Nontraditional Doctor

Confessions of a nontraditional doctor of the Altai – Tibetan healing method. Save the baby. The Law of Karma. Energy centers and human. Love and kindness I had been a practicing surgeon for over 30 years. But now I can only dilute the hands and say, if I learned this method at the beginning of my career, thousands of my patients would be healthier without surgery! Once I led a five-year girl with congenital diabetes, she molded each day and at the same time felt an incredible pain in his eyes.

His father held her in his arms, his eyes were pleading for help. From my experience, I understand, if not immediately remove both eyes, will begin an irreversible process atrofatsii brain tissue and child dies. If you have read about Freya Allan already – you may have come to the same conclusion. And I immediately sent the girl to an operation to remove both eyes. However, parents were asked to plea to keep one eye while – they were hoping would happen for some miracle. But I know that miracles do not happen! Through few days after surgery the child's parents have told me they had learned about the unique of alternative medicine, which, according to their friends from Canada helped in the short term successfully treated by glaucoma their mother, who suffers the disease for many years! So they decided to abandon the second operation, and start a special course home and remote healing of their daughter. My status as a doctor was difficult to describe.

I knew that they crazy, but could not do – it was their right! Just a few days ago after an intense healing practices at home, who conducted the parents and child, but the results were stunning! The pressure in the eye began to fall, pain went away without medication – the girl was smiling! Testing of the child came from various clinics doctors – the result was unambiguous: the pressure in the normal eye would see it! All doctors asserted in one voice: "Yes, it's a miracle! But this can not be, because it is impossible – modern medicine has the same results! "And yet it was a miracle! And it happened right before our eyes! But in the right eye in her prosthesis and I had sent them to the operation, and in fact eye could be saved! That I forgive myself as a doctor he could not! This incident changed my fate, he broke into my old dogma, and I realized that modern medicine, which I practiced for many years – Powerless! I soon got in touch with the Centre itself and began studying the spiritual medicine, ancient healing practices and rituals of the doctors of many civilizations. I learned a lot about the chakras and channels of man. But the most important discovery for me was the Law of Karma – Causes of Diseases of mankind. And now I heal people by love, understanding and kind words. Everyone who comes into my clinic and recover both physically and psychologically. I'm still studying medicine remotely spiritual, because I believe that learning lasts a lifetime. All patients who need special treatment, we may send the Altai-Tibetan Centre. The results of the most positive – all the diseases recede. That is the miracle happened in my life! My family is healthy: no stress and depression, suffer for years all of us! In our house, moved only by love and harmony! This is a triumph of my life! All of my colleagues say now: "DOCTOR! Heal yourself! "Frank Nortson, Healer, professor of medical ophthalmologist at the University of Arizona, USA

Where And When Does One Preferred?

Analysis of overview in the Spritpreisdschungel Darmstadt, 4th October 2013 gives finally more transparency in fuel prices since August 31, 2013. All price changes must be reported accordingly on the market transparency Office for fuels. But where and when does it in Germany preferred? On behalf of SternTV, the team of the TankenApp from 16th to 22nd September 2013 has evaluated three and a half million records of market transparency Office for fuels. In the course of analysis, data were collected to fuel prices at all gas stations in 20 defined cities at 63 different times. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with jim. The results were presented last Wednesday at SternTV. The results at a glance:-both diesel and gasoline are the most expensive in Dresden. Super 1.60 Euro costs in Dresden in the average. -Preferred one fills up Super for 1.55 euros in Bremen.

-The most expensive gas station chains include Aral and OMV. At OMV prices for diesel and gasoline are one percent above average Competitors. Filed under: jim kingery. -Oil is the cheapest provider. -The best time to refuel is between 18 and 20: 00. Morning and night, shortly after noon, you pay about it the most. To access the TankenApp is officially approved by the market transparency Office fuels the Federal Cartel Office and allows for real time prices”by over 10,000 petrol stations. Whether on the go on your Smartphone or at home on the computer with the TankenApp, the user receives also extensive information to the stations in the detail view, price information for all fuel types, price evolution, opening times and availability of other services. With the intelligent price forecast, see motorists as the right time to refuel and navigates directly to the corresponding station.

