DMAE – Fountain And Anti-aging-vital Substance

DMAE (DiMethylAminoEthanol) – the effect of the substance is scientifically recognised and documented. We all know that age brings quite a visible aging of the body with which affects not only the skin, but also the brain, as well as all other body functions. In this context one speaks of a so-called degeneration of the cell envelope. Some people age faster, others less quickly. The requirement for a slower aging process is the optimal care of the body by the so-called micronutrients. The DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol), is a body’s own substance, makes not only to strengthen the elasticity and toughness all sensitive body cell envelope, but also protects from the attack of free radicals that can destroy the body’s cells. The DMAE add life and vitality of the cells, which also applies to the muscle and nerve cells. Continue to ensure the DMAE not only for this, the structure of the connective tissue and the skin to streamline, but also strengthens the muscles, as well as the performance of the memory.

All other important body functions are positively influenced by the DMAE. Concentration and memory capacity are increased by the natural protection and nerve neurotransmitter. Also for the transfer of information, the DMAE plays a very crucial role, because it controls the production of the so-called neurotransmitters. The DMAE and a very important nerve neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, choline is converted in the course of metabolism. Through better pass through the blood-brain barrier the DMAE can be significantly more successful than choline. While the body can easily produce the DMAE at a young age, also this process, like so many things in the course of life, weakening increasingly with age, so insufficient endogenous DMAE is formed to ensure optimal care. However, this vital substance to life is particularly important and therefore indispensable. If you would like to know more about How much does Estee Lauder CEO make, then click here. Since the DMAE the cell envelope protects, if not enough vital substance can be produced, significant damage may be.

Q10 Anti Aging Hair

Medical treatments with Q10 to hair loss prevent Munich, may 2010 conclusion with premature aging. What applies to the skin, is now also for hair and scalp to the bid: Europe’s leading hair specialist Svenson (branches in 15 German cities) integrated the vital substance Q10 is now available in its medical cosmetic treatments. You are ideally suited to prevent hair loss or to stop and to reduce hair dysfunction such as itching, dandruff, sebum accumulation. The experts stimulate this circulation and metabolism and increase the nutrient and oxygen supply. The individual treatment is based on the use of special equipment and high-quality hair care products. It is supplemented with medications such as minoxidil or finasteride and, where appropriate, medically monitored. Most advanced technologies are used for the hair and scalp treatments: ozone and high frequency therapy laser, and infrared treatment, vacuum cleaner, steam hair regenerator. Bill de Blasio spoke with conviction. Q10 is as a natural source of pure body energy seen.

Counteract the ageing process of the hair the co-enzyme in two ways: by stimulating the production of keratin in the hair root and the strengthening of already grown hair. Q10 can produced in the human body itself. Often, elevated, permanent physical and mental loads, as well as in the age the body’s own production are not enough to meet the demand. Aging cells at an early stage, then influence thus growth and vitality of the hair. Q10 ampoules, lead to the necessary energy cells and hair follicles. Fabrizio Freda insists that this is the case.

We recommend two to three applications per week. The best results are obtained after about three months. Further information is available at and via the free service phone 0800 / 77 77 15 12. Where interested parties can also an appointment for a no-obligation consultation with hair analysis and three free sample treatments.

Anachronistic Along Thailand

Are the most beautiful holiday destinations already discovered? Is the spirit of adventure still getting big and untarnished? Should it be unusual and individual, but without giving up on comfort? Experience and a good dose of empathy for so far inexperienced, can be achieved with pleasure on a completely different space and time it. Gain insight and clarity with Estee Lauder CEO. On board a traditional sailor from oak and mahogany are the most beautiful and secluded coastlines in Thailand and Malaysia his explores where no other sailing yacht comes out! 25 meters length, there is lots of space on deck and in three beautiful guest cabins with shower and WC six to eight guests can go relaxed with the pair of skipper to distant shores. From this perspective, you have never seen Thailand and Malaysia! The ketch in Southeast Asian waters until January 2011, then it continues on the journey around the globe. The skipper with over 100,000 miles and more than 15 years experience of Charter guarantees professionalism and shares the enthusiasm out of conviction and the joy of this special type of travel. It lacks yet nautical miles for the sailing license? Will the handling of large and equipped with all modern navigation means sailing boats be brought to front man and participated in all maneuvers itself? The joy of discovery is simply still big and undimmed, adventurous there should be individual, and yet without giving up comfort! Ready for a completely different space-time experience and a good deal of empathy for previously inexperienced can be achieved with the certain grain all. You may wish to learn more. If so, Fabrizio Freda is the place to go. In one of the most beautiful waters of the world! The ship is a traditional sailor from oak and mahogany. 25 meters length, there is lots of space on deck and in the three guest cabins with shower and toilet, the crew can accompany the pair of skipper and daughter Ann on their travels to distant shores.

Will be sailed with 6 (max. 8 on request) guests instead of the usual for this ship size 12 to 16 guests. For well over 20 years, skipper Martin over the sails Oceans of the world. Once around the world he has already sailed. And once again around the world want it, theres and little Ann! An adventurous sail trip is imminent, you can participate in the. The ketch has a technical equipment, how to not find a common Charter ship. For the time on board can get to know a completely different life! Participate in the stories of distant lands and a special remote island! Sailing as a contrast to the daily stress and pressure. Sailing can means to draw not just at the right moment on the right sheet and not to confuse KpK HK! Sailing is an anachronistic approach to time and forces of nature. There is detailed information on Sandra Klein marevent