Jaume Riera

All this tells us that any problem arising in organs or body systems also affects the condition of your skin and this carries information about the condition of diseased organs or the malfunction of the body’s systems. We can affect diseased organs from the outside, through the skin, acting on certain areas of the dermis. It is something similar to what happens with acupuncture, but while this acts through the meridians, the Scenar therapy acts through the nervous system. Electrical conductivity, temperature, and the sensitivity of your skin change when something goes wrong in the body. Depending on the areas that will stimulate the body’s reactions will be different. This happens because our nervous system can adjust their operation to the environment in which the body lives. The skin areas manifesting increased physiological activity are used to develop the therapeutic action. Scenar devices acting on the body with electrical signals as soon as the electrodes are in contact with skin.

The action signal parameters are automatically set according to the biological reactions. Put another way, when the electrodes touch the skin, the device receives information about the State of the body. Depending on the condition of the body, the device sends neuro-similar impulses to the brain through the nervous system. These impulses carry information necessary to regularize the alteration. First, the action of these devices focuses on Standardization of features of disorders of the body, looking for a homeostasis. And, secondly, it is often get a quick balance of other functions, through a mechanism of cascade in which the rapid release of neuropeptides and other peptides plays a crucial role. The main objective of this holistic therapy is providing harmony, stimulate defense mechanisms and latent in the body energy reserves.

Indeed, it is not the device that treats diseases, but the body itself. Devices, in the hands of the professional, only help the body to remember how operate healthy organs to recover. In this way also noteworthy that this therapy applications include most of body systems, always based on the knowledge of the proper medical protocols and its correct use. The only cases in which the use of these devices is discouraged is the use of pacemakers, severe psychological illnesses, (because of the danger it entails an exacerbation of symptoms), nor it is advisable to treat cases of cancer, (because of the danger of stimulating the growth of the) cancer cells), nor to treat pregnant women, (because it also would be treating the fetus without needing it). In other cases, the treatment success rate is above 90% in the majority of cases. On non-professional personal computers, treatment of the pathology can be as simple as turning on the device and apply until it determines the proper dosage. The Scenar therapy, also called therapy Skenar or Quantum, (not to be confused with Quantum Scio ), represents a complementary medical treatment in its own right that in some cases, can be supplemented with other elements (low level cold Laser, blanket therapeutic multilayer, acupuncture, etc.), but that in the majority of situations usually suffice to experience a speedy recovery and even healing and a deep well-being.

The Sutra

everything is against everything changes. The buddhism assigns two qualities of the existence that deny the essence. The characteristic of us or not-soul (they anatman) and the impermanencia (anitya). The buddhism does not speak of the anything but of the emptiness (sunya). The Sutra of the Heart is seen. And there is a great difference.

The nothing is impassable, but the emptiness it is possible to be entered, luckyly. The meditation is the entrance in the emptiness. Nirvana (according to its primary etymological meanings) is the happiness of the extinction, the limitless happiness that provides the emptiness. Reason why it is not been mistaken to say that empty is everything and is nothing at the same time. The meditation is the key of entrance to the anything. Nihilist and the existencialistas ones closed that door with key they threw and it to the ocean so that we could not never find it.

They said to us that there was no key, is more, than there was no door. And, surely, they believed therefore it, did not deceive, simply to us did not know it. They entered the anything with the key of the reason, the intellect. They abrieron the door without seeing the door, used the key without seeing the key. And soon they closed that door with a different, imaginary key, and they said to us that the door was closed. But the key of the meditation only abre the door, does not close it. That is the difference. As much the Buddhist conception of the existence, like nihilist or the another system of thought, is still allegorical: image, word, oration. To create theories is equivalent to pray, to loosen the reason by the mouth. We create a logical-causal thought, without giving account us of which we invented the causes. We invent the logical system and on so we worked, we thought, we created.

