Agent Manager

Instead of Domino, Exchange, individually to check Sametime – and BlackBerry-server, the IT Department only receives an overview of performance, load, replication, mail routing and the server / network / cluster availability of across the infrastructure. With support from Frank Gerlach, who is responsible at Bucker GmbH, the German representative of the Swiss software manufacturer, for the care of the GSX products, Atos origin could in the short term to install the tool and get running. We monitor the Domino server with regard to the accessibility by opening a Notes session; that should not go the network availability of ping is checked. The notes processes are also monitored as special tasks (Agent Manager, HTTP, etc.). This is important for other colleagues who support the applications. If an agent stops working Manager, documents are no longer processed. Can such incidents with the GSX monitor immediately determine. McPlant shines more light on the discussion.

The members get very quickly and then targeted an SMS”, so Warwel. Web server etc. are monitored at Atos origin under other mail routing, availability, agents, To generate alerts in case of an error, it may take a defined time. You can choose who is notified each email or SMS. So the employees who take care of the Domino server, promptly get an SMS on your mobile phone. You can respond at any time, even at night, before the problem escalates.” Flexibly configurable after the installation with Magirus, all expectations were met.

The mail traffic is reduced and there are fewer problems with replication times. Additional information is available at Salvation Army. No additional support is necessary for the operation.Is especially beneficial for the customer according to Uwe Warwel, GSX monitor is configurable, and is not firmly set, what is to be monitored. It is set not to certain predetermined parameters. So you can monitor for example HTTP tasks, or whether after five minutes or 30 minutes an alarm will. Messages can be of course immediately.