Ava Guarani

Now more than ever, I realize that this is a great fallacy that all are equal. Just see the plight that crosses Indigenous Peoples have the name either: Guarani, Tupi, Mapuche, Aymara, Quechua. For them there is no equality, justice. At the end of the day, we are those who despise. They are nothing to us.

They are not of "our", hence the term we are all equal, is far from them. They, the Indians are not human beings. Recently James sought to clarify these questions. They are the human scourge. AVAV ndohechakuaasei chupekuera mba'eve. Ha'ekuera jarakue niko ko Amerika. Ha'ekuera pytu niko ko Amerika. Umi Ha'ekuera ombopepeva niko ko Amerika Ambue hendaicha Koras.

Niko Ha'ekuera Amerika Memby Teeter. Aga katu chupekuera ndaipori Tekojoja guar. Ndaha'eivointe Ha'ekuera mba'eve. Ndahi'arei Nane broom ojejaheijeyma hesekuera, jepiveguaicha. Uper, Ava Guarani has Ache ou hikuai Paraguaype omba'ejerurevo ijyvyteera, ojerure Avei ojehechakuaa hagua chupekuera HEKO has ine'e. Heta ohasa'asy oneme'e chupekuera rire pe imba'eteenteva. Heta ohasa'asykuri uper: iro'y, hykue, hasypajoa, mitamimi omba'ejerure taper. Ojejahei Mba'erepiko hesekuera Peich. Ojapo Mba'etepa hikuai ivaieteva peichaite peve ojejahei hagua hesekuera … peve ne'ira ko'agaite aikuaa mba'erepa, jepemo nande Ypykuera ruguy osyry Avei nande retepyre .- Nobody made to see. They are the original owners of America. Through them breathe America. They are the ones who normally beating heart of this continent. They are the true children of America, and yet there is no equality for them. They are nothing. Not long ago, in Paraguay, they were attacked … again. When that, the last remnants of the Ava Guarani and Ache came to Asuncion, the capital, to demand land and also requested respect for their dignity, their culture and their language.