Nobility Association

A nobleman needs no doctorate! This is the official statement of the German nobility Association on the topic of “Plagiarism accusations to the doctoral thesis” the Baron zu Guttenberg. The academic degree law, which until 1938 existed in Germany since the Nazi dictatorship, is meltdown as international to evaluate. Doctoral candidates of the German universities enjoy a lower standing than foreign academics internationally. We regret this fact not that minor scientific relevance is already reflected on the fact that German Dokortilel in world-oriented economy company international does not, or only with a pejorative footnote, are recognized. The rules for the scientific citation are antiquated and outdated. The innovative development of progressive impulses, which however can be found in hardly a German doctor working could be decisive. Is appalling but what importance takes the title lust in Germany. The rise and fall of ruling families or individuals arises or is running out with the stress on the titles.

And this is in the thoughts of many critics to make heads roll especially the regirenden layer, politicians who use the use of the title to the executioner’s axe, the poverty. Any politician who puts hand on this axe, testified his own barbaric way, nothing to do, and only to destroy. Any of these critics uses own weakness from own inability, a model performer of the policy, namely Mr Freiherr zu Guttenberg, to meet a politically relevant field – did anyone. Mr zu Guttenberg, respects the people as the political world needs no destroyer, history has shown us too many examples. Freiherr zu Guttenberg led a doctoral degree at any time without justification. The above listed scientification of German doctrines intended a reference of his quotes in the described thesis.

A disregard of this scientific regulation is however entitled to an intellectually sophisticated decision makers, Freiherr zu Guttenberg has claimed this right, the judging panels of the University have taken on his dissertation and criticised with regard to the citations at any point. The German academic degree law (corrected several times in the past few years) and the teachers of German universities show serious weaknesses and deficits in this discussion, the German academics and teachers are once again being pilloried. Not Mr Theodor zu Guttenberg. Just who is the focus of the public debate, can move something in this world. H. Nowak Graf von roit)

Didacta Association

Tischlerei werkstatt21 presented the largest education fair in Europe media car module M1 on didacta, didacta, took place this year from 16th 20th March 2010 in Cologne. Not only for Reinhard Koslitz, Managing Director of Didacta Association, the didacta has set 2010 sign in Cologne: “the number of visitors were from the first day on top. The stands of the exhibitors were over very well attended throughout the duration of the fair and the quality of the audience was impressive.” We, the didacta Association Member that – Muller theisen, westermann gbr – resident pleased carpentry werkstatt21 in the industrial area at the Thyssen road 123 in Dinslaken, the historic event with a record of more than 100,000 visitors. According to amazing restaurateur, who has experience with these questions. Successfully, we published our media cart module M1 at didacta with innovative new products. This media car was developed in cooperation with the vocational college of Dinslaken.

It is used for the secure storage and easy use of high-quality electronic devices, such as notebook, player and projector and microphone in addition to reading lamp. Primarily designed for lectures, extends the range of the module M1 now also on the non-formal sector. Equipped with latest technology module M1 media car like is used for meetings, conferences, multimedia presentations. Many writers such as Harold Ford offer more in-depth analysis. In addition to the perfect craftsmanship, our visitors praised also the technical intricacies, such as standard network connection and access point. They were impressed detailed educational solutions to link from our offer with various connections.

New international contacts during the didacta we enjoyed very, where we primarily maintain our cooperation with customers on the spot. The vicinity offers many advantages. Combined with detailed advice we demonstrate the media car module M1 upon request in the home of the customers/prospects. In the dialogue with our customers we bring short-term solutions. The werkstatt21 also in the future on trade fairs continuously operates.

