German honorary e.V. are soon it’s tips for a risk-free fixed again as far as Bavaria fiebert setting up of maypoles on May 1 against. The maypoles usually spiral-shaped white blue-painted and decorated with different elaborately designed icon panels of the craft are the pride of many communities. Technical AIDS are frowned upon by the establishment, strong men heave up the Maypole by using rods until he is. The organizers need to making sure that security for helpers and spectators is guaranteed. The Organizer is a Club and it comes to an accident, the Board stands with his personal fortune in the liability.

The German voluntary work Association advises to check the Club insurance in advance. Purpose of the Association may set up? Often clubs take over the Organization and implementation of the Maibaum Festival and are not aware of the liability risks for the Management Board. Club activities are important and beautiful events to the care of the customs for the towns and villages. However, would we refer to the risks that pose such events, and offer suggestions to the legal protection, “explains Hans Hachinger, Board member of the German Association honorary e.V.. Because in most clubs, setting up a maypole is not the purpose of the Association, not the normal liability of the Club is also here, but an event liability is necessary. A visitor suffers a damage, the organiser, i.e.

the Board of Directors of the Association shall be liable, with his personal fortune. The modification of the legal system since autumn 2009 exclusion of liability in negligence – is valid only under certain conditions, because in practice, slight and gross negligence are hard to separate. True to its motto, we keep volunteering the back free ‘ offers the German Volunteer Association with the Association – letter ‘ a complete insurance protection. No matter what actions a Club is planning the respective insurance is already included. This advantage has also Stiftung Warentest recently confirmed. Ultimately it should at the Maypole set up not only the liability situation be clarified, but be checked whether all workers are covered by accident insurance. The danger zone around the Maypole must be cordoned off large scale. Mount and backup of the Maypole Rosemarie Nohbauer