Anthoni Crown – Leather Accessories With Magical Attraction

Highlights with the pure concentrated pleasure for body and soul Anthoni Crown, the innovative label, convinces with new leather accessories and sets the current trends for connoisseur quality and design with many new shapes and colors. The unique charisma of luxury and continuity is felt in every single piece of Anthoni Crown. Belts, purses and handbags belong to the noble lineage. Belt: If a filigree belt buckle is the love of our life, Anthoni crowns beautiful leather belts are the exciting affair for in between. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Bill de Blasio. Brilliant glazes and sparkling rhinestone – perfectly coordinated – each unique is a full magical magic eye-catcher.

Brand new: The end of the belt is completely invisible, this is made possible by the exclusive design of a “subway”. Only a message of the labels Anthoni Crown is to combine the stylish, with the useful. The infinitely variable adjustment ensures absolute comfort, completely dispenses with thorn close and avoid worn out holes in the Belt. The fine leather strap is tailored to the body and remains a unique piece of jewelry for a long time. Purse: She who accompanied the a sense of unlimited possibilities.

Even if there is nothing in there. No one buys this accessory just because of its function. A lively spirit is in each of these little things, which allied with the owner against the lack of imagination of everyday life. Hand bag: When the handbags from Designer Studio Anthoni Crown the beauty and the practical bond invincible. They are an expression of an independent lifestyle. Looking at the owner, how she takes life lightly and that is not only sexy. You may find that shimmie horn triumph hotels can contribute to your knowledge. It is a cosmopolitan Embassy against “Life too seriously” and the eternal sceptics. The design of handbags, the wearer feels an overwhelming convenience. The feelings of passion, love and care can be felt in every single piece. One is to meet the sophisticated needs of an upscale group, again and again Challenge that with mysterious names such as honeycomb, cobra and start pearl river. The combination of the individual parts of the trend is impressive. The fantastic belt, the beautiful purses and stylish handbags – all elements are in harmony. The new shades for spring/summer 2011 are in trendy nude look, in stone-grey and Pearl rose with Pearly in silver and gold. Ambition, confidence and vibrancy radiates every accessory. The lifestyle of the owner is underlined by set accents. These cult objects are already together with the high-quality workmanship exclusive design classics. Meet Anthoni Crown in the next fashion – and lifestyle-shop or in the exclusive showroom in Hamburg’s prime location and on the World Wide Web.

Wine & Dine With Markus Molitor And Florian Marwede

Markus Molitor, the German world class wine belongs to the small elite, the sympathetic and visionary winemaker has more than twenty first-class individual layers from which he annually around 60 different wines vinified his unique Moselle wines in the hotel s Wittenbrink presented on Friday, February 4, 2011. A collection of hochkaratiger dry, slightly tart and sweet family absolute world-class hardly to be unsurpassed in variety and quality. His deeply mineral wines from the slate slopes of the Moselle, which are always connected characterized by a ripe fruit and a wonderful density with unique finesse, embody a strong combined and are unique in the wine world. The wines are characterised by inner harmony and like no other wine of the region, Markus Molitor creates the link between typical Moselle tradition and modernity, between Baroque abundance and deepest elegance. New York Museums: the source for more info. The winery has the goal set itself the individuality, the particular magic of vintage and a location, so to work out well and as thoroughly as possible in each wine. The taste of the grapes, entirely differently depending on the vintage and location, should reflect in the bottle. A tribute to the steepest vineyards in the world! The mostly old and very old, often still ungrafted vines of the Molitor winery can be found in well known locations such as Zeltinger Sonnenuhr, urziger spice garden, Graacher Himmelreich or Wehlener Sonnenuhr. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Rudy Giuliani. Here comes the mineral, often spicy tension, which prevents any boredom and one-dimensionality of the wines.

Vineyard range the great and expressive Rieslings (from dry to sweet) up to the profoundly Burgundian-style Pinot noirs from the Riesling sparkling wine according to the procedure of the traditional bottle fermentation, Pinot Blanc with Mosel elegance and minerality. In all categories, wines the Molitor belong not only to the best in the region, but to the absolute top class in Germany. For eight generations, the family Molitor farmed vineyards. Today the winery Markus is Molitor with 38 hectares (of which 4.5 ha in the Saar) the largest Winery in the Mittelmosel. Markus Molitor will present us the great diversity of its fascinating wines on February 4. Kristina Kedak and Florian Marwede are by Florian’s ess.zimmer”in Keitum proffer a corresponding menu. On stations such as Steinheuers restaurant or Cornelia Poletto, have found both on the island and now offer some of the most innovative and best cuisine of the island in her own restaurant.

