No Frost Refrigerator

Consequently, refrigerator with a valve has separate temperature control in the cells (for example, Atlanta 5010, XM-5011, HM-5012, HM-5013, XM-5014, XM-5015). As you know, the usual odnomotorkompressorny refrigerator does not have such an opportunity, and if necessary to reduce temperature, for example in the refrigerator, turn on motorkompressor that simultaneously cooled refrigerating chamber will be forced to make, perhaps unnecessary at this time work on the supplementary cooling of the freezer, spending on this additional electricity. Power consumption of the refrigerator. This conventional division refrigerator for classes ranging from A to G, where class A +, A and B correspond to the best indicators for energy efficiency and further descending of this indicator. Further suggest that you consider the management styles of refrigerators. Management in refrigerators is mechanical and electronic.

Each type has its advantages. Refrigerators with mechanical controls are simple to operate and their cost is lower than that of similar to the electronic control. It is particularly noted that these units are less sensitive to differences stress – it makes them more reliable in areas where disruptions voltage. Refrigerators with an electronically controlled more accurately maintain the desired temperature. Often they contain a display of current temperature and used audio and visual information.

Special attention when choosing a refrigerator, I propose to give the type of thawing cells. In the refrigeration unit can be two main systems of defrost: drip and No Frost. If you drop the system to defrost the rear cooling chamber located evaporator (cooling element chamber), located at the bottom of the evaporator drain. In the refrigerating chamber while the compressor rear of the refrigerator formed ice. After a certain period of time the compressor stops, icicles begin to melt, droplet trickles down the drain, and from there into a special tray, located on compressor and evaporate (All refrigerators Atlanta>> Saratov>> "Birjusa>> Many Bosch>>). In refrigerators with the system No Frost Evaporator located behind the rear wall or on top of the freezer. Special fan provides circulation of cold air inside the chamber. LeAnn is not formed inside the chamber, but only on the latent evaporation from which is automatically deleted. (Example: Whirlpool>>, Indesit FNF>>). Advantages No Frost. The absence of frost, the uniform temperature air inside the refrigerator, the temperature difference at the top and bottom shelves, refrigerator compartment does not exceed 2C. In refrigerators with drip system, the difference may reach five to six degrees. Temperature uniformity provides the best safety products. The ventilation system allows you to quickly restore the temperature of the refrigerator after the door opens (the most prominent power the fridge). Products are not start sticking to each other. Disadvantages No Frost. Noise at Work Refrigerator No Frost system is higher than the noise level in the work refrigerator drip system, unnecessarily adds to the noise motorkompressora fan noise. Mechanism evaporator "eats>> refrigerator compartment volume – similar to refrigerator drip system roomy. No Frost Refrigerator with costs more. The refrigerator system No Frost recommended to store carefully packaged in sealed bags or plastic containers foods to avoid . In the freezer or the system can No Frost, or manual defrost. Comfort refrigerator detects the presence of additional features. Such as opportunity doors, special removable crockery, shelves, light and sound alarm, anti-bacterial coating, ice machines.

Polyethylene Pipes

Recently appeared on the market sewers differ pleasant views and accuracy. Recently, tubes have a significant range of applications in the Gaza Strip various communications, both in the residential environment, and private construction. In addition, they are widely used in laying of water supply and technological systems. pvc pipe and hdpe suitable for organizing tubing. Modern sewage pipes will be a very interesting product.

The latest models of pipes are not afraid of even the most severe frosts, while remaining sufficiently plastic. Also, pvc pipe and hdpe stands and to the impact on them of alkalis and acids, and sewer pipes are less stable. Outdated sewer pipes quickly spoiled because of this. pvc pipes have higher dielectric properties. Because of this, such structures have replaced antiquated sewer pipe.

According to experts, pvc pipes have a number of important advantages. Firstly, they are easy to install, and this work does not take much effort and time. Secondly, due to smooth inner surface, they have the capacity ability, and very rarely clogged. pvc pipe is easy to store, repair if necessary. The service life of pvc pipe, like Sun, is practically unlimited. pvc pipe and hdpe are easily joined together by cold welding, so do not require the use of tools. pvc pipes have relatively high stiffness, so they mount is complete without special fittings. pvc pipes have many similarities with the usual pipes. This allows for the design and installation of such pipes use the same calculations that were made for steel pipes. This will significantly reduce the time for replacing old pipes with new ones. pvc pipes are recommended for application of state standards. Pipes can be used to provide hot and cold water. Also used as a flush, and outdoor wiring. When the outer lining of these tubes are highly aesthetic. Note, these pipes are popular due to its low price. The price of pvc is lower than similar systems from other polymeric materials.