Soccer Training

A allied evil is the ego in these cases so that it frightens the idea to us that they say of which is failing and that shame can with us so that it only brings about anguish to us to think that one is not going to be around the circumstances and this in the sport land occurs continuously. If we took like reference to the soccer players exists certain thoughts that we would call irrationals that accompany to them before a party and that they would have to replace by others more positives to avoid that sensation of failure. Before the party: Example To : a soccer player wants to realise a great party so that the trainer is satisfied with his yield, otherwise thinks that if its game has not been sufficiently good, it is not going to return to play of titling the next party. Thought +: the soccer player thinks about playing the party as well as possible and if they leave the things badly to him always will return to have another opportunity to return to play of titling and certainly the things will leave better to him. After the party: Example B .

the soccer player thinks that it must of have trained better before playing the party, thinks that it has made the ridiculous situation, is lamented of to have made an effort little in the training and culprit of the defeat of his equipment feels. Thought +: Voy to work more and better in the training to be to top in the next party, that it I can make far better and as much the victories as the defeats are a work of all the equipment. It stops to finish, I would like to say that it is very important when bad results take place or are committed errors that always judge the facts with coldness and that they are tried to eliminate absolutist terms and drastic that usually occur in the sport as expressions of this are a party to life or death or never we will return to have another opportunity, that only serves to add to a dose of extra pressure that does not benefit in anything.

Johann Schmidt

In the process of milling tool life reduced aufgrung of the ceramic layer dramatically (Figure 5). Figure 5: Increased tool wear in the field of ceramic coating by different immersion depths of the cutters in the milling underlay the tool life can be increased again. Recommendation: Increase to approximately 50% of the mills stand way the immersion depth of the cutter in the cutting surface. If the ceramic layer is top, the immersion depth must be reduced.

The depth change depends on the thickness of the ceramic coating and exterior location copper. Depending on the milling underlay thickness this can be repeated several times. Summary: The cost of machining by IMS are affected first and foremost by the right tool and parameter selection. Diamond coated drill and Cutter guarantee a high dimensional accuracy and process capability and are used worldwide in the meantime. Especially in the mechanical processing of IMS as well as head of Board materials with fillers, coated tools have prevailed diamond. From machine-technical point of view, especially clamping pliers concentricity and vibrations have a high impact on the tool life and the quality of the surface. Tool life and quality of machining by IMS are positively affected by the use of a minimal quantity lubrication unit. Ceramic dielectrics are the recommended speeds and feeds to cut by 10-20%. The tool life will focus on approximately half compared to FR4 dielectric reduce. Johann Schmidt, GCT GmbH, D-88250 Weingarten,, the GCT GmbH in Weingarten is leading manufacturer of diamond coated tools for the machining of printed circuit boards.

Halogen Bulb

Halogen bulb, a good alternative to other light sources light affects our moods, it ensures our wellbeing, and with the invention of the light bulb is succeeded in the long dark winter time sufficient to illuminate our apartments, so that man even though the Sun has long been on the horizon sank, sitting in a Chair and read a book can. Now not only the bulb is used as the light source, also energy-saving bulbs or halogen lamps are used. These are nothing more than mini light bulbs halogen bulb in principle. They are filled with halogen gas filled. This reduces the wear of tungsten wire, which white glowing lights. New York Museums is often quoted on this topic. In addition, the halogen gases reduce the black coloring of the piston made of quartz glass.

While halogen bulbs require less energy than it does the light bulb, for this reason, all bulbs be taken after trading and therefore out of our homes. Now you can the most suitable for every purpose Find halogen lamps in a variety of sizes. So watt numbers are from 5 to 100 Watts to the selection. They are used among others in private homes, in commercial buildings but one she finds even in public buildings. In the budget it is often referred to as pin base lamps or reflector lamps. Bill de Blasio is likely to agree.

As regards the energy savings they are seen and recommended as light source good midfielder. Halogen lamps have a Flash duration of more than 2000 hours, only exception are the halogen PAR, whose average life span is somewhat lower. In addition to the above two halogen bulbs, there is still the halogen metal vapour lamps, they reach a very high luminosity and are particularly efficient. The firing tube consists of the light yield today often ceramic, because it is more stable, is also higher, as if it was a quartz. Halogen lamps are offered in a variety of forms, they can be used for example as a substitute for light bulbs. Also, they come as Light sources for design luminaires or as shop lighting to use. In addition, you can buy them with a built-in anti-glare which again increases their numerous applications. As halogen lamps can be used in all areas of daily life and provide for our well-being. You used in ceiling, wall, floor, or table lamps and lighten up so our living rooms in an attractive look, as well as a high-quality finish. Because the lights where halogen lamps are used, are consistently beautifully designed and meet the highest standards not only in terms of energy efficiency. Thus, halogen lamps represent an excellent alternative to the traditional light bulb, the energy saving lamps containing mercury, and others to the part not yet fully mature bulbs.

