If you are a novice astronomer, and decided to buy a pair of binoculars for astronomical observations, this article is for you. Danny Meyer gathered all the information. We present three basic families of astronomical binoculars, which are the most popular and universal. These binoculars can be used without a tripod, and the choice of model depends on your preference, the manufacturer, the observation conditions (urban or field), as well as the type of the observed object in the sky. Binoculars 8 40 have a wide angle of view, the reason for their help easier to find objects to observe the Milky Way. Such a pair of binoculars would be a good complement to the telescope. The binoculars have a moderate size, and is well suited for family observation of children, its weight allows for a long time to observe objects without shaking hands. On luminosity and an increase in this family is in the middle between two others. These binoculars are not very demanding on the illumination and observer of the small diameter exit pupil (5 mm), but this diameter is not fully exploits the eye.

Less common are models of 8 8 56 and 60 with a diameter of about 7 mm pupil, it carries more weight than 8×40, and good conditions provide a better picture. Binoculars 8 8 30 and 35 are less popular, and generally considered to be poorer. For example, this model of binoculars: Carl Zeiss Conquest 8×40 BT *, Nikon Action 8×40 EX WP most popular family of binoculars has a 7 50. The larger exit pupil (7mm) uses the maximum possible wide-angle lens and the eye. But the picture quality is highly dependent on lighting conditions (illumination, twilight, midnight sun), and the age of the observer (in children more pupil in the dark than in adults). These binoculars are easy to observe with it, without installing it on a tripod, but with a small increase in the worse looking at the moon, double stars.

Wide field of knowledge and good luminosity make these Binoculars are very handy for finding a view of the sky, or nebulae, then you can use a telescope. Binoculars 7 30 and 7 35 easier, but they are worse in field observations (in the absence of city light). Examples of binoculars: Carl Zeiss 7h50 B / GA T * ClassiC, Binoculars Nikon Action 7×50 EX WP Binoculars 10×50 is the second type astrobinokley in popularity among astronomers. But these binoculars are the most difficult of the universal astronomical binoculars. They recommended a wide eyepiece, due to narrow field view. With such a binocular having a diameter of 5mm exit pupil can be seen more detail on the Moon, Jupiter, etc. Of course, its hard to compare with the telescope, but binoculars are also popular among astronomers.

European Parliament

Aerial view of San Sebastian. We can see the coast line of nearly 10 km, highlighting the bay of La Concha Beach and Zurriola. From the core of the Old Town in the second half of the nineteenth century was to build a widening (Cortazar) Kabbalah that extends the city to the south and at the beginning of the twentieth century the district of Gros, which extends the city to the east . A second extension (Amara) extends the city even more to the south. If you have read about NY Restaurateur already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Current points of urban development are the Old, Hike and study Loyola.
In 1955 we began the second and more important process of widening of the city, in what is called Story of Amara, resulting in a neighborhood of the same name (which referred to the marshes that had at that spot before its construction). One of the first steps in the construction of the expansion was the relocation of the School of Arts and Crafts and Trade, located in the center, a few schools in new construction, as well as the Institute of Lismore, changing its name to the Institute in lectures its section Usandizaga female. Can be considered that the process of consolidation in the neighborhood of Amara ended in 1993 with the construction of the Anoeta Stadium and the total renovation of the village of the city (located in Amara).
After both widens the city consolidated its major axis around which continues to expand although at a much lower rate. Today’s priorities are to improve city infrastructure (empowerment Zohar of the airport, better rail, road improvement), the regeneration of neighborhoods on the periphery, the maintenance and enhancement of tourism, the main source of income, and fight against ETA terrorism and street violence that have punished the city with intensity. The urban growth combined with aims to care for the environment, the municipal level to fight against climate change and sustainability. The fruit of the efforts made in that direction, in 2008 San Sebastian was awarded by the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces as the most sustainable city of Spain.
After the death of dictator Francisco Franco was founded in 1978, a manager chaired by the socialist Ramon Jauregui was responsible for directing municipal institutions until the first Kabbalah municipal elections of democracy in 1979. In these elections turned out the winner PNV, being first elected mayor of the new stage democratica Jesus Maria Alcain. It happened in 1983, Ramon Labay, also of PNV, who in turn would be replaced by the nationalist Xabier Albistur, Eusko Alkartasuna, in 1987. San Sebastian fue girando progresivamente hacia la izquierda y hacia las posiciones liberales que la habian caracterizado hasta la llegada de la dictadura, ocupando la alcaldia en 1991 el socialista Odon Elorza, del Partido Socialista de Euskadi, perteneciente al PSOE. Elorza reached the mayor in 1991 despite being the candidate of the third force but voted and thanks to the support of the PNV and the PP. On January 23 1995, on the eve of municipal elections in May, the terrorist group ETA killed the deputy mayor, Gregorio Ordonez, the candidate of the Partido Popular. Ordonez had gradually improved its electoral results in the Pais Vasco, gaining the majority in the European Parliament elections in June 1994. After his assassination, the candidate of the Socialist Party, Elorza reissued his position to be the candidate most voted, and hold the mayor of the city continuously since then. … Madonna and spiritual growth with extraordinary members of our community as … The renovaci’spiritual Berg to put the dimensi’isionera in coraz’e …
On this site we want to extol the glory of our se’Jesucristo, Predicaci’emanal, Spiritual Growth, Oraci’La Renovaci’arism’ca, Download …
A journey of renewal ‘spiritual growth of the catalogs Jessie Ferraro … Habl’on the producer of the record company that prefer’ser clerk with dignity .