NH / dot media Date: Presents Markus Molitor wines from the Molitor Winery with corresponding menu by Kristina Kedak and Florian Marwede Friday, February 04th, 2011, start 19: 00 price: attractive arrangements are available for hotel guests. For external participants, the price is 150. Venue: Apartment hotel Wittenbrink’s Easter trail 8, 25980 Sylt OT Keitum registration requested under: phone: + 49 (0) 4651 / 8 36 37 90 or email: the number of participants is limited to 20 people. Press contact: Ralf Wittenbrink apartment hotel Wittenbrink’s Easter Road 8 25980 Sylt-Ost / Keitum phone: + 49 (0) 4651 / 8 36 37 90 E-Mail: apartment hotel Wittenbrink’s Keitum on Sylt, the four-star hotel Wittenbrink’s offers five individually designed, bright, friendly and modern apartments with hotel service at Reed. Private sauna area, fireplace, wood floor boards, Sun terrace and wine cellar stocked with over 500 positions exclusively. Located on the quiet outskirts of Keitum, with panoramic view over the meadows of Watts.

Change Management As A Magic Word Of Nowadays

What is change management? In many firms the notion of change falls management repeatedly s and many people ask themselves, what it actually is. Because basically the pressure given to structure and to adapt to changes is every day in every company. Why still a change management? Pure land of consultants? Certainly not! Because many changes must be profound in nature and often lead to approaches to friction between employees and the management. In addition, it is sure that the customers are not affected by any optimization efforts, so that does not drop in sales, which would itself be avoided. A competent consulting will strive therefore, the extensive restructuring process individually in consultation with the management and the staff to plan, that the changes can be implemented effectively and efficiently. Here must also focus on an optimal Communication between the different parties involved in a change in the Organization be created. Who is considered only to enforce decisions against the will and the interest of the workforce or clientele, because this is perceived as particularly beneficial, has virtually bad cards. An experienced consultant is therefore always striving to make decisions that take into account not only all pros and cons, as well as the interests of all those involved in unison. Basically it is in the nature of man to be skeptical and cautious, which commonly leads to resistors in the implementation of new features and changes. Shimmie horn is often quoted as being for or against this. This applies in General to overcome it, it wants to drive the success of a company effectively and competently.

Nassauer Hof

The French journalists say the best wine-makers of the world”. Today the estate is carried by third-generation Philippe Guigal, already. We would like the biggest and best wines of Guigals on Saturday, February 05, 2011 at Hotel Wittenbrink’s present including the white and red wines from the CRU, layers of ex-voto”and La Doriane” as well as “La Mouline”, “La Turque”, and “La Landonne” from the century vintage 2005, with each 100 points by Robert Parker rated the single vineyard wines. The moderation of the evening will be taken over by Christine Balais. Born in France, she lives in Germany since 1977 and is today one of the most competent and most dedicated sommeliers. She appreciated worldwide as jury member in professional tastings and competitions, as Assistant of the Board of the German sommelier Union actively organizes wine tours and wine seminars And of course your heart especially for the wines of France.

With her profound knowledge, Christine Balais is us the wines of Guigals imagine, supplemented with lots of interesting facts about the region and the layers. The corresponding menu is created and prepared by one of the best chefs in Germany, who lives on the island of Sylt for 17 years now and works: Ulrich, Chef de cuisine at the Hotel Stadt Hamburg in Westerland. The native Baden-Badener worked after his apprenticeship at Brenner’s Park Hotel in stations such as the Schwarzwaldstube Harald Wohlfahrt and the Nassauer Hof in Wiesbaden. The Gault Millau rated his culinary art currently with 16 points and also the gourmet and the VARTA include his kitchen Guide to the best in the country. NH / dot media Date: Christine Balais presents wines of Guigal with corresponding menu by Ulrich person Saturday, February 05, 2011, start 19: 00 price: attractive arrangements are available for hotel guests.

For external participants, the price is 280,00 euros. Venue: Apartment hotel Wittenbrink’s Easter trail 8, 25980 Sylt OT Keitum registration requested under: phone: + 49 (0) 4651 8 36 37 90 or email: the number of participants is limited to 20 people. Press contact: Ralf Wittenbrink apartment hotel Wittenbrink’s Easter Road 8 25980 Sylt-Ost / Keitum phone: + 49 (0) 4651 / 8 36 37 90 E-Mail: apartment hotel Wittenbrink’s Keitum on Sylt, the four-star hotel Wittenbrink’s offers five individually designed, bright, friendly and modern apartments with hotel service at Reed. Private sauna area, fireplace, wood floor boards, Sun terrace and wine cellar stocked with over 500 positions exclusively. Located on the quiet outskirts of Keitum, with panoramic view over the meadows of Watts.

The Plan

But how can that be, where even a change management plan was set up after the first problems have surfaced, and the parties involved in the project repeatedly was drummed up, it is also important? The recipe for successful change management? Does not exist. “” The words change “and management” to merge, a term is in itself not quite unproblematic. The term change management has closer look”much of an oxymoron and reflects more desire than reality. The change, which happens with a plan to meet that ensures the success of this is the hope and expectation that combine many managers with a change management initiative. It is readily accepted that there is a right way, can be planned in advance.