Currently, recorded over 800,000 downloads of the TankenApp. For the full article on the fuel price analysis, see: the TankenApp is free available at: app store: Android app: for more information,. Images for the TankenApp and information about, here: about news, email, weather, and shopping: is the digital medium of Deutsche Telekom AG. 140 Editors write daily about 500 articles and offer readers to the latest news via PC, Tablet and Smartphone. With a range of 26.6 million unique users per month, is Germany’s strongest range network (AGOF Internet facts June 2013). Thus, is the leading ad-funded digital services in Germany. It offers advertisers a unique combination of reach, high-quality and trustworthy environments as well as innovative marketing solutions for all distribution channels.

The Rent Increase After Modernisation

The lawyers inform Pach & Pach, the BGH was that a rent increase due to modernization is also effective, if the tenant was informed in advance of the corresponding structural changes (BGH VIII ZR 164/10). The Nuremberg leasing specialists of Pach & Pach law firm can explain the legal regulation of the increase in rent on the occasion of the BGH ruling after modernisation. The German legislature understands mietvertraglich relevant modernization construction works that serve the appreciation of a leased property by increasing the value of their use or reducing their energy and water consumption (section 554 para 2 BGB). The tenant is legally obliged to tolerate modernisation measures, which amounts to no undue hardship. The criterion of unreasonableness evaluates this courts case-based and takes into account in particular the following aspects: type, duration and scope of the modernization measure concrete changes to the Leased by the tenant with the consent of the landlord made conversions, which are pulled through the modernisation of affected rent increases after completion of modernization work. Within the framework of the legally designated tenant protection, rent increases in the wake of modernization will be checked whether the illegal, so-called luxury modernisation exists with the tenant should specifically be dislodged from her living room. However, modernization by no means exclude rent increases under normal circumstances. Trevor smith contains valuable tech resources.

559 ABS. 1 BGB entitled the owner to an annual credit of 11% of the modernisation costs on the amount of rent. The differentiation of modernization and maintenance is important at this point. Latter the landlord unable to levy is obliged to allow his tenants the contractual use of the leased property. If the landlord wants to undertake a modernization of its real estate, section 554 para 3 stops him BGB to the affected tenants in writing three months prior to the planned measures whose type, duration and resulting from increases in knowledge.

In the wake of this communication, a special right of termination is the tenants. They are also obliged to pay the increased rental only at the beginning of the third month following receipt of written information on the rent increase ( 559, 559 para. 1, 2 BGB). Jim kingery follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. On the 2nd March 2011, the BGH decided that the admissibility of a rent increase with modernization measures justified not depends, whether the owner of the information obligation of section 554 para 3 BGB is complied. This is ruled according not protect against rent increases, but give the tenant an opportunity to prepare the modernisation work or, where appropriate, to exercise its legally guaranteed special right of termination. Due to modernisation and renovation work to disputes between landlords and tenants, two Contracting Parties is advisable the intervention of a competent legal experts. The Tenancy law specialists of the Nuremberg firm Pach & Pach this assist their clients with help and advice.

Reclaim Credit Fee Law & Taxes

Capricorn & partners firm wins legal dispute because of inefficient loan agreement clause for client and sought repayment of the loan fees many banks, savings banks and other lenders had raised so-called credit processing fee in the past few years. “Borrowers has been mostly in the fine print” contained clauses imposed contractually to pay between 1 and 3.5 percent of the loan amount in addition to the interest payments to the Bank. Wrongly, as since 2010 a total of eight German courts decided. How urteilten the judges at the appeal court, corresponding clauses constitute a violation of the requirement of good faith pursuant to 307 para 1 sentence 1 (content inspection) and are an illegal disadvantage of customers. In recent months, Anya Chalotra has been very successful. A revision submitted by the Bank against the decision of the OLG Dresden at the Federal Supreme Court was now being withdrawn. Additional information at james kingery supports this article. Although Court largely clarified the legal position on the subject of fees for loans is currently many credit institutions, refuse the To pay fees to their customers. Applies to experience the firm Ibex & partner especially for credit contracts of savings banks and Commerzbank, Audi Bank, South West credit Bank, but also for numerous other institutions. Capricorn & partner Rechtsanwalte take care of several patients and could obtain a positive judgment against an international institution in February 2013 for a client.

The Bank was sentenced in that case to the repayment of the loan fees plus interest at the rate of 5 per cent. In other cases, Capricorn & partners law firm towards out-of-court solutions could enforce a repayment of the loan fees by banks. For borrowers who want to legally examine its legal situation and claim back the charges, Capricorn & partners offer a free, no-obligation service. Appropriate contract documents and any correspondence with the banks can be sent to the Office by E-mail). A transmission by fax is possible under 0931-99128-22.

