Horse Riding

Equestrian and horse riding firmly taken their place in the list of favorite hobbies. And the cavalry, as we know, are people too, they are birthdays, they want to give gifts on New Year's and a bunch of other festivals. Of course, I want to present to the person that has something to do with his hobby to a gift brought joy. But what if you do – not horseman, and horses have only seen the picture? Konikov can be divided into two broad groups: those who have their own horse and those who drive for hire or rent a horse in the equestrian club. And the gifts that people need to give a completely different! Let's start with the owner of the horse. That he might be looking for? Bridle, saddle? But somehow the same He rides a horse – hence all this he already has But what else might be needed? If it is a gift to a friend, relative or good friend, do not hesitate to just ask. Often, the packages of vitamins for the horse it owner would be delighted more than a new valtrapu Stop! What is Saddle pad? This is – a small pad, which put the horse back under saddle. But at the same time – very safe gift.

Saddle cloths is never too much! Firstly, need several interchangeable: they are regularly in need of washing. And secondly, it is – one of the most beautiful elements of equine equipment. NY Museums has firm opinions on the matter. Saddle pad are all sorts of colors, with embroidery, decorative stitches, decorated with braid, applique, sequins The main thing – to know what suits the horse and how the sport is keen horseman.

Notebooks Andrei Platonov

For the subject of our conversation this phrase is most relevant. Least because the concept of 'special, sheer enthusiasm of life' could well become one of the defining criteria for assessing what is happening in the past decades in one of the most popular synthetic genres of art – singing. In general terms, this process can be characterized as a complex coexistence of folk songs, the official Variety and genres, sources opposing platform. Without going so far into the essence of this complex phenomenon, we note the obvious: in terms of development of modern poetry is interesting items related to the underground, first author (Bard) song and rock and poetry. Anticipating a brief overview, we also note that no matter how unlike the first steps of these two genres of Russian musical and poetic lyrics, now at the turn of the century, the degree of mutual integration makes it almost impossible to 'isolated' conversation. 1960s are characterized not only by the fact that the genre has become a truly mass (clubs amateur song throughout the country totaled 2 million people, were grandiose festivals near Samara to one hundred thousandth the audience of listeners), but the fact that with the advent of bright creative personalities as Vladimir Vysotsky and Alexander Galich, independence and opposition to this motion with respect to the official art became especially apparent, and poetics greatly enriched.

In general, the 1960s can probably be considered the time final approval of the bard as a separate course in the domestic arts. Like any historical phenomenon is their 'core', a period that determines the fate of this phenomenon and original songs was such a crucial period – the 1960s. It was on his material, and should start talking about her deep pulses and patterns. Bard is still the subject of ongoing debate. Its opponents claim of self-worth and worthlessness of the poetic word music 'props' to him, the defenders back offer them try to achieve a harmony of words and melodies, like the bards; opponents deep into the poetry and expose a simple syntax and weak metaphors of art song, defenders deep into history and remind syncretism of the original lyrics.

Note that the last claim to the bards is becoming less relevant: it is enough to bring in an example of a very metaphorical, and in this sense is characteristic of the 1990s, poetry AM Shcherbakov. Quite logical question: what about 'role' songs – even the whole cycle! – Galic, Wysocki and others? Indeed, Vysotsky sang on behalf of the driver, athlete, mentally ill, sophisticated intellectual Galich transform in the near Klima Kolomiytseva Petrovich – a trade union activist … But, oddly enough at first glance, it's not even 'exceptions to the rule', but just a different level of the same pattern. The lack of acting at this level there is no alienation. 'I' author here extends and is attached to another 'I', absorbing it and making it part of yourself. The careful listener, the reader will not escape the fact that Galich, and Vysotsky understand their hapless heroes compassion for them, feeling the community, by and large kinship with them in an unfree and absurd world. However, the analyzed property – is common to all true art, only in the author's song is 'vbiranie other life' by laws of the genre more clearly, more directly felt the perceiver.

