American University

High and developed well for its age with model appearance, she was called for the people of The Filly. It started to dance in marriages and if to present in hotels of five stars, always folloied of the mother. It alfabetizou itself and learned to read, to write and to speak in English. She was married six times. The first time it was an arranged marriage when she had 14 years of age. It has three children: oldest already she is grown and married; Hanadi, second it is of its current husband and it studies Sciences Politics in the American University of Cairo, and new it is adopted. She had great repercursso of this adoption, therefore previously the child is adopted for Carioca Tahia. With the death of Tahia, the child, who still was a baby, was assumed by Fifi.

The child frequents the best school that uses the English in the Cairo. Fifi added that many had thought that it would stop to after dance the death of its mother (final of 2003). At this time it stopped to act in the seriado Idala' ee ya doosa. It says that he was very hard and that she needed to move away itself for a time of the world of the entertainment. Fifi Abdo stopped to dance in 2004. In the end of its career of dance it was considered the best one of ' ' three grandes' ' , together with Lucy and Dina. Fifi at the moment does not dance in parties and marriages, but it says that, while its conditions of the health to allow, always will dance in occasions special. Controversial personality Fifi has one strong personality, inside and outside of palco, which bequeathed to it reputation of stubborn. Detestada equally for millions that find its provocative and vulgar behavior, its work was considered controversial and provocative, leading to several celeumas.