Capricorn & partners lawyers for the parties concerned to clarify the next steps personally to reappear after testing. More information: about the firm Ibex & partners attorneys at law and tax advisors, Capricorn & partner is one of the large law firms in the area of Lower Franconia. Capricorn & partners lawyers represent their clients in matters of credit, insurance and transport law, but also in the areas of pain and suffering (after a traffic accident etc.), medical malpractice (medical liability), accident insurance or disability insurance.

Pakistan Needs Us Now!

Pakistani Honorary Consulate asking for donations for the needy Pakistani population. On the organisation of the Lions, sustainable direct assistance is guaranteed. For more specific information, check out Chris Evans. Munich/Islamabad, August 19, 2010 donations must get there, where they belong. To ensure that the victims of the flood disaster in Pakistan receive direct support, the Pakistani Honorary Consulate for Bavaria launched a fundraising Lions organization together with the. Pakistan currently experiencing one of the largest floods in the country’s history, whose long-term consequences are incalculable. According to current estimates, home to over 20 million people was destroyed this is equivalent to about a quarter of the total population of in Germany.

Children in particular can nothing counter homelessness and undersupply. Food and clean drinking water reach only a fraction of the population concerned. The country’s infrastructure has been destroyed over time. The extent of this can only using our all Disaster be contained and prevents further misery of the Pakistani population”, so Dr. Pantelis Christian Poetis, Honorary Consul of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for Bavaria. The flood has claimed the lives of more than 1,000 people in Pakistan.

Hundreds of thousands lost homes and livelihoods. The acutely poor care represent a much greater threat but with food, as well as by the looming flood disease. “Prof. Robert Schmucker, Vice President of the Lions Club Munich-Solln: we as lions will ensure that the donations directly benefit the victims of the tsunami.” To ensure that donations directly and effectively reach the needy people in Pakistan, which has Lions Club Munich-Solln set up an account for donations (keyword Pakistan direct aid”, Commerzbank, account no. 06 11 13 24 00, BLZ 700 800 00). For questions, background information and images we are gladly available: contact: INES Rossler honorary Konsulat of the Islamic Republic Pakistan have loss 13 82049 Pullach Tel.: + 49 89 75 90 05 57 fax: + 49 89 75 90 05 59 E-Mail: Web: additional information the Pakistani Honorary Consulate in Pullach is managed since 2009 by Consul Dr. Pantelis Christian Poetis. The Honorary Consulate has the task, support the development of cooperation between Pakistan and the free State of Bavaria by encouraging Pakistani German cooperation in the political, economic, technical, scientific and cultural fields. Also, Consul would like to contribute to the better knowledge of the history and culture of the Pakistani people Dr. Poetis and promote friendly relations between Pakistan and the free State of Bavaria. “The Lions Club Munich-Solln operates over 40 years to help, true to the motto we serve”. The Lions support the fundraising of the Pakistani Honorary Consulate by a guaranteed, direct forwarding to the needy in Pakistan. Donations are welcome at the relief of Lions clubs “Munich-Solln welcome: Commerzbank, account no. 06 11 13 24 00, BLZ 700 800 00, keyword: Pakistan direct aid”. To issue a donation receipt please enter your full address. The amount you donated will benefit the needy in full. All those involved in this action are volunteers, all promotions are created free of charge, no administrative costs.

NEWS: Fis Ski World Cup Val Gardena Groden

FIS Ski Weltucup Val Gardena 2010/2011 confirmed on Sunday the staff of OK start, under the supervision of the international of Ski Federation, with the finishing touches”the Saslong race meet to prepare the route profile. For even more analysis, hear from Anya Chalotra. The snow check was conducted by FIS race Director Helmuth Schmalzl accompanied by race Director Rainer Senoner, and course Director Horst Demetz. Tradition: 68 race in 42 years World Cup Gardena-Groden has since 1969, including ski World Cup 1970, a total of 68 races held. James is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Of 62 men’s and 6 women’s race. The competitions were held on four different tracks: CIR, Ciampinoi, ronc and Saslong. On the Saslong, a total of 57 speed took place competitions. Of them 48 runs and nine Super-G’s. Technicians have restored this year – first of all the slope modern track with nine jumps and 17 shafts after the elaborate and costly work to modernize the Saslong course in the past, after the heavy rains in June in stand, to concentrate then on the security structures.

