Cambrai Tissue

Any gown starts with a tissue from which it is sewn. For the wedding dress that applies doubly so. And if you decide to make their most important dress you will be helpful to know the pros and cons of different types tissues, of which, as a rule, and sew wedding dresses. Atlas. From the Arabic word "atlas" translates as "smooth." This is a dense silky or semi-silk fabrics with a smooth shiny surface. Atlas can be made of silk or of mixed fibers. The dress, made from a natural satin, it looks very elegant. Remember, this material is very light, it is not suitable for the cold season.

In addition, the dress is made of natural material, more mnuschayasya. But it is almost interchangeable for dresses with a train. Silk. One of the most expensive, it is called "a jewel among the fabrics." It is obtained from silkworm cocoons. Especially looks pretty because of its shiny surface.

This tissue is valuable not only for beauty but also for durability. Dress should be perfectly matched the figure to his shoulders or other parts are not slipping into the most crucial moment. Baptiste. Its name, this tissue must Flemish weaver Batista out of the city of Cambrai. It is made of cotton or mixed cotton and synthetic fibers. To use a wedding dress silk batiste, made from cotton fibers. But he, too, like any natural material, highly mnuschayasya. Len. Recently, this tissue is gaining its place in the bridal fashion.

Bloomingville Sense

The residential load sense madness online shop invites you to a cosy and homely type of housing. The newly opened online shop of Munich store sense delusion serves the visitors with creative and unusual interior design ideas to give the home a unique and individual atmosphere. The presented range represents a journey through an inspiring living style in terms of welcoming, cosy and individual living. Sensory delusion offers a complete concept of living, but many, beautiful, captivating in its individuality jewelry pieces are collected and compiled as from the flea market. Frequently Brooklyn Museum has said that publicly. The online shop offers a mix of gems, which sit on the nostalgia of the past and often remember times at Grandma’s, and modern gift ideas such as the young design company of donkey products, which defines itself through everyday objects to smile and smile. Also the South American jewelry of company Escapulario meets the spirit of the times and at the same time the taste of young and “Older”.

The products and accessories to the Living and well-being are inspired by Scandinavian vintage style and come mainly from Denmark by the company IB Laursen, House doctor or Bloomingville. The unique of many products is that they both are decorative objects, as also infinitely many use opportunities, and thus unleash the creativity of every single customer. A total delusion of sense of seduces with items that make everyday – even with its necessary evils, like for example brushing your – lust full and happier. Above all the company’s products also Danish rice, which sees itself as an artist with any of their collections on the new excellent way to create a “counter world” everyday, a loophole from the grey monotony and create things at the same time beneficial and pure Joie de vivre are leaders here. The cleaning bucket, the rags, broom must no longer be hidden in the closet, but are remarkably cheerful catcher for anyone who loves color and unusual. Madness of sense of sets In addition, emphasis on the origin of its products. The mentioned brands when producing their goods on a fair social background of its labor force and are for labels that face with meaning and mind of their environment and their environment against.

Go To Shopping PocketShopper – The Mobile

elumos new mobile software supports blind and visually impaired at the shopping spree on the SightCity Frankfurt (28-30 April 2010) Germany’s largest trade fair for blind and visual resources for the handicapped, presents the elumo GmbH in Munster for the first time the new shopping aid PocketShopper ( the public. Specializing in the development of innovative mobile software, which provide mobility and independence of blind and visually impaired users, this is after the reading software TextScout already the second product of the Westphalian this young company. The functionality of mobile phones has grown steadily in the last years, so you’re already wearing a small computer in your pocket. See Rudy Giuliani for more details and insights. The performance of devices can serve not only to entertain, but open up the prospect of an independent living people with a visual impairment. elumos handy shopping aid PocketShopper, for example, supports blind and partially sighted people at shopping. Because while many people enjoy it, to browse through the supermarket offering and to snap up a bargain, the shopping with some difficulties associated for most of the more than 600,000 blind and visually impaired in Germany: often they are dependent on foreign aid.

