Federal Prescription

The PARADISE OF the SPECULATORS Nazar, the 02-08-2001 capitalist, Cruel and rasteiro country, Makes speculation With its proper people. They invent Federal Prescription, They invent inspectors Who leave furious and sedentos, In crumb search, Pursuing the defenseless people, to fulfill its goal That imposed it the neoliberalismo. The entrepreneurs had created its defenses, But the defenseless people, Without protector or union, Dives in divides Of merchandises that had not bought. The target is the wage-earners. These do not have defense, Are a deducted being by its very nature, Covardemente in its revenues. Soon it comes the alive wheel, the international speculator Snake of the national victim, Who finishes capsizing speculating.

The national speculator Snake of the state victim, Who finishes capsizing speculating. The state speculator Snake of the municipal victim, Who finishes capsizing speculating. The municipal speculator Snake of the local victim, Who finishes capsizing speculating. The local speculator Snake of its victim, Whom if he turns. They are all violent ones, therefore Violence is the government to leave the man to be explored, Knowing it is exploring that it.

Tips For E Minimalist Style

Minimalism goes very well with buildings of modern architecture, but it can also be applied to old buildings where they are not rustic. Minimalism allows most of variations to zen and Orientalism. The use of furniture or objects of oriental style are perfect for approaching a more eclectic rooms.Minimalism uses monochromatic environments. A rupture in the minimalism can be given by painting one wall in a tone more uploaded as the rest of the ambiance, although it does not allow changes as daring as colors bright or very far from the neutral (Browns, beiges, toasted).High spaces, type loft, with a second plant to view or mezzanine, combine very well with the minimalist concept.Keep in mind that minimalism goes very well with neat people, offering an esthetic order that relies on the accumulation of unnecessary objects that disturb his vision. Why it is said that minimalism is not intended for disordered people.Minimalism comes at the end of the 1960s in New York, but its origins are anchored in Europe, in the first ideas of the German architect Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, one of the most important architects of this century.Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe develops his ideas about the purity of the (precursor of minimalism) forms during his tenure in the direction of the school of art and design of the Bauhaus in Germany, at the end of the 1930s. Shortly thereafter, and due to the second world war, emigrated to United States, country where he was already known as an architect and influential Designer, and nationalizes American.Entered the 1960s participates in New York of the minimum and geometric art in the Visual arts movement. Although it was not the only one who intervened, his rationalism and functionalism later version, they have become models for the rest of the professionals of his century.

His influence could be summed up in a phrase that he himself dictated and which has become the motto of the avant-garde architecture of the first half of the 20th century: less is more.Throughout his professional life he struggled to achieve an architecture of simple, and universal character that was honest in the use of materials and structures. His work stands out for the rigidly geometric composition and the total absence of ornamental elements, but his poetry lies in the subtle mastery of proportions and exquisite elegance of materials (sometimes used marble, Onyx, travertine, chrome steel, bronze or hardwood), always crowned with great precision in the details.Already in the 1970s, minimalism reaches his maturity as a form of reaction to the ornate styles of the era (mainly pop art) and communicational saturation within the aesthetic universe. This influenced not only in decoration and architecture, but also in the painting, fashion and music.

President Mikhail Saakashvili

Visit by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden to Tbilisi widely commented on by the American media and was regarded by them as a sign of support for Saakashvili's White House. "Tbilisi is greeted by Vice President Joe Biden as a hero, and President Mikhail Saakashvili made the call to the West prochuvstvenny to help protect his country from the Russian forces stationed in the separatist territories "- wrote The New York Times. Biden's problem in Georgia is to persuade Tbilisi to unchanged Washington's support, without causing anger and resentment in Russia. Biden's visit became a sort of political triumph for Mr. Saakashvili, because, despite the numerous political miscalculations and a gradual decline confidence in the West, Georgia, as yet, the leader once again managed to secure support from Washington. On the eve of the visit of U.S. Vice President Saakashvili "suggested" the series of democratic reforms, including the use of direct mayoral elections next year and "promise" to provide the opposition National Broadcasting cable TV channel.

Also among the proposed reforms – a new limitation of presidential powers and strengthening of the independence ships. All this, in terms of The Washington Post, is aimed at restoring the shattered reputation of the President of Georgia before the arrival of Joe Biden, who was going, and then emphasized the concerns of the U.S. retreat from Saakashvili democracy. If George W. Bush at the Georgian leader's pro-Western reformer, was seen as, after last year's defeat in the war with Russia, he became the target of criticism at home and abroad.

Tenement Museum

Very good morning of Tuesday, I believe that after post on the reductions that you can find here, today it is called on to speak of the rebajiles acquisitions. How they have been yours? I have for the first time been able to find something that was worth the trouble. To rebejas I spent a single day, and the truth is that I must recognize that cost to find something to me enough that was worth the trouble. I crossed all the stores and were very few usable things. After searching carefully much next I present/display the articles to you at issue, which I decided that no Then exceeded 20 Euros up to here the purchases of reductions, both dressed I have released not yet them I am reserving, them for the best time and the boots are, I create the best one to buy very calentitas and comfortable trips in winter. A little takes I know, it.

But still I do not finish finde nearly minutes.The idea of this new section came small head and it amused much to me the idea that Saturdays and/or Sunday to update with some game that allows to know whatever know fashionable and serves much to train the eye! That it seems to them the idea? She is not funny? Jaja I hope that they like, kisses and good beginning of week. Flower.! Cold. Scarf and cap, the one that I bought in Hamburg.Meter. They arrive after one long delay, but the expresses fulfill their assignment. In ten, fifteen minutes you are in center.Ascent to the Top of the Rock. Precious. Superb view. We go of purchases.

Slope to Chinatown; it is China in Manhattan. Great animation.After purchases fashionable like the trousers, passage by the Tenement Museum. Visit and hours do not fit to me. Resistance with the reconstructions of the MET. Here the daily lives poor men of end of XIX of the XX of that zone remember of the principle and. The visits are long, four hours and with guide. There is no time; I choose to take a walk.

Loving Children

The child was born because we needed it and therefore we must fulfill our duty as parents. Being a parent is to be present, open, available and attentive, and ultimately enjoy their existence because we also need it. What education is part of Man in all its forms projected an image of being a model and this will influence and educate, educate grievances, dislikes, the dialogues of midnight on friends, fraternal greetings and hugs well educated. And obviously love, when it occurs, also educates .. In the fullness of love, the loved one takes up the whole horizon of life, in this instance about books, movies, friends, football and what next? Then you have to learn to love exercise. Love is learning to love.

Living is learning to live. It is a work, an effort, because the days change, times change, we change. Love is difficult. Easy is the shirt with the word LOVE is difficult to remove T-shirts printed and decide the real affective relationship with others .. Today is not the same as yesterday as well as the minutes of today is neither, therefore we are not the same as yesterday. And this is more than important: every moment is worth the experience, vision, perception of time, because today tomorrow will be different, better or worse, but will be different, so if today we can give love not waste it because tomorrow will be another days, maybe better, but it will be another. In short, if we think that education is just write a few patterns of behavior are wrong. How I dress, how I speak, how they work, how I love, how I eat, how and what I read, no doubt these are educating my actions, I am educating by example and this primary action, could, is the direct path and almost imperceptible to the heart. And you how to transmit your love for your children? .