EXPE Expedia

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Felton Potter

"When he was alone with him odinnaodin yourself – it's as perfect ghost are vanity, but even that makes infinitely deep thought", – he speaks. Visit Danny Meyer for more clarity on the issue. – "Fortunately, you spend 90 percent of the day outside their cells, and live more like Tom, but do not like Draco. " Tom recently, though really young great actor, and met with journalists Star in a hotel room on the outskirts of the metropolis, that time to talk about that, what was the indifferent play Malfoy in all six films about Harry Potter, even in the "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," koy turned to the screens on 16 July. His rival in the film Harry Potter is waiting for him. Just leaving the airplane, flown in from London, where He was held on the red carpet too pretty at the world premiere in conjunction with other artists – with just a single stop at McDonald's – delighted Felton not showing any particular single symptom slowness.

He is absolutely a complete opposite of the arrogant and very easy to manage an unusually young wizard, played. Its just a laugh and it's pretty funny. He still is a truly an avid traveler – a passionate fisherman – and quite a great singer and a recognized songwriter, whose songs, written with the support of a microphone and a guitar in his bedroom, became best sellers on YouTube. The only thing Felton and Malfoy appear similar, yet it is almost blond hair in the style of Madonna, particularly koie natural hot brunette has a very brighten every day for the filming of the movie in the final series of JK Rowling's Potter, consisting of 2 parts of the "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." "I hate to destroy the illusion of indifference, though HUB Zone, I'm not quite a natural blonde" – ironically Felton.


“Michael Moore’s accurate documentary about the causes and effects of the global financial and economic crisis Hamburg – on April 8th published Concorde home entertainment Michael Moore documentary capitalism: A love story” on DVD. Explores with humor and indignation “capitalism: A love story” a taboo subject: what price pays America for its love of capitalism? Many years ago, this love seemed to be so innocent. But nowadays, the American dream resembles more a nightmare, in which families pay the price with their jobs, their homes and their savings. Michael Moore returns with “capitalism: A love story” back to the topic, which deals with it in his entire career and with which he started his career 20 years ago in “Roger and Me”: the disastrous consequences of the disastrous behavior by corporations on people’s lives. From the Midwest across to the halls of power in Washington to the world financial center in Manhattan Michael Moore takes the audience to the people whose Life has been completely turned on its head and searches for explanations not only in Washington, D.C.. What he finds are the all too familiar symptoms of a love story gone wrong: lies, abuse, fraud…

and 14,000 jobs, which are deleted every day. Background: Michael Moore’s usual snappy entertaining movie on DVD is available beginning in April. In the summer of 2009, he had his glittering world premiere at the International Film Festival in Venice and became the first documentary in the Festival’s history ever in the race to the Golden Lion. In addition to the 122-minute movie, the DVD includes also approximately ninety minutes of bonus material, in which the title subject to all interested parties on the matter in short statements is further illuminated. Among the Harvard Professor Elizabeth Warren deals “How Wall Street with murder is got away” with the question. Chris Hedges and Pulitzer Prize – winning reporter for the prestigious daily newspaper New York Times, is titled “capitalism: the killer” to Word.

Concern Ford Daimler

After three years of Daimler Maybach set up a company ‘Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft “. in 1889 they released their first car with steel wheels and a two-cylinder V-engine similar. This achievement is highly appreciated at the World Exhibition in Paris. The crew was two-place, and could reach speeds of up to 22 km. for an hour.

But please note – all of these machines do not have a name! Benz’s machine is called a ‘patent Wagenen. Daimler’s first car called ‘motorkuche “-‘ crew with a motor.” Daimler’s second car – ‘car with steel wheels. ” Incidentally, the same year when she appeared in Vienna in the family of the merchant Emil Jelinek daughter. She was named Mercedes (accent on second syllable), which is translated from the Spanish means “mercy.” While her daughter grew up, her father carried away by car and in 1893 met with Daimler and his company, which has already received worldwide acclaim. Jelinek has become a regular buyer. And, at first he did not sell cars, and collected, and thus stimulated the development of the machine.