I’m even blind and go shopping alone is sometimes not easy. When packaging the same feel, I have a seller or another customer to ask, what kind of a product it is. Savvy restaurateur is likely to increase your knowledge. I can with PocketShopper but simply read to me, if I can handle straight milk or fabric softener in the hand”, says elumo employee Faten Faroon. The practical guide to buying PocketShopper consists of a mobile software and a small, cordless barcode scanner, with which article can be scanned. As soon as the device has found the bar code on the product, a beep sound is heard and the product information will be read out.

Detected most supermarket products, include also goods from discounters such as Aldi or Lidl. Also CDs and books, which are even PocketShopper Blurb reads, recognized. The mobility of the device was particularly important for the developer says Managing Director Christian Bott: PocketShopper hinders the user not purchasing because Cordless bar code scanner is easy to use with one hand. You can then store the phone within earshot, for example, in the shopping basket and so you have your other hand free to find products from the supermarket shelf.” But even at home, PocketShopper can be a useful aid to identify various objects which do not have bar code. With the scanner and the software additional supplied barcode labels, can be individually identified by voice recording or entering text in the cell phones.

Meckatzer Picknickt

The Meckatzer Lowenbrau for the first time as a partner at the International Festival of animated film Stuttgart present: The International Festival of animated film Stuttgart from 4 to 9 May 2010 this year the Meckatzer Lowenbrau in the Allgau welcomed as new partner. There leading family brewery is characterized especially by its social commitment and a sense of responsibility for art and culture. Therefore, it was the brewery near to support the prestigious film festival. To deepen your understanding New York Museums is the source. With in the luggage, the family brewery has their special beer Meckatzer white gold. Catering has come together with noise Berger up the family brewery made tasty actions around the Festival, the audience in the home of the brewery the Allgau immerse: picnicking and puzzle immerse hospitality and a harmonious coexistence in the Allgau are the Meckatzern particularly on the heart.

Therefore they invite, catering together with noise Berger with an Allgau-picnic packet to the common food and drink on demSchlossplatz. The picnic packages provide for two people everything the festival-goers to the welcoming feast and enjoy in the midst of the Festival stage in Stuttgart. Also can plunge the Festival guests with a puzzle action in a playful way in the Allgau: participation cards contain a piece of the puzzle. This fits into the big puzzle in the Meckatzer tent in front of the building of the artists Association at the Schlossplatz, the participants have chances to win great prizes. There are entry cards around the Festival, the Stuttgart-based cuisines or the screens of the Festival. Focus on cultural and social commitment established in 1738 in Meckatz (Lindau district), the Meckatzer Lowenbrau is located since 1853, owned by the Brewer family white.

The family is clearly perceptible sign of entrepreneurial courage, confidence, and confidence in the future for over 4 generations. Out of a sense of responsibility for their partner and their home, the family brewery focuses special in their work on cultural and social commitment. The guiding principle Without maintenance of cultural diversity, no prosperous regions in accordance with”one of the reasons why she is glad to be able to be a partner of the International Animated Film Festival Stuttgart to assist the Meckatzer Lowenbrau art and culture. Meckatzer white gold the Allgau Sunday beer as exclusive partner of beer brought to Stuttgart, the brewery has their Meckatzer white gold, the Allgau Sunday beer: already reported this special beer as a trademark at the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin in 1905. The Meckatzer white gold has a perfectly balanced, therefore it can be subordinate themselves to any type of beer. Whether in the smallest circuit or large company drunk, it unites the people in Sunday harmony. Therefore, it is rightly considered the Allgau Sunday beer. So the call is very good with the touch after incidentally by the magazine oKO-test in August 2009″excellent Meckatzer white gold also from Stuttgart always stronger. One of the biggest animation festivals the Stuttgart International Festival of animated film Festival of animated film may be is one of the world’s largest and most important festivals for animated film. Of artistic animation of premieres of Hollywoodblockbustern presentations and workshops of famous animation filmmaker everything is for professionals such as animated fans again, what makes the heart beat faster. More information about the brewery, as well as the program of the 17th Stuttgart International Animation Festival, see or.