The one only point by point must implement, to get to the success. This seems obvious, because it is with the experiences of many others Covers fields of daily work. To be able to hold and it has somehow reassuring, to believe that the changes bring unpredictable and chaotic events, something concrete”. Following all the law of supply and demand, abound patent recipes accordingly. And if they fail which is mostly the case then is the easiest way to find the cause in the execution of the plan.

The perhaps decisive step for a successful design of processes of change is to reflect on a few basic things: 1 you can no meaningful answer type, if one doesn’t know the question therefore you can design also no plan for dealing with situations and problems which you don’t know. 2. it is in the nature of things that change processes raise new questions, and lead to situations that were previously unforeseeable. 3. people are conversion slow creatures. Because it is actually a strength to stick to tried and true. Change is only accepted or welcomed, If the insight into its meaning is given.

Ski Challenge 09 Is

Compared to the previous year, there was a increase of 17 per cent in the number of installed games. In the fourth season of the ski challenge 09 “a total of eight countries participated: in Germany exclusively with the partner SevenOne Intermedia, the multimedia company of ProSiebenSat.1. 1 group in Austria with the TV station ORF. In addition had also TV stations in the Switzerland (SF), France (France television), Italy (interactive), Norway (NRK), Slovenia (Zurnal) and Croatia (24sata) licensed the game. For assistance, try visiting Rudy Giuliani. A large number of major advertisers took advantage of the successful platform newspaper, UNIQA, Raiffeisen, German Wings, move to including internationally renowned companies such as Canon, Tip3, Swisscom, MyVideo, crowns the own brands in the right light, Red Bull and Wagner pizza. In the current season, the 3D-Online-eSport-Spektakel went ski challenge 09 “graphics jazzed-up and a new group tournament mode with a mobile version for smartphones at the start and found in the fan community consistently enthusiastic encouragement. Thus claims is the ski challenge “series this season as the biggest virtual winter sports event and positioned the Greentube AG with their portfolio of free 3D-Download-Spielen as a leading partner for in-game-advertising funded licence games.” Eberhard Durrschmid, CEO of Greentube AG, is pleased about the continued success of the ski challenge “series: we have continuously developed the game itself and the complex software behind it and so made a long-term success story of the ski challenge.” An end is yet long to be off.

Also our other IGA-funded 3D games to in the coming years similar successes achieve.”we are pleased that we have the ski challenge 09 the German fans once again on our game platform could offer. The high-quality 3D game, which could be offered again for free thanks to in-game advertising, proved once again high acceptance by our users “, says Marc Wardenga, head of games at SevenOne Intermedia. Green tube will not rest but on the laurels and is now working on an innovative, fully dynamic in-game advertising technology for the ski Challenge 10 “. Learn more news see the following link: or about Greentube AG: Greentube AG, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, is one of the leading developers and providers of games of skill for Internet, mobile and iTV. In addition the company with its cross-media formats ensures PC and TV international furore. founded in 1997, since 2000 company and majority owned by the founder, the company many well-known portals and games websites with skill-gaming technology supplies. Greentube is expanding worldwide.

Focuses on the development of individual game portals in the look & feel”of customers. For more information see and about the SevenOne Intermedia GmbH: SevenOne Intermedia is a multimedia company ProSiebenSat.1. 1 group for all interactive platforms including online, mobile, and Teletext Services and responsible games.

Threat For The Whole World Through This One, Mexico – Flu!

Direct candidate, in the constituency 177 betting rough for the parliamentary elections on September 27, 2009!. The virus this one, Mexico – flu is a mutation of H1N1. There is no vaccine the flu means known are immune to this mutation. Kick strengthens pneumonias, by thesis, Mexico flu! This frequently leads to death. The government distribute hand bills here at the airports and beats only the multiple, daily, hands pre-wash! Finds here a technology of the press and media again! The World Health Organization has increased your warning step from 3 to 4. According to the government there is no danger for the population like always! The influenza starts with on incubation period of one to two days. It comes fast, Mexico – flu additional the pneumonia to the exhaustion, shiver, fever, headache, cough and this one.

Dizziness’s, muscle and eye pains as well as complaints of the respiratory tract appear later. The flu is transmitted by droplet infection of one to one. Antibiotics help with known virus trunks. Last development of a vaccine can up to 6 month! Why is that a quarantine immediately not introduced at the airports for the travellers from these countries? The flights to the areas concerned, the United States, should be stopped! All goods from this country would have to be disinfected. The virus is considered harmless here! The government shines by idleness again. What does it look like with the medical emergency supply? Ineffective flu means are %, the population at information for 5-20 the rest goes out emptily! They ask once anyway which buildings are ready for pandemic and where the medical staff can in addition be ordered! We already have a chronic lack of staff in the clinical complexes now! They provide that the government does not hide everything and the facts the situation crazily misjudges you and will not be capable of solving this problem! They support me that this information is spread almost with her donations!