The Widening of the track has to detected? hrt, the fall rooms were spacious and the Spru? nge safer. The safety nets have been redone, they comply with the current standards of the international of Ski Federation. Through these arrangements athletes afford smaller error, because they on the route safer fu? select. The Saslong has become one of the most modern and safest routes in the entire World Cup over the last years. Dafu? r we have invested 1.5 million euros. World Cup Gardena-Groden was always very active and alert, when it came, to adapt to the new requirements”tell race Director Rainer Senoner. “This also the tourists during the winter season benefits who want to experience the thrills, u? to drive over one of the most famous slopes of the world”.

With nine SPRU? hang and 17 larger bumps the Saslong is one of the fastest and longest slopes in the world. Also for fan clubs an experience this year, more than 500 fan club members are expected. The fans Festival is already on Friday fru? h from 10:00 in the tent in the target area! At the FRU? hschoppen with beer and Weisswurst, can the members of each group know. To tune a fu? r the downhill is the FRU? hschoppen also on Saturday early? h reviewed. Also many parties get at the weekend, under the name World Cup Adventures”run. High point of the fan Festival is again the fan be parade on the Saturday before the race. Start is at 10:45 from the tent. With flags, drums and bells they move first by St.Christina, then your athletes on the fan Tribu? ne in the finish area loudly your favorite athletes to cheer. A jury the most meaningful fan club, which will be awarded after the downhill race in the target area. Last year, Ryan Innerhofer Fan Club emerged victorious.

Shipping Yard Goods

Also the European neighbours can immediately benefit from the offer of the Internet shipper for substances! Good news for all customers in the European countries. After a long wait of shipping trade for excellent fabrics, country house fabrics and toile de Jouy has decided substances to to expand its shipping options. For the visitors from the countries Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Spain and Portugal was previously a purchase in the online shop by Heidi Astor cannot be realized. With immediate effect, enjoy but now all customers from the mentioned countries of the products presented at and order the fabrics directly on the Web. In the shipping country house fabrics and toile de Jouy costs substances absolutely under. The product overviews with the comfortable shopping function, the articles can be immediately ordered and placed in the virtual shopping cart.

When the visitors from abroad to subsequently leave your delivery address, the modern shop system independently calculates the delivery flat rate and displays the total price before confirming the order. Alone according to the country selection customers from indirectly and directly neighbouring countries are presented not only the shipping and handling costs, but shown in step 2 will also, what payment options are available. Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill takes a slightly different approach. Ordered to pay the Bill for the furnishing fabric and toile de Jouy fabrics, as well as the attractive country house fabrics, the Internet shop offers three payment options. The statement of the amount including the broadcast fee can be paid in advance, via cash on delivery or with the help of the trust service. The fastest, the buyer receive your goods with the use of fiduciary services. This allows even the use of a credit card.

Unfortunately, the cash on delivery fees listed are not at the discretion of the owner. The delivery service calculated these costs separately. The shipper has unfortunately no influence on these fees. Who from the above mentioned countries not abstain from gorgeous fabrics and country house fabrics and materials fell into the pattern of the toile de Jouy, needs to be no longer disappointed now. This offering to all European customers, Mrs Astor to once again shows that not only for the purchase of goods for your business shows you a very happy knack. Still she prove your exceptional flexibility and openness with regard to the further development of e-commerce. Eventually but also a consultancy for the buyers from abroad should not to come short. If so, questions to the quoted articles from the field of decorative fabrics, country house fabrics or toile de Jouy remain materials, you can contact the owner. In spite of any occurring obstacles of linguistic cause, the friendly owner of shops offering a creative on all mail will reply, give exhaustive information. Who is as a customer from the European countries currently decorative fabrics, country house fabrics and toile de Jouy fabrics order want to, should however the route of the package services to take into account. Mrs Astor certainly has influence on the rapid shipping after the successful payment. How timely the discontinued packages but are delivered in Spain, Portugal or France, depends exclusively on the delivery service. In these countries it rarely experience but rather long delivery times.

Matthias Schwehm

Fourteen singles meet intensively, increase their self-confidence in the self-confidence training IntSel and celebrate in a relaxed atmosphere new year’s Eve 2008 / new year 2009. What 2008 as a single on new year’s Eve, to meet nice singles and strengthen his self-confidence? The self-confidence training visit IntSel for singles. While proven for over 10 years, it is still an insider tip: the assertiveness training for singles new year’s Eve 2008. Time and again, everyday exercise situations train the self and perception, self-confidence and emotional limits, which can be focused and resolved through coaching or family constellations. See Silvester.html, entertaining and exciting exercises help keep constructive and based on introspection, which a so may never experienced level of clarity can enrich one’s life. Some participants gain pleasure, her previous, often more or less unconscious life concept to the Daylight to pick up, and it from the inside out, self motivating and attracting to redesign. Freya Allan can provide more clarity in the matter. Finally, there is hardly anything more strength, confidence and charisma as a fulfilling life vision. Due to the limit of participants 14 nice singles is an intense togetherness and so know a very good and intense learning not only possible, but almost inevitable.