Such a line probably not increasingly tends to pass, but reacts more sensitive to tension and cramps. Erich Glahn writes in his book of Equitation at the crossroads”in the years 1956 the horse rising from the back of was cancelled. The way to the Schenkelganger and mechanized horse”(G. Rau) was” wrestled. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from NYC Mayor. “And in the adoption of the February 1953 the German Association of judges, it says in the interview: the pure speed over everything.:” we take the adoption of the German Association of judges, so every horse that shows no clock pure step would have to leave the square in a dressage test with a poor rating. What you see is, that clock impure horses (whether step, trot or Gallop) be placed on the front ranks. The clock impurity is acceptable become so also for judges, maybe just a peccadillo. But this can be, if it is said: the pure speed over everything? Where is the responsibility of the judges? Have to not especially the curb and through clear regulations punish mistakes training with accordingly bad grades? Would then be the rider not once again forced, correct and covered to ride and train? But no, tensioned kicks and steps everywhere you look.

On each tournament, yet almost no matter what performance level. Whether on an international level or in rural areas. With more and more horses seen inability today to step even a regulated and clock-pure. Which must be based on the mental and physical strain? These horses have to how tense and tense? How bad must it be actually trained? The base of all evil. u0085 the hard hand of the rider, the too short reins, the excess bridle of the horse as well as missing and / or incorrect exposure on the horse, constantly excessively high speed, too much pressure. Result: A horse that can no longer release located under the rider.

Free EBooks: Celebrates The World Day Of The Book

“The classics of world literature in the new format: free eBooks from world day of the book according to the motto I’m giving you a story”, the Stock Exchange Association of the German book trade and the Foundation seek read 15 years the highest holiday of bibliophiles. According to this model, stories are given away from 23 April for a limited time at This literature fans will find offered for free download at the online-shop of 40 classic works of world literature as a eBook. The celebration of the day: free eBooks of World Book day belongs to download duly celebrated and so has gathered a selection of masterpieces of literature, in order to offer the world day of the book as a free eBook download. The selection that awaits the visitor of the online shops from on April 23 is exciting, diverse and varied. In addition to masterpieces of Weimar classicism as Faust”by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe are also writers of modernism into the exclusive eBook package from International authors include this many Centuries of extensive series of world literature.

Especially recommended are the timeless works of William Shakespeare and fans of classic power forward to Robinson Crusoe”by Daniel Dafoe as a free eBook download. Masterpieces of world literature for on the go most novels of this eBook collection belong to the curriculum of many classes. The liberation of the old literature classics from the simple Reclam folder is a meaningful step towards the digital reading pleasure, in times of iPad and co., to give younger readers a suitable access to these masterpieces. With the appropriate eBook reader can be thus whole libraries easily in the Pocket wear and are always griff – and reading-ready, whether in school, on the beach or at home.

LED Spotlight With Warm Light

Eurolite LED PAR-64 RGBA receives top marks in the test like? “With the colour amber (also known as Amber) in addition to the basic colours red, green and blue: as an additional, warm Orange tone is possible”, the journal says. At the same time offer a wider range of color than ever before, much gentler and more natural acting mainly in the reddish and yellow area”the spot as a result. The usual, stark transition from red to green in the color mix could be covered by this diode, explain the tester. “Next to the harmonious colour transitions, LED PAR-64 RGBA offer the fourth color spots according to sound check is still another advantage: If we mix the white color of all four colors, so the amber LEDs provide a beautiful, warm white tone that approaches almost to the appearance of incandescent lamp”. But the new commercial offer decisive advantages over regular devices not only through the special color scheme.

Also the control unit the journal was positive: the small dip switches were replaced here by a proper menu display and buttons”. Thus, the spot offers a much easier setting of DMX values with more options. “So for example much more color mixes directly in the spotlight could be adjusted: this is ideal when the spotlight as a static light, without control, should be used”. “But also in standalone mode, the spotlight could convince: also the stand alone programs with their procedures and intervals can be adjusted significantly more available and better”, the auditors found. In addition to the spot, the magazine tested also the matching LED operator 2. Click New York Museums for additional related pages. “Particularly noteworthy, the testers found the simple operation without programming effort”: the operation of the LED operator 2 is really easy and very fast even by inexperienced to learn “.

