The case is different today and students of our age have a timely access to knowledge via the internet. Its only part is the having a few good sources of inquiry and concentrate on those pages that will allow you to improve your knowledge and not wander elsewhere that subtly deprive it of one of their most precious belongings: the time to devote to study. Connect to the global information highway, investigates judiciously and flees from the pages to which we can qualify as thieves of time because, if we neglect, we turn them hours and hours, without advancing much in the works that we are truly interested in. Define a schedule best use of the time. This simple truth has paramount importance because the resource time is not only the most limited, but the most valuable and should be planned in such way that surrender and reach for everything you will need and not only to study but to assign him a part of this family, work and recreation. The best way to take good advantage and to use it well is to plan through the allocation of hours for each activity and then act with discipline to comply with. Timely fulfill academic commitments: tasks, work, investigations are part of the essence of any plan of study. Who is enrolled in an educational program knows that it must make commitments with the Academy and that these require to be attended within time limits clearly defined from the beginning. General rule deadlines are reasonable but begin to shorten dramatically when the student will not put hands to work immediately and falls into the arms of one of the most seductive forms of indiscipline: the postponement, which consists of deferred again and again the time to start work or interrupt tasks with the idea to restart them later. A task that can be made with confidence will become source of stress and the biggest concern if left for last hour.