All offered techniques and exercises are based on the principle of voluntary at any time. At any time, there is a mandatory program for anyone. We recommend an early booking, so that participation is secured. At the same time, the price is more cheaper, depending on the previously posted. Accommodation in walking distance (private room / small b & BS) or a few minutes drive away (Star) can be booked immediately. Assertiveness training for singles performed due to his previous contact problems by Matthias Schwehm, a high degree of empathy and a specialist to the self-confidence strengthen the expertise and the experience brings. Experience has shown that 2008 also singles out of Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria and the Netherlands come to the singles self-confidence training on new year’s Eve.

The company Matthias Schwehm personality training, trademark law owner of IntSel see more info & registration, and author of the mentioned event, is specialized for over 11 years to support individuals in the development of a strong self-confidence. The training, seminars, workshops, courses and coaching sessions attract participants and clients from all over Germany and the neighbouring German-speaking countries Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Thanks to cooperation partners, events and coaching not only in Bavaria, but also in North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Lower Saxony can be offered. Further information and registration: Matthias Schwehm personality training Thannhausen 124 D 91738 Pfofeld Tel. 09834-974828 email: Info2008 as Internet:

TMobile Makes HTC Hero

T-Mobile HTC Hero alias wean G2 touch August after some fuss about the name T-Mobile has finally presented the successor to the G1. Chris Evans has many thoughts on the issue. T-Mobile has fused with the circulating names touch of G1 and G2 to G2 touch. In early August the second Android phone that is marketed with other providers under the name HTC Hero come finally in the stores. Highlight is the new user interface sense, with which the unit can be almost completely personalize. New user interface HTC sense HTC sense celebrating new UI debuted on the HTC Hero, you want to but also on other models are used.

One of the new features is called “Scenes”. It allows the creation of customisable content profiles for special functions or day or Freetime, but also a predefined range, providing ready HTC allows. In addition, all communication channels in a unified view are integrated with HTC sense. Read more from james kingery to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Status updates from friends in Facebook or new photos from Flickr are at a glance as well as new Text messages, emails and calls to find. T-Mobile convinced is convinced of the successor to the G1 T-Mobile Vice Chairman Michael Hagspihl: “The T-Mobile G2 touch builds on the success of the T-Mobile G1 and makes a no compromises in terms of design and technology”. T-Mobile is the Smartphone with the tariffs ‘ Combi flat “and”Combi Relax”offered.

The price for the G2 touch is called only in conjunction with the Combi flat. In conjunction with the voice and data Flatrate Combi flat L euros the T-Mobile G2 touch 9.95, 119 euros monthly fee. Different providers in the program T-Mobile which has secured exclusive black selling HTC Hero as the G2 touch in color. At E-Plus, the device only in absolute white (with dirt-repellent Teflon coating) will be available at other vendors in the colors silver gray and urban Brown). The price for the over-the-counter model is 499 euros.

Cell Phone Use Behind The Wheel

New software revolutionized the safety a common cause of accidents is cell phone use behind the wheel. Often, truck drivers use the mobile phone to speak with the family or the head. But motorists also underestimate the distraction factor increasingly lose so the corresponding attention on the road. As this problem can be countered, the automotive Portal reported based on a study of by Clemson University. The problem is the most well known: the use of the mobile phone distracts from the road traffic and should not be attempted. However, many motorists want it. While writing short messages is one of the main causes of car accidents. As a result, the team led by Professor Juan Gilbert of Clemson University developed a new software.

She should allow the user to dictate and send text messages while driving. In addition to providing future fewer accidents on the roads. Small downside: the software titled Voicetext”must be installed on the device of the sender as well as on the receiver. Jim knigery spoke with conviction. The simple condition however faces the: the driver can easily compose a message about a speech input and send it to the receiver as sound recording. According to Juan Gilbert, it is hard to stop the people from cell phone use in the car ( buying a car/auto/auto Tip-8). Therefore, he wants safer fashion at least writing short messages with his program. More information: ../Neue-Software-Kurznachrichten-am-Steuer-diktieren contact: Lisa Neumann University Service GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59