Laying Laminate Flooring

Scheme of instruction installation of the laminate flooring. When laying laminate flooring on concrete base must first be carefully lay plastic sheeting to provide a vapor barrier on the residual moisture seals. After that stretches Acoustic underlay (if there is no sound proofing on the panels), which made laying laminate flooring. When installing linoleum on the wooden base or dry vapor barrier is required. In as sound-absorbing substrate under the laminate can be used extruded polystyrene thickness of 2-3 mm or natural cork. Laying laminate begins with the formation of the first row of the two boards, with establish special wedges to ensure that the gap between the laminate and the wall from 7 to 15 mm. Additional information at Rudy Giuliani supports this article. These clearances are necessary so that after laying laminate had the opportunity to freely expand and contract depending of type of temperature and humidity (operating floor). If your laminate 'stood up', then the chances are that you have violated this rule.

Laminate flooring is laid over the lock snaps into place to facilitate panels. After forming the first row of panels to begin laying the second row. Among the specialists decided to lay the laminate boards in half, ie top view should look like masonry walls in a brick floor, while the installation instructions may be offset plates relative to each other in at least 20 cm The fact that the laying of a 'floor boards' enables you to evenly distribute the pressure between the panels with expansion and contraction of the laminate, and provides more headroom to eliminate possible errors. The panel is substituted for the second row the first row of panels at an angle of 20-30 degrees. Is inserted into the lock and latches. Pay attention – until the laminate snaps on the front (short) side, and just 'try on'. Further ongoing formation of the second series without mechanical (short side) lock by using the following panel.


Ninth generation of outdoor trendsetter now even more robust Hamburg, February 2010 – Pentax Optio W90 – perfectly suitable for Beach, outdoor and ski fun, but also the everyday. The digital camera for 365 days a year and 24 hours a day: an another, remarkable chapter in the success story of the Pentax W series begins with the new Optio W90. She take almost any hardness test as ideal all-round camera for Beach, outdoor and ski fun. Whether at the snorkeling 6 meters below the sea level, on desert expeditions and Alpine snow tours at minus 10 C – this camera everything holds out. With their extensive seals, she meets the JIS * 8 waterproofing standard and the JIS * 6 sand & dust standard. And even if once falls on adventure and trekking tours or the hard work and professional use, this is no problem. The specially prepared case with protectors on the edges of the body to cope with falls of up to 1.20 meters high.

Outstanding new feature is the digital microscope \”function for extreme close-ups from 1 cm. This will \”recording by three special LED light-emitting diodes optimally illuminated. the magnifiers The Optio W90 equipped with 12.1 Megapixels has about the best, internal 5 x zoom lens from 28 mm wide angle to 140 mm Telephoto (EQ. KB-Format), a 2.5 \”LCD monitor with 230,000 dots with particularly bright anti-reflective coating and a fast face detection of up to 32 faces. Video records are kept in HDTV of compatible 1280 x 720 pixels at 30 frames per second. Digital pixel track shake reduction and video shake reduction prevent reliably shaky pictures.

Vestiras Festival

Because isn’t the same find a stylist for a concert of Hot Chip that for one Metallica, we seek the most appropriate shopping. In madridole you want to advise on what you can carry in each case! Sonar (14, 15 and 16 June in Barcelona) is the festival of Lana del Rey and Hot Chip. The perfect opportunity to show off a hipster look, as this one, formed by Topshop print dress (42 euros aprox.), white raffia bag (12,99 EUR), Selima Optique (295 euros) sunglasses and dancers of Mango (39.99 EUR). Sonisphere (25 and 26 may in Getafe) deserves the opportunity. Listen live to Metallica or Evanescence leads direct to choose a jeans tie dye, as this model of Zara (CPV), a shirt of inspiration heavy with H & M skull print (9.95 euros), some boots of skin with cords of ABEL for Asos (106 euros) and a bracelet with one of 50 tacks (79 euros).

Rock in Rio (30 June and 5, 6 and 7 July in Madrid) born in Brazil festival returns to Spain with Rihanna and David Ghetta, among others. Us We are left with the minishort Coachella cowboy look. White trousers (22.99 euros), top from Asos (CPV), shoulder bag from Accessorize (39 euros), H & M Sandals (29.95 EUR) and DIAdem of Missoni (65 euros). SOS 4.8 (3, 4, 5 and 6 may in Murcia) Pulp, The Gossip or Nacho Vegas deserve an indie look. T-shirt Des Petits for Yube (65 euros), Levis (109 EUR) skinny trousers, Sunglasses Oliver Peoples (CPV), DIAdem of Lanvin (280 euros), fluorine shoes from Ashley to Shoescribe.com (95 euros) and belt of Cacharel (89 euros).