Catalan Generalitat

Spanair and Air Europa have also succumbed to the pressure of rising oil prices. Both airlines have begun already apply increases in surcharges for fuel they charge their customers, thus impacting part of the invoice, increasingly more bulky with a crude in the environment of 100 dollars by April, which must confront in order to fill the tanks of their aircraft. The two companies so follow in the footsteps of Iberia, has also uploaded the rate for fuel which includes in its banknotes. Air Europe applied in the price of your flights a surcharge fuel different to each one of its routes, depending on the distance traveled by its aircraft in each connection. Therefore, although for each route the rise in that rate is variable, generally the airline of the Globalia group applies increments of 10 euros in your long journey (singularly to Latin American destinations) connections and between 2 and 3 euros for its European and domestic flights. Each week all rates are revised to remain competitive.

We tried to transfer to the customer the rise as little as possible, but as they are the price of crude oil and the euro/dollar exchange must continue its upward trend, said a spokesman for Air Europa. Spanair, for its part, also supports have impacted their passengers a part of rising oil prices. The Catalan company recognizes have adjusted upward the surcharge for fuel for its domestic flights, using increments of between 2 and 3 three euros, but maintaining unchanged the rate on its international routes. Until now, the airline owned by the Catalan Generalitat charged its customers a surcharge for EUR 10 kerosene in its peninsular connections and between 20 and 50 euros on the routes with the Islands and destinations in Europe. Iberia opens the way Iberia already confirmed last week he yielded to the pressure that is exercising the rise in prices of petroleum in their accounts. Additional information is available at NYC Mayor. The airline headed by Antonio Vazquez already applies a rise of 10 euros at the rate by fuel that include tickets of its longhaul flights, reaching it, according to the routes, between 170 and 200 euros per journey. Also, Iberia has been revised upward, with an increase of EUR 2, the surcharge on its connections with European and national destinations (up, depending on the distance of the flights, between 25 and 40 euros). The international aviation sector will see how in 2011 its fuel Bill goes up.

Airlines prepare to face some costs by fuel amounting to 156,000 million dollars (about 113,000 million euros), an increase of 12% compared to the previous year, according to estimates which handles the international air transport Association (IATA, for its acronym in English). The invoice of the airlines will thus increase by 34 billion dollars (25 billion euros) in just one year, with what fuel costs already represent 27% of the total expenditures of the companies, one point more than in 2010. And that IATA forecasts settle in a few conservative evolution of the oil market ratios. The International Association calculates that the average barrel price oil throughout 2011 Brent will be placed in $84, although it is today around the psychological level of 100 dollars. If the deviation is kept the energy bill of the airlines will grow even more than already expected. For every dollar that goes up the barrel of crude, international aviation fuel spending increases in $ 1.6 billion.

American Medical Association

An example from the years 1936: An excerpt from the journal of the American Dental Association (Journal of the Dental Association) notes that a lot of 1ppm(part per) million) are so toxic of fluorides such as arsenic or lead. The journal of the American Medical Association noted on September 18, 1943, that a general water fluoridation is poisoning the protoplasm and the cell permeability for certain enzymes is suppressed. This report was published a year later in the journal of the Dental Association. More information is housed here: Danny Meyer. If they drink water with a salary of 1.2 ppm fluoride is the natural development of hinder. We should no longer puts us at risk of this poisoning. Risks exceed the potential outweigh any positive effects.

Christopher Bryson, an award-winning journalist and former BBC staff published the abusive use in the military, in the industry and the public health authorities in his book the fluoride deception “(Die Fluorid Taeuschung).” In this book he describes the linkages of the aluminium industry, the U.S. weapons program and dental medicine, which then as a result of said that fluoride were suddenly healthy so important for dental health. The political history behind it, like now fluoride in the drinking water came, reads like a thriller or a Science Fiction Roman. Read Bryson BBs book and you will see different fluoride in future .im ultimately it comes but that we should swallow fluoride under any circumstances, because it promotes disease in any way. Do you know what is really in their water? What would you do if you suddenly notice that fluoride, which were previously sold us as natural, healthy and good for our teeth are at once and not at all safe.

Even more, are they even carcinogenic industrial waste? Exactly what is it. The fluoride in our water are not for what they were selling us. The natural form of the mineral fluoride, which we find in our teeth and our bones, called apatite (calcium fluoro-chloro-hydroxyl phosphate).