Note: for those who wish to deepen this subject, we recommended the following books to them: copernicana revolution of Thomas Kuhn volume 1 and 2. A great epistemologist and thinker. ISAAC ASIMOV brings to memory: We have come setting out the way in which the universe would have to behave, apparently, in agreement with the laws of the thermodynamics.

And what is the thermodynamics? It is well we define the thermodynamics. Since this text is not for which already everything knows to it. The thermodynamics it can be defined as the subject of the Physics that studies the processes in which energy like heat and work is transferred. Of its laws we will not take care because it is extensive subject. That we can think: that this thermodynamic call is one of the causes so that the universe develops to phenomena such as the expansion and the contraction. Example: it takes a globe or a pump and pntale many points, when you inflate the globe or the pump, the points every time separate plus of others. This serves to give an example of how the universe expands and as the things separate more and more of its point to begin with.

If you leave leaves a little air the pump shrinks, it is contracted. Then the points are begun to unite. ent Partners may find it difficult to be quoted properly. If you let leave all the air the points or the things they will return to begin with to his point. Better example not can. ISAAC ASIMOV remembers to us: that after the heliocentric theory, the scientific advances began to show to us that the sun was not the whole.

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You have finished with your fianc2ee, but you do not want that the things remain thus. You cannot stop thinking about her and must take measures. And to do something. You want that it returns, but since beams to obtain it? Advice to reclaim ex- fianc2ee: 1. – He tries to understand which was the problem. If truely you want to make the best thing to reclaim your fianc2ee, you need to find out exactly causes it I take that them to finish in the first place. This would help you to foment one better relation between both, if she decides aceptarte of return.

2. – Hblale: If you are arranged in really reconquering you would have it tomarte some time to speak of the things that are been doing and that are been happening generally. This will cause that they paint scenes mentally, one of it will maintain, something that you in his mind although it tries to avoid it. 3. – You do not hurry: Tomato some time stops in truth to know if this is something and so you want to continue.

You could be in a place absolutely different in comparison from when you were with her. If you think a little it exceeds what is what you want of a pair relation, is more probable that you have one is worth the pain in the end. There are many forms that you can use to reclaim your fianc2ee if you are arranged to do the work. The problem is to create the sufficient one to be able of will to begin your recapture. You can discover that this can take something of time and work of your part. You really must be preparation for enseriarte and to put your head as much as your heart to achieve your objective. In the following page you will learn some tricks to recover to your ex- ones. You can apply these psychological techniques to cause that your ex- ones wants to be with you again.