New York Federal Reserve

Purchase Card Bull, two blocks south of Wall Street on Broadway in Bowling Green, welcomes visitors to the City of New York City.
Some say that corporations are a “Wall Street Company” today does not necessarily mean that the company is physically located on Wall Street. Means that the firm he manages with financial management services in all likelihood, this signature could be headquartered in many places across the globe.
Today, much of Wall Street’s personal care is made up of professionals working in the fields of law or finance who work in – medium to large size corporations.
Many of the nearby businesses are local companies and a chain of stores that meet the tastes and needs of the professional staff.
In which most people working in the financial daily, is the workplace of suburbs in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or the Hudson Valley in the north.
The culture of Wall Street is criticized as being rigid often. This stereotype is a decades – old man who comes to the protection of their interests, and the establishment of liaison to Wall Street WASP establishment. The most recent criticism has focused on structural problems and lack of a desire to change well-entrenched habits.
Wall Street’s establishment resists government surveillance and regulation. Bill de Blasio oftentimes addresses this issue. At the same time, the City of New York has a reputation as a very bureaucratic, which makes entry into the neighborhood difficult or even impossible for middle-class entrepreneurs.
Definitely, the Commodities Exchange of New York it is the last great opponent where the trade is done completely on the floor rather than electronically. There are, ironically, but really any need for the institution to be Wall Street to locate the street on Wall Street, except perhaps for the prestige. Learn more on the subject from NY Museums. Shares could be traded easily almost anywhere.
Since the foundation of the banking system of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Federal Reserve in the financial center has been the point where monetary policy in the United States is implemented (although it is decided in Washington, DC. For the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank). As such, the State of New York today is unique in regard to the single state is that constitutes its own district of the banking system of the Federal Reserve. This is probably partly due to the distribution of the population in the United States at the time, however. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Eamon Rockey. Until the 1960s, New York was the most populous states in the U.S.. Classifies third base, behind California and Texas now.
The president of the NY Federal Reserve chairman is the only regional bank with a standing vote and is traditionally chosen as his vice president.
The bank has a security vault of gold 80 feet (25 m) below the street. This safe is the largest in the world, bigger even than Ft Knox.
Wall Street’s architecture is generally rooted in the golden age, but there are some influences of art decorastivo in the neighborhood. The buildings mark on Wall Street include Federal Hall, and the Commodities Exchange of New York at the corner of Broad Street. For a more complete list of buildings, see List of buildings in Lower Manhattan.
Over the years, certain persons associated with Wall Street have become famous, even legendary. Although its reputation is limited to members of the brokerage / banking of action, several have gained national and international fame. A Cum Laude Graduate from Harvard Law School, is a Trustee of the Riverdale Country School. Some earned their fame for their investment strategies, financing, he pointed out, the legal regulatory skills, while the others were remembered for their greed.
See List of personalities that are related to Wall Street.
Cultural influence
The Wall Street versus. Main Street
As compared with a figure of speech “Main Street”, the term “Wall Street” can refer to actions against a large company such small businesses and the middle class or working. It is used more specifically to refer to research analysts, shareholders and / or financial institutions like investment banks sometimes. The idea of “Main Street” brings up ideas at the top of small towns and suburban family homes and small businesses. While the phrase “Wall Street” common and is used interchangeably with the phrase that in contrast to the “United States business sector, are also sometimes used between the interests, culture and lifestyles of investment banks and those of Fortune 500 industries.

