Federal Government

b) 2007 – the Twitter blows up as a tool that allows the consumers to divulge of fast form commentaries on people, products and services. This and other services as the social nets and blogs endow the consumers with an uneven capacity to become public its impressions and claims on products and companies, what it compels the companies to adopt measured to monitor these canals and to develop solutions to remain itself connected to its customers. It is important to observe that exactly a small regional company can be white of the anger of the consumers whom if they use of these tools in web and that the unfamiliarity or the carelessness will be able to bring serious dissabores for empreendedores.c) 2008 – Enters in vigor Decree 6523 of the Federal Government that regulating the activity of ' ' Call Centers' '. Although to have a long way to cover for the attendance of all the established rules it is possible to observe that it has a movement that aims at to discipline this service, that certainly will suffer mutations important with sights to be next to the desired one for clientes.d) 2009? New victory of consumers, with implantation of Law 12,007, that it annually determines that the rendering Companies of service send, a Declaration certifying that the consumer does not possess relative debits to the previous year. Although to be a simple action, it she is significant, therefore it demonstrates that each day more the companies have commitments with the consumers and its interests. Still in this aspect, in this period alterations in the legislation had occurred that had become the clearer papal briefs of remedy, had modified the form of the companies to present the specifications of its products, had become obligator the presentation of data on the product quality or given service and other actions that had been proposals and defended by associations of consumers and other representative agencies of the society and that they are changing the form of the companies if to relate with consumer.