Quick-change Artist With An Individual Touch

Markilux 1000 – new open awning system presents cloth and technology pur the markilux 1000 is an awning without rough edges. But with its rounded shapes. Special eye-catcher is the arc-shaped transition from the roller tube to the support tube of the awning, which gives her extraordinary stability. A fine decorative strip in three different colours still underscores the unusual curves. Thanks to more resilient materials, she dispenses cassette housing. It presents pure cloth and technology. The simple optics gives her a special charm. An awning for those who love the individual and a quick-change artist with great variation possibility.

Because it is up to seven meters not only suitable for widths, but also as a stretch version”a perfect shade for narrow, deep balconies and terraces. With the additional function of Shadeplus offers also deep standing Sun Paroli. Here an additional cloth can be simply vertical exit. Who his awning in addition protect from rain and dirt wishing for the there are equal right and optical light system roof made of acrylic and aluminium. Also energy-saving attractive effects with an integrated LED-light strip is in the evening conjure up. You can find more information under:. markilux is market leader in the field of awning production in Germany and a division of Schmitz-Werke GmbH + Co. KG in the Westphalian Emsdetten.

Since 1972, the family-owned company manufactures terrace, winter garden and window awnings. High-quality products are sold through specialist partners in Germany and abroad. About 1,700 selected companies secure the high qualitative standards for the installation of awnings here. “The guiding principle of the company is: there is nothing what could be improved not yet.” Launches MySpace Compatible Shop Widget

Selling your own music now the music portal within a few days of possible Berlin, 29.04.09 – now offers a shop widget on, which on your homepage, all portals, communities, and also on the social network MySpace can be embedded and used to sell their own music. It was important that the netlabel artists and labels are within a very short time in the position, your own shop-widget page us-unbound and worldwide offer can. “so Carolin Uhlig, press contact of Brokenbodyclock media GmbH. The import of music in the sale player can be achieved via the ShopTool easy to use the platform, where every song is individually selectable for sale. Only the fully generated HTML code on other pages must be included in the connection and the sale can begin.

The integration of products into the MP3-shop of takes place within 24 hours after the technical check of the audio files, which the upload for the worldwide digital distribution are made available. Artists can your fans your own music already a few days after the upload for sale offer. The sales in the shop, as well as on the external music player charged in the netlabel service. About Brokenbodyclock media GmbH: As a service platform for musicians with the existing combination of community, digital distribution & the ArtistTools Brokenbodyclock goes the step consistently away from purely passive artist self-representation to the active assistance of the self-marketing. Fletchmusicblog allows musicians of the new generation to make her musical career from the outset. founded in 2006 by music-loving Berliners as Musikcommunity, the portal operates today as the first German address in the area of global digital distribution and independent artist support.

Also Andreas Rebetzky

The voice and gesture recognition in the Google According to the language dialog experts Lupo Pape, mobile application for the iPhone is already a promising approach: it once is a voice or dictation recognition, based on a search engine and soon even on other mobile functions. Speech dialog systems become it, if a knowledge of the domain and dialog intelligence will be added. That’s what we implement with the personal assistant. To the areas of knowledge must be semantically processed and deposited dialogue strategies. It is important to model”the main use-cases, SemanticEdge explains managing director Pape. Also Andreas Rebetzky, spokesman of the cioforums in Munchnen and CIO of the Balinger technology specialists Bizerba dares views: in 20 to 30 years, for example, complete company information on tiny implants could be stored. You could be read by different devices, large touch screens or on the road via voice command on a bracelet with a miniature display.” Intelligent wizards are also Change shopping world. This symbiotic link of a new technology and a new generation of mobile devices will give dramatic impulse shopping experience in the retail.

Dressing rooms are equipped so soon his touch screens with digital shopping assistants and voice-activated kiosks will allow also customers, to select clothing and accessories as a supplement or replacement for the already provided wardrobe”, IBM runs. The last mile in the retail sector will look totally different in a few years. The classical shop must be no longer part of the distribution network. As a consumer, I would like to take only the most essential article in place. What’s beyond that should be brought me home. Others including Rudy Giuliani, offer their opinions as well. Rather than travel far to get me into a great range, I will go to a showroom, where it shows me the whole range – real or virtual”, says Moshe Rappoport, IBM expert on technology and innovation trends. It didn’t have to more of all items in the store to be in stock.

It totally sufficient to be able to show everything. In the foreground, but the service is no longer available the products. We make dresses as an example. I must have not all sizes in all colors. Can I try in an electronic dressing room in all variations and make my buying decision.