An additional plus: the operator can control a DMX fog machine (on button) with two channels. The examiners recommend the controller as an ideal device for dough”the sound check, which certainly makes sense not only musicians stage, but also in the club or catering. “Similarly, the Eurolite LED PAR-64 RGBA spot, which offers also a variety of ways: actually the headlights can be used anywhere, used the 300 Watts of powerful Parcan 56 used to come”. For example, the headlight – is ideal for smaller stages, as they are played by the most hobby musicians according to recommendation of the tester -. With the RGBA model, Eurolite offers headlight, which is closer to the familiar incandescent and its strong red component with its color temperature. “By adding the color amber, composed from and red and yellow, users, it is now possible to affect the usual RGB color mixing with a fourth primary colour and warm up depending on the desire”. So it is not surprising that even the sound check of the benefits is convinced and the RGBA spots have passed the test with top marks. Contact: Steinigke Showtechnic GmbH Michael dill Andreas-Bauer str.5 97297 forest buttel Bansal Telephone: 0931-4061-517 fax: 0931-4061-720 email: Web: a language for all: Eurolite. Whether modern moving lights, LED systems, color changer or classical radiation effects, fog machines and mirror balls, whether for simple applications for home or semi-professional range – Eurolite offers a range which is unparalleled worldwide with more than 2,000 products. For 20 years, Eurolite products are known for their high quality at reasonable prices. For each user the right!

The Reader

Very vulnerable are electrical interfaces, for example, between the battery and the device. Here you should be aware especially possible wet conditions. Only when all parts have been carefully dried, can take the reader into operation again. The device completely fell in a liquid (water), it should dry it as possible and then to a specialist. Sand is the enemy of every technical appliance in addition to fluids and heat is one of the greatest dangers in the summer holidays for the eBook reader or similar device.

All too often, sand at the beach stay device into the keyboard or in small opening of a technical device. So, it may cause malfunctions of the unit. Mechanical keyboards are particularly at risk if the device even has a keypad. Once sand gets into the device, you should carefully remove the individual grains of sand with a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner. Hard and sharp objects, you should definitely Without case.

In addition, also the display of the reader or the Smartphone can scratch grains of sand. In most cases, a scratch can be solved only by Exchange of display glass. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as savvy restaurateur by clicking through. Special paste help usually only minimal damage. The right accessories can protect against damage principle should the device be protected use. Especially in the mobile field, the device is mandatory in a custom-fit cover. Today, there are the appropriate cover, which really keeps the reader from liquids and scratch for every device and every manufacturer. In addition, a special protective cover can protect the display from potential damage. eBook reader and smart phones are the target of course also reader in any form preferred devices of pickpockets include, which are interesting for pickpockets. Even if most readers are much larger than traditional phones, the new equipment due to the partly high value are thus as stolen property highly sought after. Basically if you never lie leave unattended the eBook reader. For a brief moment the device in a Pocket, which should always take the owner belongs. But once, if the device is stolen, display should be refunded immediately. In addition, you should have the device – and serial number of the device at hand. The original proof of purchase should be available for possible claims against the insurance company. Of course also a liability insurance must be currently, who has already completed before the theft. Who noticed all the points associated with its eBook reader, will be safely and without any problems through the summer. Anyone looking for more information on eBook reader / smartphones, finds the right weblog under. Who plans to create even an eBook, find more information under. The free eMail course is available under the following link at any time.