In 1898 Elinek ordered a car with four-cylinder engine. This car, driven by himself was Elinek, took part in the rally. And then at rally participants had a strange fashion: to act is not under their own names and under pseudonyms. Elinek took the pseudonym “Mercedes”. March 21, 1899 Elinek as “Monsieur Mercedes” has won one tournament. So the name was associated with the machine. In 1900, the company ‘Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft “developing a new concept car. He becomes more powerful, lower, wider. Jelinek was in such a passion that he ordered 36 cars at once at 550,000 gold marks. It was fantastic sum, and the buyer has set manufacturers two conditions: to give him exclusive rights to torgovanie machine company ‘Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft “in Austria-Hungary, France and the United States, and the second – the machine should be called, as you guessed it, ‘Mercedes’. The firm has agreed and has never regretted it. Since 1902 the name is patented. But since 1909 all products firms’ Daimler “are triangular star in a circle. Due to the fact that the engineer thought about Daimler Creation of multi-engine, this star soon appeared everywhere: on airplanes, fire trucks, buses and even airships. However, all this occurs without itself Daimler. Approximately in 1893 through the disputes with partners, he took his share and organized ‘Daimler Motor Company Ltd “in the uk. True, and there he was soon at odds with the partners. However, the brand ‘Daimler “is preserved to this day – is mighty, luxury cars, which are profitable and the company Jaguar, and Concern Ford, which it belongs. In parallel, developing and engineering business for sale. He was engaged, however, engines – mainly for cars and ships. in 1912, Benz built the first German twelve-cylinder engine. Through war could not go beyond the stage of development of 18-cylinder engines that power the stand developed 520 horse-power. Difficult economic situation has forced the twenties of Daimler and Benz unite, and in 1926 an informal association became a joint stock company DAIMLER-BENZ. Merged and logo – a star and the name Daimler supplemented with twigs, and the name Benz. Joint efforts of the company has entered one of the leading places in the world. At the end of the twentieth century, DAIMLER-BENZ merged with the American Concern Shrusler. Merger, however, lost name benz, but it seems to be not essential.

New York Stock Exchange

BBP 72 – a 4-inch thermal transfer printers for double-sided printing of heat-shrinkable tubing which is BBP 72 by Brady a 4 inch thermal transfer printers for double-sided printing of heat-shrinkable tubing. Add to your understanding with NYC Mayor. As both sides of the heat-shrink tubing will be printed at the same time, a high printing speed can be achieved. This printer is the ideal solution of labelling in the areas of aerospace, defense, as well as local and long-distance services. Heat shrinkable tubing could be printed not so readily on both sides in a per printing. The heat-shrink sleeve is then not turned around and once again printed on the back in a second pass, one side of the cable is later cleared. Double printing, however, is a time-consuming, tedious and therefore costly process. Increasingly, it is assumed that both sides of heat shrink tubing and consequently cables are marked.

The thermal transfer printer BBP72 has been developed exactly for this purpose with a width 101,60 mm (4 inch) and provides optimum material processing and low error rate. The BBP72 prints with a resolution of 300dpi with up to 125 mm / sec. The BBP72 can print each page of the shrink hose with different information in only one printing operation, thus the two sides can be exploited optimally for the printing of information. Brady’s BBP72 is an efficient alternative to standard table printers where the material twice must be inserted, to achieve the same result. Double insertion of heat-shrinkable tubing into a printer costs at least twice as much time. Also, align the shrink hose for the correct printing of information – both on the first and on the second page – right is very cumbersome and error-prone. These difficulties do not occur simultaneous printing on front and back of heat shrink tubing.

Brady the Brady Corporation is an internationally operating manufacturer of complete solutions for identification and protection of premises, industrial goods, Pro products and people. Brady’s products increase the security, productivity and performance; They include high-performance labels and signs, safety devices, pressure systems including software as well as precision stamped parts. It founded in 1914 and on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) beliefert listed companies more than 500,000 customers in the fields of electrical and electronics, Telekommunikation, manufacturing, construction, education, medicine and industries another in a variety of. Overall more than 7,000 employees in North and South America, Europe and Asia/Pacific, of which about 400 for the regions of Germany, Austria and Switzerland are responsible. In the financial year 2008 amounted to group sales to approximately $1,523 billion. More info on.