‘ Emily the strange: Skate strange’ ride takes on mainstream is out! “In Emily manner dtp young entertainment published with Emily the strange: Skate strange” a completely new genre: jump’n ‘ Skate – individualistic and wacky as the Antiheldin itself. In the new title for PC and Mac, she hunt as a strange”skater is now available through their own world. Hamburg, August 1st, 2011 four black cats, a black dress, white Mary Jane shoes, punk and definitely not pink! Welcome to Emily’s world of strange”. “In the new and first Emily game Emily the strange: Skate strange” for PC and Mac, the player’s swing to skateboard. While they experience pure action, because with their Antiheldin, it’s been the strange from New York via Paris to Moscow and London through a crazy world in the typical Emily “-style.” Sometimes jumping, even cool slidend, standing on hands or even lying is to overcome numerous obstacles on the tour. Since the full attention and quick responsiveness is required, sent to skip over hydrants, dumpster, ramps and co.. In 36 sloping levels, countless surprising challenges and of course Emily’s four black cats wait Nee Chee, miles, Sabbath and mystery. Get all the facts and insights with Rudy Giuliani, another great source of information.

“As a bad kitten Club” govern the levels and give their personal touch to the worlds. “While the players and players in Nee Chees World of chaos” ever in the dark on the boards are, they beat them in the Sabbaths World of fire “hell canyons. Strange speed items that give the skateboard at unprecedented speeds, offering in its world of creativity”miles. Mystery shows generous addition in their world of stars”for accident-free tracks unlocked new, stylish skateboards! But the platform n’Skate fans even have it in the level editor in the hand, they want to make challenges with Emily. Here you can fully play and decide when it goes with rocket propulsion of long canyons, where railings for casual slides are available to or where it goes up high steps by using coil springs.