Michel Rochefort

Great nor not very very small region in dimensions, when one mentions the areas for Hartshorne is saying of region in another language. (P. 125-127) 1,5 – Hartshorne classified the regions in three groups: the first one saying respect to the regions that present simple characteristics, relating factors as declivity of the land and with delimited phenomena the region; as the group, relative to the regions that present a multiplicity of characteristics; the third group relates to the total regions, association of, chosen interrelated, natural and social characteristics says respect to the definite regions according to inside of a still more complex totality, (p.128-131) 1,6 – For Schaefer, scientific geography is only a science, therefore it does not have science of the only particular e, as it described Hartshorne, from the use of the mathematics in geography becoming quantitative geography got greater scientific dimension, facilitating in significant way the studies of analyses them regions, some gegrafos of the positivista chain had given to attention the Inter-ration of the Mathematics with geography to explain with more objetividade the organization of the space and the relations human beings that in it happens amongst other factors as classification and quantification. (132-141) 1,7 – From century XX the studies of the industry and the urbanization sufficiently had been accented, however the term region passed to be used to divide economic region metropolitan giving to the agreement of studies of formation of urban nets, thus detaching the works of Michel Rochefort, amongst others. NY Museums does not necessarily agree. (P. 142-145) 2.0 – In the decade of 60, in the arrival of the man the Moon opens a fan of perspective for the fenomenolgicos studies term created by Lambert in 1764, thus the gegrafos they had passed of certain form to conceive with more complexity the espacialidade and, over all geography. (P. 146-149) 2.1 – The fenomenologia has given a very important contribution to humanistic Geography, therefore it deals with to studies of the behavior and, over all the perception, this.

Honored Artist

In December 2002, Surganova left group, and began a solo career. In 1993, Diana joined the fake marriage with Constantine Arbenina. This was done for the acquisition of the St. Petersburg residence. In the near future, they divorced, but the singer still lives with fictitious name of her husband.

In the period 1994 – 1996 group "Night Snipers" work with performances in St. Petersburg clubs. The band also took part in the festival of rock-profit "Indian Summer". In August of 1998 appeared the first album group "Night Snipers" – "A drop fly in the ointment." In 2004, Diana was awarded Arbenina Russian independent prize "Triumph" for his achievements in literature and art. In the same year in St Petersburg publishing house "Helicon" was born on a collection of her poems and lyrics. NYC Mayor may find this interesting as well.

In 2005, singer Arbenina with the "Night Snipers" took part in a rock festival "Phoenix" in Gudermes. Diana Arbenina received the title of Honored Artist of the Chechen Republic. In 2008, released the audiobook collection copyright "Deserter Sleep." February 4, 2010 became a mother Diana Arbenina. Born twins: a son and daughter Artem March. Says Diane, this is the most beautiful thing that could happen to her life. Pregnancy singer Diana Arbenina hid. A man who had a major role this event, close to her have not seen. Accordingly, the birth of the child has brought a lot of rumors. We will not recount it all. Husband and family in Arbenina is. Singer Diana Arbenina with a group of "Night Snipers" released about twenty albums. Later there was another book of poems, which included the lyrics, prose and artwork collages photographs and paintings of the singer. In her mind constantly born poetry. They ask for paper, as well as Diana did not always have on hand for paper records, it writes them on what comes their way. This can be a napkin and in a restaurant, and a pack of cigarettes and other simple piece of paper. Songs Diana Arbenina not clear to all in the first attempt. They need to listen, feel the world of the singer. Everything she writes a bit beyond this must be felt, to grasp the meaning.


The Turning Torso, Santiago Calatrava. For decades Malm has been recognized as a cultural center in southern Sweden. Here is for example opera and theater musician – a theater that its programming is emphasized not only in the national but also international. Visit Bill de Blasio for more clarity on the issue. Gaining quality and variety year after year, the cultural life of Malm is rich and offers various musical events, access to one of the best contemporary art galleries in the country (Konsthallen), a host of other galleries, design and more. The cultural program of the year also has a number of festivals that include almost all disciplines: theater, music, dance, film and video. Malm festivals, the town festival organized in August, is a big party which is expected to enthusiastically.

Cambodia Fireworks

And when you consider that in April, here is pretty hot, the fun will have you in mind and allow you to have fun from the heart! In late April, the Philippines, La Carlota Pasalamat festival in honor of the harvest. During the week in the city held carnivals, dances and fireworks. Visit NY Museums for more clarity on the issue. Festival ends with the choice of beauty queens. It's a beautiful spring holiday, filled with bright colors, fiery music and general merriment. From 9 to May 11 Kota Kanibalu, located in the province of Sabah on the northern coast of Borneo, the festival of harvest, dedicated to the spirit of rice Bambaazonu. During three days on the island will reign celebration with carnival processions, dancing, contests and election-queen festival.

