Also Andreas Rebetzky

The voice and gesture recognition in the Google According to the language dialog experts Lupo Pape, mobile application for the iPhone is already a promising approach: it once is a voice or dictation recognition, based on a search engine and soon even on other mobile functions. Speech dialog systems become it, if a knowledge of the domain and dialog intelligence will be added. That’s what we implement with the personal assistant. To the areas of knowledge must be semantically processed and deposited dialogue strategies. It is important to model”the main use-cases, SemanticEdge explains managing director Pape. Also Andreas Rebetzky, spokesman of the cioforums in Munchnen and CIO of the Balinger technology specialists Bizerba dares views: in 20 to 30 years, for example, complete company information on tiny implants could be stored. You could be read by different devices, large touch screens or on the road via voice command on a bracelet with a miniature display.” Intelligent wizards are also Change shopping world. This symbiotic link of a new technology and a new generation of mobile devices will give dramatic impulse shopping experience in the retail.

Dressing rooms are equipped so soon his touch screens with digital shopping assistants and voice-activated kiosks will allow also customers, to select clothing and accessories as a supplement or replacement for the already provided wardrobe”, IBM runs. The last mile in the retail sector will look totally different in a few years. The classical shop must be no longer part of the distribution network. As a consumer, I would like to take only the most essential article in place. What’s beyond that should be brought me home. Others including Rudy Giuliani, offer their opinions as well. Rather than travel far to get me into a great range, I will go to a showroom, where it shows me the whole range – real or virtual”, says Moshe Rappoport, IBM expert on technology and innovation trends. It didn’t have to more of all items in the store to be in stock.

It totally sufficient to be able to show everything. In the foreground, but the service is no longer available the products. We make dresses as an example. I must have not all sizes in all colors. Can I try in an electronic dressing room in all variations and make my buying decision.