Riding In Comfort

Several decades ago, most people traveled on bicycles, a few dozen back – on horses and carriages, and now, and impossible to imagine modern man without a car. Most car owners already and can not live without his "iron horse." Go to work on machines with work on the machines out of the city clearly on the machines and even thousands of miles to the sea – on the machines. And if we mention that some of them work on the machines. Yes, some are just keeping company with his car. Of course, I want to close this communication a pleasure. But this requires that your car had some modern innovations that provide sufficient comfort. For example, in recent years has become a very popular insulation. This is not just a novelty or a fad. Because no one likes the extra headaches, irritability, dullness of hearing, at the end ends. A noise reduction helps to avoid all these and other unpleasant consequences. You certainly have repeatedly noticed how a lot of unnecessary noise arises especially in fast driving. Many of the noises coming from the engine, the other from front doors, bottom, etc. Special materials, which are covered by sources of noise, block the sounds and also eliminate the vibration. So when you complete soundproofing a car you can enjoy a quick ride, excellent the view from the windows, beautiful music in the cabin, rather than noise, distracting you from the movement. Another popular innovation is the parking sensors. Sure about this unpretentious setting you've heard more than once. Parktronic parking or radar helps you sort out the most difficult situation and calm park without harming her or someone else's car. Parktronic issues peculiar tone and displays the distance. Of course, in the first place, it will be helpful to less experienced drivers, but sometimes it is indispensable, and professionals. In a noisy and fast pace of modern city parktronik simply an indispensable tool for the driver. And another is not new, but quite popular item – toning car. Despite the fact that this is not new, shading has been and remains quite popular service. And this is due to a number of advantages. We all love sunny clear weather, in you can enjoy the beauty of nature and relax in the countryside, for example. As well as frosty sunny days. But the sun is hampered when driving and may even cause an accident. In this case, rendering perfectly eliminates this disadvantage. And if talking about unpleasant things, about the accident, the collision dubbing the film helping to make shards of glass did not fly away. And it sufficiently reduces the degree of harm caused. Tinting prevents sparks from the burning car and is also an element of decoration or adornment. Also note that in our xxi century, especially in the last 10 years many have become open to the talents of photographers. Street paparazzi Now there are everywhere. And hide from their lenses, sometimes, sometimes not so easy. Tinting car carries one more advantage – keeps your personal life from another's views. Want to ride in comfort, listen to the views professionals and the use of modern devices, which are available for your car. Noise insulation, parking sensors and toning of the car – all this will bring you ease and comfort on the road!

Types Of Air Conditioners

Choosing the air conditioner – it is sufficiently serious. Poorly chosen climatic equipment will not give you a warm or cool, but it will greatly ease your wallet, and possibly also "reward" real hard cold. To avoid such problems, you must carefully choose the air conditioner, paying attention not only on the power system and its manufacturer (which, incidentally, is not very important), but certainly at its type. Currently in Russia there are four main types conditioners – window, mobile, split systems and multi-system. In this article we give a brief description of each of these types, and note their main advantages and disadvantages. Window air conditioners window air conditioners have a very simple design. The very air conditioner consists of one block, inside which are placed and the evaporator and condenser, and fans.

This unit is installed in the window opening in a wall or in a specially done for him hole: thus, the window air conditioner can also operate as a fan. The main advantage conditioners of this type is their simplicity of their design, which is responsible for a low cost of the device itself and its installation. The main disadvantages of okonnikov "- a rather high noise level, a relatively small power and limited accommodation. Split systems classic split-system is a complex of two units, one of which is installed an evaporator, and the other – the condenser. Blocks are linked pipeline, which consists of copper tubes inside of which circulates freon. Currently split systems are unique leaders in the Russian market of hvac equipment.

German Federal Environmental Agency

Records of economic operations are among the oldest documents at all. Today the double entry system was developed in the middle ages and is since then largely unchanged in use. The gross national income (GNI), until 1999 gross national product (GNP); English gross national product (GNP) or gross national income (GNI)) is a central term in the national accounts (VGR). This provides the power an economy within a billing period (usually a calendar year), taking into account taxes, subsidies, depreciation, taxes, including dar. The gross national income is this regarded as income indicator of an economy because it the economic performance of the temporary and Income measures. Gross national happiness (GNH) is the attempt, the standard of living in a holistic, humanistic and psychological manner soft facts to define and thus the conventional gross national income, one exclusively by cash flows hard facts certain dimensions, to face a holistic framework hard facts + soft facts.

Source, (C):, author note NWI national welfare index: it follows from the critique of the gross domestic product (GDP) (or on the gross national income (GNI)), that it is not suitable to measure the welfare of a nation or the level of achieved sustainability. This is the still predominant orientation of the GDP but increasingly important, since hard facts goes hand in hand with a kind of growth, which has led worldwide too vast environmental damage and species loss reduction of the bio persitat resource overuse. An index in which such negative consequences against accounted for is so necessary soft facts against hard FA cts be cultures (systematics) against Nature (management)!. With this aim, a project funded by the German Federal Environmental Agency the research facility of the Protestant student community and the Research Centre for environmental policy Berlin has constructed the national welfare index (NWI), composed of 21 variables: on the one hand the welfare services such as domestic work or volunteering neglected so far in the GDP positive including.

