Stendhal Syndrome

Very few are the Italian cities that retain the religious set full, since in most cemetery was always sacrificed for the sake of other urban developments. The monumental cemetery of Pisa is a huge rectangular cloister which is said to be built over a shipload of sacred soil from the mount where they crucified Jesus. It contains a good collection of Roman sculptures, sarcophagi and mausoleums, most covered by the arches and some in the central prado. The recommended itinerary leads us to San Gimignano a small walled town known as the Manhattan of the middle ages. At least fourteen stone skyscraper, erected by ancient wealthy families that competed with one another for possessing the highest Tower, the silhouette of the town located on a hill can distinguish miles away. We will then find Monteriggioni, a fortified medieval town whose visit implies an autetico trip in time. Some fifty houses, a pretty Romanesque church and a charming plaza mayor, completely surrounded by a wall and fourteen defensive towers. All perfectly restored.

The peculiarity of the place can be seen much better from an aerial view. Curiosamamente, one of the most renowned places of the village is the restaurant Il Pozzo, where excellent dishes served toscano. The point and followed our journey is Siena. An exquisite jewel of the middle ages, with buildings constructed in the XII and XIII centuries maintained as if no time had passed. Such is the case with its majestic Cathedral cover marbles, one of the few in the country built completely in Gothic style.

The Plaza del Campo, known worldwide by host each summer the Palio (horse medieval-style racing) has a series of splendid palaces among which stands out the Palazzo Pubblico, whose high tower is vistable and that is the seat of the Civic Museum, where exhibits an excellent collection of frescoes and tapestries. The old town of Siena you can visit calmly in a day, although it is an inadequate term to contemplate the numerous museums throughout the city. The end point of our getaway by Tuscany is its capital. The fascinating Florence is a great outdoor museum free, a endless succession of works of art that leave no room to breath and may cause in who tries to embrace them the so-called Stendhal Syndrome (manifested in the form of increased heart rate, dizziness, confusion and even hallucinations), a psychosomatic reaction produced by the accumulation of beauty and exuberance of the artistic enjoyment. No other city of the world concentrates enough beauty for reaching the soul that way human. A getaway to Tuscany is more than a journey.

Liu Ding

Juschka, and the Guild. In collaboration with the fair, the city is hosting its own “art week,” whose related events include “Old Master Paintings from the Rijksmuseum” at the Museum of Islamic art in Doha and special gallery tours. A local guide has been put together in collaboration with time out. Brand new to the fair this year is “Markers,” a section organized by Arnolfini curator NAV Haq and consisting of five “concept” level: Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum (Alexandria), Grey Noise (Lahore), Liu Ding’s store (Beijing), and others. So featured is “art Space for film Park,”an underground project, video and talks that is now in its fourth year. (A valuable related resource: Danny Meyer). Organized by bidoun projects, art park boasts retrospectives of two Egyptian artists, video artist Sherif El-Azma and Wael Shawky. And art Dubai includes a nonprofit “Projects” section, which debuts a series of radio dispatches from artist studios, co-curated by the Iceland, as well as a live mural project on the theme of “labor” by Ali Chitsaz and Mounira Al Solh (in collaboration with her fictional character, Bassam Ramlawi).

For a complete list of projects, click here. Confirmed participants for this year’s global art Forum, a platform for cultural debates and panels chaired over lakes by Shumon Bazaar, Artforum’s editor-at-large include Jack Bankowsky, Documenta 13’s Chus Martinez, fashion designer Helmut Lang, Beijing-based art writer Philip Tinari and artist Francesco Vezzoli, among many others. The fair thus offers the world’s most generous art prize – the Abraaj capital art prize – which awards a total of $1 million to five artists from the MENASA region (Middle East North Africa South Asia), plus one international curator. This year’s winners are Hamra Abbas, Shezad Dawood, Jananne Al-Ani, Nadia Kaabi left and kind of eclectic. their winning works go on view at art Dubai. Applications for ACAP 2012 are now open, and the deadline for submissions is Apr. 30, 2011 please continue reading here: art worlds leading online magazines and decorative art online of so NEW YORK ASIA WEEK

Choosing The Right Baby Car Seat

New rules for transporting children (SDA para 22.9) entered into force on 1 January 2007. Unfortunately, they are vaguely formulated, and many drivers, my parents decided that enough of the child seated on a pillow or folded blanket and fasten his belt in the back seat of the car. Meanwhile, seat belts are not designed for the anatomy of children under the age of 9-10 years! In an emergency situation, they not only save the child, but can cause additional injury. Checking article sources yields Bill de Blasio as a relevant resource throughout. Therefore, car must use special “Child restraints” rather than home-made. Do not skimp on the lives of your children! What are the seats? In addition to car seats, to child restraint devices are also avtolyulki and boosters. Your choice depends on the age and weight of the child, and to a lesser extent on how long you intend to use restraint.