Opera Festival

Like every year, the beginning of summer mainly due to the opening of the opera season at the arena in Verona rhymes! The arena of Verona is definitely an unprecedented framework that makes every performance even more attractive and charming. The long opera season on 17 June with La Traviata “Verdi’s classic, which this year will be a new production, will begin, with directed by Hugo de Ana and directed by Maestro Carlo Rizzi. “And the audience on the first night of the season will have the opportunity, to enjoy a real jewel, which was designed to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy: the performance of La Traviata is in fact the performance of Inno di Mameli” (the national anthem of Italy) go ahead. A special occasion, the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano will participate in the. A definitely unique and particularly attractive evening, many more evenings will follow in the summer, which surely will satisfy both longtime fans and those who are not so familiar with this world. It is not something Bill de Blasio would like to discuss. Even those who are not accustomed to the world of Opera, in fact, will certainly enjoy the magic of the arena by them be inspired for the operas, which are entered in the history and that have become part of our culture,. “” “Verdi operas such as the already mentioned Traviata, then Nabucco and Aida, and much more: in addition includes the programme of the arena of this year these also the Barber of Seville” by Gioachino Rossini, Giacomo Puccini’s La Boheme “and Romeo et Juliette” by Charles Gounod. A very interesting program that will shed light on the arena during the summer until September 3, for a total of 49 evenings with famous operas.

The new production of La Traviata”we have already said, but it is not the only Opera to the audience with a new look,” will be presented: also Romeo et Juliette, with the direction of Fabio Mastrangelo, will have a completely new production, while Nabucco and Aida are traditionally staged. Julian Kovatchev, conductor of Nabucco will be and Daniel Oren will Aida lead. Andrea Battistoni, a young conductor, who debuts in the arena with the direction of the Barber of Seville is from Verona, Puccini’s Opera is direct while John Neschling. Everything is now ready to begin, and this year, it announces a successful season, not only thanks to the richness and diversity of the programme, but also thanks to a framework which makes everything even more special, and which is in the State, attracting many people from Italy and abroad in Verona and Veneto. And if you from far away come and want to extend their stay in the Veneto, you can use many services that make many hotels at the time of the Festival. This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo with help from Verona’s Opera Festival.

Sing Festival

Scientology Church in the UK for the 18th International Arts Festival invites the Scientology’s main church, in England headquartered in the beautiful Saint Hill Manor, is patron of the 18th International Arts Festival this year. Many artists to this annual event invites you to Saint Hill. The Arts Festival lasts for 1 week and opened on 2 August. Saint Hill is the English headquarters of the Scientology religion. It is the former home of the late founder L. Ron Hubbard, who bought the estate in the 1960s. Once a year on this festival, where artists from all over the world, will be invited.

This year, the event will open on Sunday, the 2nd August its doors. L. Ron Hubbard wrote at the time: “a culture is only as big as their dreams and its dreams are dreamed by artists”. Hubbard paid great respect to artists. For this reason, a 1-week festival takes place every year. Concerts, various artistic performances as well as workshops can be seen with creative artists and their projects. The creativity here is not curbed, and will provide much entertainment. The free space for the various talents from all over the world is absolutely in an aesthetic and very appealing environment with Saint Hill.

The Arts Festival of world class stars will be opened this year. This well-known concert pianist Gabriel Arnold, the soprano Marion Shuster, the violinists are Mike Perroud, Maritin and Annemarie Sonneveld, the actors Georgina Roberts and Robbie Scandrett and dancer Barbara Lanik headed the guest of the Hollywood actress and singer Judy Norton, who is noted for her role as Mary Ellen in the family series “The Waltons” on opening night. To top the evening still, a professional fireworks of extravaganza will take place. The event begins with workshops. During the Festival you can visit some exhibitions of different artists and also his. Other artists demonstrate their skills such as drama ideas ideas Sing, dance, filmmaking, photography and fashion design. Also various sculptures will be on this festival. A piano artist of master class is also on-site. For the entire week, the soil on the Saint-Hill will be converted Manor in a major art exhibition in there to see remarkable works and performances. The Festival’s Chief producer, Sheila Gaiman said in an interview: “the International Arts Festival in Saint-Hill provides an ideal environment, to blossom to all artists and where art is taught on a correct way without devaluation -.” “The artists can occur freely and be there where it is really estimated their skills.” Press service of the SKB e.V., be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munich, contact: Uta Eilzer, TEL. 089-38607-145, FAX. 089-38607-109,