Beauty Center

Beauty Shop, "Aesthetics" – a cozy and comfortable lounge, where your beauty and health care the best craftsmen using advanced methods and approaches of modern cosmetology. The main direction or Aesthetics is a specialty luxury hair care. A variety of services for coloring (painting or staining) Hair One of the most popular services at our beauty salon is a hair coloring. Shiny hair bright and deep tones are surprisingly suitable for facial features, to shades of eyelashes and eyebrows, the color of the skin – the best shape and decoration of the most important touch in creating the image. Coloring, coloring or highlighting hair – it's an excellent opportunity to change the style to emphasize the uniqueness of their appearance. In our salon you can change hair color dramatically, as well as beneficial to stress, made more rich and saturated own tone hair. Not a problem for our masters, and free you from the gray hair.

You can relax in our cozy cabin and caring hands of trusted professionals, their unerring taste and experience. For color-treated hair, we and offer a variety of highly effective treatments with the latest techniques, systems and brands. To care for colored hair in a beauty salon, "Aesthetics" is also used performance-enhancing drugs on the basis of rare plants. In the salon, "Aesthetics", we offer you a variety of systems for professional hair care products from well-known brand Alterna: among them, "Regenerating Care" for chemically damaged hair, "Hydrating Care" for the long, dry, porous or curly hair, "Nourishing Care" with Caviar treatment conditioner with age-control complex, Molecular intensive hair repair, the complex 'Glitter luxury "complex" absolute brilliance' integrated care ' Luxury Ten '. Hair coloring, highlighting and hair coloring – the procedures by which it is better not to do yourself. House is very difficult to find the right tone and hair color needed. It is much easier, more comfortable and in all respects relax in a comfortable and cozy lounge, where you will meet almost home, an intimate atmosphere. We cater to customers with the utmost care and sensitivity at the best prices in Kiev. Our main advantage – it Of course, exclusive quality: we provide hair coloring, highlighting and coloring hair at a high level on the basis of the world's top brands and leading-edge world of cosmetology.