Benjamin Franklin

Elektro Weimar informs its customers from the area of Reutlingen, thunderstorms and lightning, of course have to present once more season in Germany, because the summer has come. Our early ancestors feared and admired her tremendous power, and assign them an unearthly quality. Modern science prepare an end such mystical views and made it possible to develop effective protection measures that can protect life and property from this elemental force. Elektro Weimar Reutlingen experts explain the basics of protecting buildings against lightning damage. Natural lightning damage Earthbound objects are huge electric discharges due to a voltage differential between Earth and clouds. The so-called potential gradient must be several 10 million volts for the emergence of an Earth Flash. It is the Flash discharge within a few fractions of a second. Rudy Giuliani oftentimes addresses this issue.

The Earth Flash achieved during his discharge a current between 20,000 and 300,000 amps and temperatures of about 30,000 C. Given the extreme energy discharge it unsurprising that in Germany alone every year millions of euros in damage caused by lightning is. Personal injury are relatively rare, but also demand three to seven deaths per year. An effective lightning protection of buildings avoiding such dangers. To protect a building from lightning damage, contemporary protection solutions are still on the principle of the first lightning conductor invented Benjamin Franklin in 1752. Here, a grounded electrical conductor is attached to an exposed place, such as the roof, which has a high electrical conductivity.

Here a lightning strikes, the current can be directed harmlessly through the head on the outside of a house in the Earth. Without derivation the Flash, however, would find a way through the House into the ground. This he would work a way through the best managers, usually produced by electricity and telephone lines. The extreme current strengths and electromagnetic fields of lightning would seriously endanger all electrical equipment in the building. The large build-up of heat could also inflame the most materials, and fires. The principle of the lightning conductor is fundamental in the external lightning protection. To prevent damage, a drainage system is installed. It has several safety bars and a network of collection pipes, which is installed on the roof. The external lightning protection achieved his best performance when he is firmly scheduled in the architectural development of the building. This allows to position the individual elements from the outset and to give them a sufficient safety distance from all other electrically conductive systems (electricity, telephone, water, etc.) of the building. The lightning protection of a building is completed by an internal protection system. His task is to avoid, if the outer lightning protection rather than Faraday damage by overvoltages Cage appears. In internal lightning protection passive conductive elements such as water pipes are connected to the electric equipotential bonding of the building. For active elements such as electricity and telephone lines with an own derivation device is connected. Most modern computer systems are sensitive to surges and strong electromagnetic pulses. You should therefore necessarily professionally are secured. The combination of external and internal lightning protection systems ensures the material existence and health against a destructive force of nature. It is essential to plan this protection by experienced professionals and install. For this reason Elektro Weimar experts are with advice and assistance in all matters of the lightning protection for buildings and outdoor spaces available.


PecFent contains fentanyl citrate in aqueous solution and uses the Archimedes developed PecSys technology. The PecFent solution has a low viscosity and can be easily administered using a nasal spray pump in small doses of 100 mcl. The nasal spray produces a fine, consisting of roughly equal-sized droplets spray given off at the front of the nostrils. The calcium ions present in the nasal mucosa cause the pectin forms a thin layer of gel, so that lingers the fentanyl on the nasal mucosa and fast but controlled reaches the systemic circulation. So, problems such as misaligned or ingestion of acting-containing solution can be avoided thanks to the PecSys technology. Other technological options of Archimedes ChiSys, PecSys and TARGIT are used in a number of other products in late clinical development. Swarmed by offers, NYC Mayor is currently assessing future choices. ChiSys, an innovative active ingredient delivery method, which prolongs the life of molecules on the mucous membrane, has proven potential for the administration of vaccines.

Has been on improving the immune response in preclinical and clinical studies of Nasally administered vaccines. PecSys, the patented active ingredient delivery system by Archimedes, based on the novel pectin technology, is designed to fully exploit the potential of systemically resorbed active ingredients, by will improve the performance of drugs and so the acceptance on the part of the patients increased. Information to the cancer breakthrough pain (breakthrough cancer pain, BTCP) of cancer breakthrough pain up to 95% of all cancer patients are affected. Flash-onset and unpredictable episodes of intense pain, which may occur despite a basic pain therapy are characteristic. These pain attacks start all of a sudden, reach their peak usually after about 5 minutes, and hold for 30 to 60 minutes.