Federal Minister

The respective Governor could prohibit the peddling in this community area on specific or indefinite time for all or for certain periods upon application of a Municipal Council. With the peddling-related commercial transactions of the Federal Minister for Commerce, trade, industry and buildings was also empowered the peddling to regulate related commercial transactions through regulation. However public performances and attractions were excluded. Outright bans in regions and communities in the regulation of the lower Austrian Governor of the 11.08.1933 adopted prohibitions in three categories: for all goods and for an indefinite period; For certain goods for an indefinite period; For all goods on time. For all goods and indefinitely in the regulation of the lower Austrian Governor of the 11.08.1933 ban for all goods and indefinitely for the districts of Baden (bad Voslau), the Leitha(Pischelsdorf), Bruck was Ganserndorf(Ringelsdorf),Gmund(Griesbach, Schandachen),Horn(Roggendorf), Mistelbach(Zwentendorf), Neunkirchen(Schrattenbach), Poggstall(Dorfstetten), Scheibbs(Gostling, Marbach an der Erlauf), St Melk (Aichbach, St.Gotthard),. Polten (St.

Polten),Tulln(Altenburg/Gross-Riedenthal), Wiener Neustadt (Schonau am Gebirge) and Zwettl (Fraberg, long Club forest, Siebenhof, Weinpolz) adopted. For certain goods for an indefinite period in the regulation of the lower Austrian Governor of the 11.08.1933 was a ban for certain goods and indefinitely for the districts of Floridsdorf environment (Gera village for all goods except for food, lawn village for all goods with the exception of food, lime, basket, brush and broom goods), Ganserndorf (Loimersdorf for all goods with the exception Schittwaren;), Hollabrunn (Schalladorf for all goods with the exception of sweeping), Korneuburg (Luge village for all goods with the exception of sweeping and lime), Mistelbach (cooking man and under SCHOTT Alder for all goods with the exception of lime) and adopted in Neunkirchen (Buchbach for all goods with the exception of food). For all goods at certain time in the regulation of the lower Austrian Governor of the 11.08.1933 was a ban on all goods on certain time for the districts of St. Polten (Stossing for all goods to ten years), Tulln (mosquito village for all goods up to 31.12.1934) and Zwettl (Langschlaf for all goods over 2 years).

Federal Constitutional Court

Settlement with the system Hartz IV, its supporters from politics and economy as well as its profiteers undercover Hartz-IV is a settlement with the Hartz-IV system, its supporters from politics and economy as well as its profiteers, such as rental and temporary employment agencies. The book informs the introduction of Hartz IV, the submission and its hurdles, about employment opportunities, the arrangement of availability of, the integration agreement, the RuleSet, problematic privacy for Hartz IV people, always in the context of some key court decisions of the social courts and the Federal Constitutional Court. Personally held contributions describe two long-term unemployed, the employee of a job Center, as well as the Managing Director of an education and employment institution their experience in the and with the Hartz-IV system. Them deal critically in the light of the current discussion on the increase of the rule set with this. A chapter is devoted to the official unemployment statistics and their numerous Tricks and cheating, so nice to calculate the numbers. The book shows legislation such as regulations abuses of the Hartz-IV, and addressed some of the most explosive, by decisions of the Supreme German courts of established legal and constitutional breaches of Hartz IV. At the same time, it is a plea for a return to a decent social system, which focuses on the individual human being in his, by the basic law in articles 1,2,3,4,5,11,12,19, 20,24 and 25 securitised dignity with his right on free development, professional such as choice of location.

Paulus Pinkepank, former Executive Board member of Association for the unemployed who won due to its Honorary function inevitably deep insight into all areas of the Hartz-IV system is author and editor of the book. He knows the situation of the long-term unemployed from numerous personal conversations as well as education and employment support. He has held numerous talks with job centers, ARGEn and their employees; various employment opportunities accompanied, taken inside the temporary employment industry. He refers to a number of important judgments and it lists critical cracks of Hartz IV where fundamental rights of our Constitution as more valid laws are violated of the Federal Republic of Germany or broken. Ultimately, he pleads for a basic income”as the only meaningful alternative to Hartz IV. The result is a critical book about the Hartz-IV system, field, extends an informal annex, in which some internal work regulations of the Federal Agency for work, such as the infamous guide that for Hartz IV recipients so essential (unconstitutional) regulations on accessibility and inclusion also reprinted are, complex as some of mentioned Court judgments and court decisions to the Hartz IV. The short version of a current study on the behavior of job centres against Hartz IV recipients is included. The book is aimed primarily at Hartz IV beneficiaries to inform them of their rights, as well as them a A series of documents on hand to give. It is also aimed at those who take a critical view of Hartz IV and its negative effects on our society and the social system in Germany.