City Council

Text forwarded to the mailbox for complaints and suggestions of the municipality of Meliana, which they only answered on bilingualism, the other accusations do not answer them nor refute. COMPLAINT: not supplied format requests of the City Hall of Meliana bilingual, against the constitutional mandate. SUGGESTION: Enforce the Constitution by imperative legal and forget already laughing at citizenship. COMPLAINT: The writings of complaints, regularly not are answered (perhaps a corporatist rule in all political parties which we have administered), especially those concerning crumbled spending from the public purse, bank borrowings and recruitment of staff; as public administrators are required to do so by law and do not. We think that something dirty they must hide, or perhaps us refuses to certain people because we can denounce certain corruption do if they have nothing to fear, why hide the accounts? And by the way Mr. Alcalde: information that I asked him in writing on the spending of the Patron Saint of Meliana, that forced me to go to the City Council for an interview because not answered that letter, in addition to promise me (as always) that it would send it to me, so far unanswered, and does not answer because probably you can do without scandal. Accounts which I asked you are to find out if you got fingernails into coffers to pay masses during the holidays to 200 each, few paid and if he paid some other little thing private.

SUGGESTION: As it is assumed, PC. Politicians know that by law they are obliged to provide much public expenditure data request citizens, and you offer fierce resistance to such an obligation, incurring serious breach of the law. There are rumours by the people than politicians and some civil servants of laugh of citizens like me, and also no answer, however, will end up with these thank you and the giggles turning to the constitutional order.

Madrid City Hall

Agricultural and livestock problems also have a section in the document to draw attention to the payment to farmers below the cost of production and redact the imposition of crops from the European Union and the multinationals or the use of chemicals, many of them highly polluting. They also regret the precariousness of public services, the lack of medical services in small nuclei of population, the closure of schools, lack of cultural centers and libraries or the poor state of the roads. Others of its claims relate to environmental problems arising from poor management of waste and pollution and the destruction of aquifers and river basins. They also expressed their concern over the high rate of unemployment, the relocation of the industry towards urban centres and the difficulties of access to housing. The outraged conclude by saying to members that the current political and economic system is to blame for the deterioration of the living conditions of the population in Spain and in the rest of the world by what you believe that change is necessary. Eviction of the campers in addition, agents of the national police have evicted this Wednesday morning at the fifty people who continued camping between the plaza de Neptuno and the paseo del Prado, very close to the Congress of Deputies, and which had three days spending the night with their tents, since the holding of the Popular March of indignant in Madrid. As reported by a spokesman for the Chief of police of Madrid, the eviction occurred without incident, and the operation started at 7.30 hours this morning that these same camps Tuesday, sever the traffic at this point. Until the place has also moved the Madrid City Hall cleaning devices to clean the area, which until a few hours ago remained with tents and tents that had assembled the outraged as camp. Source of the news: the police dislodges to the outraged Neptune and prevents them from approaching the Congress

The Elasticity

In conclusion: Virgin argan oil is well balanced in essential fatty acids and has very considerable quantities of components fitted with recognised biological activity: tocopherol, beta carotene, polyphenols, sterols, terpene alcohols. Its rich in linoleic acid (35%), as well as their content of tocopherol and polyphenols give a profile of the remarkable diet. The oil of argan, properties and benefits in cosmetics: argan oil nourishes the skin and maintains the elasticity. Argan oil is rich in natural ingredients that play a role in the renewal and cell regeneration. In the Moroccan traditional Pharmacopoeia, argan oil is adopted for body treatments to combat the ravages of age and Climate: works perfectly on the wrinkles and dryness of the skin, reduces visible fingerprints left by acne beads, aftermath of chickenpox, and other skin lesions or irritation of such marks of streaking.It is extraordinary in the cases of: Burns and cracks, eczema, psoriasis or psoriasis, or any alteration that relates to the skin. Also used for scalp care, argan oil returns to the hair shine illuminating again through its high nutritional capacity and strengthen brittle nails. Finally, argan oil relieves pain in the joints and is very popular for body massages.

Argan oil is now available in two forms, the power of argan oil and argan oil cosmetic. did you know that argan oil has extraordinary properties as food?Two tablespoons each morning in an empty stomach is required to find the twenty WSP waist.Wait one hour or two before breakfast. Argan oil contains marvelous anti-aging for women who want to nourish the skin and wrinkles.Used traditionally by women in the South of Morocco by his body and the hair care due to its high content of vitamin naturally, revitalizes the skin, it acts against drying and aging of the skin by restoring the film hydrolipidic and increased inputs of nutrients to our cells.

Rome City

Rome was once the caput mundi or world city and now does honor to its name with an architecture and a few incredible tourist attractions. Monuments and ancient buildings which are scattered throughout the city at all times remember the magnitude of what was the Roman Empire ever. Italy is famous for culinary variety and Rome is certainly a demonstration of the good table, in Rome there are excellent restaurants to choose the Italian traditional food. A travel guide is the best ally to organize his agenda during the stay in Rome, among the places you can not miss is the famous Colosseum, the forums, the bathrooms, they last ended in the third century and came to meet up to 1,600 bathers at the same time. To travel to Rome willingness is required to see the monuments and places that marked the history of the Western world, the Museum of Palazzo Venezia, for example, offers paintings and tapestries of the treasures of the past Cesar. During holidays or special occasions are made Special exhibitions, with parts of other famous museums in the world. Rome is also famous for its plazas and outdoor parks, Parco Appio Claudio is a beautiful place in the city to relax after a busy day of sightseeing or shopping in the city centre. Most likely, find street performances, providing a spectacle for visitors.

Region And Family: SMEs Must Confess Colour

“EU business Ambassador Dr. Karin Uphoff expert interviewed by the Oberhessische press fear of failure founders and envy at success: entrepreneurship in itself is positive in other countries seen as in Germany”, says Dr. Karin Uphoff expert interviewed by the Business Department of the Oberhessische press on January 5. That don’t easily men and women, to start a business. Economy works only with men and women the middle-class according to Uphoff is the mainstay of the German economy and social development still carry greater account to prevent skill shortages and to ensure economic success. We must get away from the idea of women fought against men, and vice versa. A good mix of men and women, as well as their different economic and social behaviour in companies, the company would do well”, as Uphoff, CEO of uphoff pr & marketing GmbH, specialist for medium-sized companies and associations. Others Countries such as Sweden made before, how professional and family settled of course agree: “The more women and men take the right to have enough time for both it becomes therefore easier and more natural.” The middle class is the region in times of globalisation to have also the region is gaining more importance and the need of consumers, on-site care for themselves and provide.

The future of the German middle class is increasingly in the direction of services, which can be expanded even more according to Uphoff: services provided to the people, can not be transferred abroad. This is also an important factor for Marburg and the surrounding area. The middle class can create here an environment in which employees feel comfortable, bolstering the region.” To bring more recognition for entrepreneurship entrepreneurship more clearly into focus, your goal as EU business Ambassador and regional manager is Middle Hesse of the Association of German entrepreneurs. To run a company, something is great and a performance, the recognition deserved.” In this sense, Dr. Karin Uphoff would help to increase the acceptance of entrepreneurship. “And as a PR expert, she has of course also the visibility at a glance: companies that offer good conditions to their employees about the compatibility of family and professional life easier, should this clearly communicate, to thereby gain a competitive advantage.”