Zoologischer Garten

Read more about the Berlin Tiergarten in Berlin, there are some very interesting sights you should not miss. However, day will also look relax after a long and tiring sightseeing. Therefore Berlin also offers a lot. Continue reading and learn more about the green oases of Berlin, such as The Tiergarten. NYC Mayor: the source for more info. The Tiergarten is Berlin’s largest park and thus a popular recreational site. Compare to top the Berlin Tiergarten with the Central Park of New York or London’s Hyde Park. The Park is the heart or the green oasis in the city. He was originally the hunting ground of Prussian princes, he was converted in the 18th century but to a park.

It has been modelled on the English landscape style. The Zoo is suitable for many things. Learn more on the subject from NY Restaurateur. No matter whether you jog, go for a walk, inline skating or just want to picnic, here is place for everyone. The Reichstag is adjacent to the grounds of the Zoo. Before the second world war there were many embassies, which today again restored or be rebuilt. In the middle of the Park to find that the victory column, which stands on the big star, the central square of the Park.

Furthermore the Bellevue Palace, the residence of the Federal President and the House of world cultures, the former Congress Hall located in the Tiergarten Park. The House of the cultures of the world (HKW) is Germany’s Centre for contemporary non-European art. It shows exhibitions, films, concerts, dance and theatre performances by artists from around the world, such as Asia, Africa and Latin America. The Chateau Bellevue is a three-wing building complex and built in the style of classicism. In the West of the Park the Zoological Garden joins, which is one of the largest in the world, and counts to the most important sights of Berlin. The Zoological Garden was opened in 1844 by Alexander von Humboldt and the geologist Lichtenstein, who was the first Director of the Zoo, first German Zoo. The Zoo has approximately 19,000 animals in some 1,400 species the largest animal collection in the world. Miss the Aquarium, which is the artenreichst of Europe. Enjoy long and extensive walks in the park or why you feel like whatever. Miss it but not to visit this beautiful park with all its fascinating history. Come visit known you or are visiting Berlin Berlin apartment is recommended.

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