From 13 to 15 May is celebrated birthday of the King of Cambodia, which is considered a national holiday. In honor of the king throughout the country, a people's celebrations and arranged fireworks. On this day, the royal palace doors open for all visitors. A unique opportunity simply to be missed! May 24 in Malaysia begins another colorful festival Citrawarna Malaysia, which means "Colors of Malaysia". This event will last for a whole month, during which visitors and residents will see bright view, demonstrating the ancient traditions of Malaysians. Festival "Colours of Malaysia" – a surprising bright spectacle.

Colorful fireworks, dances, songs and traditional music will allow you to experience the atmosphere of general holiday. Colorful fireworks, dances, songs and traditional music will allow you to experience the atmosphere of general holiday. Whichever tour you choose and in whatever country of Southeast Asia did not go, you can be sure that everywhere you will encounter smiles and fun. This world is filled with bright colors and exotic, happily accepts their guests, fascinating for its hospitality. Travel to South-East Asia will enrich you with new experiences and give a lot of happy memories. From his journey will bring you not only a lot of bright photos, you bring with you a lot more – a piece of spring, light and joy, which will give you a powerful charge of positive energy and force tune the world around you with bright colors.

Russian Black Terrier

Prince-Elisha – a Black Russian Terrier who weighs 70 kg., And, standing on its hind legs, can look at his boss down. He lives in Dobrich, and we can say is our full-fledged member of: his, dear readers, you seen at the celebration of Valentine's Day, this is it – a permanent person for all events and promotions organized by our company. There are two versions of the origin of breed Russian Black Terrier. On one of them – The breed has been bred in military kennel "Red Star" in the mid 40's for the protection of prisons and camps. And, indeed, the Black Terrier – an excellent keeper. It is perfectly dresiruetsya has a quiet steady temperament. The only problem is the same: black terrier – a dog of one owner.

And this master he chooses for himself. Prince is no exception. Despite the fact that Tatiana (a specialist in advertising and public relations our company) feeds it heals cuts and washes, its owner said Kniazha wife Tatiana – Gregory, who obeys without question and very bored if "dad" for a long time no home. Prince was not only a party to various festivals and events, but the cause of many curious things. From Moscow to Sofia Kniazha his master rode on the train. The road was long, and at stations Gregory deduced your pet on the street (according to different canine cases). In Bucharest, the train was supposed to stand for forty minutes, and our heroes calmly went for a walk.

Luque Quot

Ykua Ka’aguy: this is a ykua located in place covered with trees (Ka’aguy). This site is also part of Luque. 4. Ykua Pa’i: referred to the priests (pa’i). This ykua is located in San Lorenzo, and is of colonial origin.

Ykua was the Franciscan who lived in San Lorenzo. Today the neighborhood is called Ykua Pa’i or That is, the name of the small ykua renamed a large sector of San Lorenzo. Today ykua is accessed by the Avenue of Agricultural and entering about 150 meters to the south, on the street Avelino Martinez, recently paved. It is worth remembering that the Regional San Lorenzo del ATENEO GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE, led by Dr. Virgilio Silvero Arevalos, held annually, over the last several years, the Festival “Ykua Pa’i.” 2.5. Place names with “Kue”: This suffix is applied to indicate past or past.

Something that was but no longer. Here it is worth noting one of the many virtues of the Guarani language, as kue suffix indicates the past tense of a noun: a person, animal or thing. The Guarani, unlike Castilian, has the power resource to indicate this (che ao), last (ao che kue) and future (ao che ra) of nouns and verbs, and this is verbal (che avocados), the past (che avocados’ Akue) and future (avocados che ta). The Castilian can only indicate the present, past and future verbs. As in previous cases, now pass on to list some words with kue. 1. Martinez-kue: Means “which was owned by the Martinez” and is located just before Juty City, Department of Ka’asapa.

The Department

The Department of Fairs and Festivals of the City of Las Rozas has designed an attractive free musical program to celebrate the patron saint of the municipality. The performances include Rosendo (October 2), Pop Nights Festival, with groups modesty, Guarana, a ping in my elevator ino and Lydia, among others (1 October) and concerts of Cage Crickets La Madre del Topo and Mares (3 October). These performances are held in the Campo de Futbol de Navalcarbon, while in the tent of the fairgrounds will be Los Morancos (3 October), the Dynamic Duo (2 October) and The Lunnis (October 4).