation, then designed a sophisticated flight comparison chart and was born the idea to Skyscanner. Skyscanner offers a very simple user interface and very flexible Search possibilities. In addition to the classic search option, you can be inspired by a route map or display the fares for the whole month in the rate calendar for the desired destination and choose as the cheapest option. Early 2010 the flight by Stiftung Warentest tested and recommended with the predicate “awarded (test 2/2010). For more information see and.

Money Loses Value – And The Steady

One expected for silver in the next few years an enormous increase in value economic crisis, inflation and sovereign default have it made clear: the money loses its value and it steadily. The current inflation rate is – 3.0% and above all the current example of the bankruptcy of Greece of course raises the question after the eventual value of the money. So far the General citizens has applied his money in life insurance, savings or shares, whose interest rates and yields but sinking. Of course you can feel that the own rate of return with 2,0%p.a. in the cut is very good there. If you are now however considering that the inflation rate is – 3.0% only – 1.0% remain of this return and the taxes are not deducted. So this balances loses value. So what would be close to the money values to the property? Precious metals such as silver and gold have proven themselves for millennia as a means of payment and investments while the purchasing power of money decreases.

In 2002, it was after the Euro changeover for 100,000 DM exactly 51.129. Today is the purchasing power of these formerly 51.129 only at 37.836. However, the value of precious metals is increasing rather than reducing and the purchasing power of this value is preserved. In the year 2001 the gold price for one ounce, was so 31, 1 g, approximately $210. In the year 2011 is the gold value to approximately $1600 per ounce has increased. Probation and appreciation are so definitely arguments for the investment in physical precious metals.

The gold that was uncovered 2000 years ago exists today and silver inventories are scarce. The demand will increase and consequently the value. In addition, tangible assets such as physical precious metals are an inflation-protected system. source of information. In the precious metals decides still by supply and demand while just keep printing paper money is without a corresponding reserve for that there would be, as there is no longer the so-called gold standard.