This Easter has found its fulfillment in Christ and hence (the cross) onwards still not like shadow, but as eternal reality in Christ. But not only the Passover was forever, as the holidays, Saturdays, sacrifices, moon, circumcision, etc. days were forever. The feast of the Passover of the Israelites in Egypt and the promised land was type and shadow representation of the true Passover lamb which is Christ. The same applies to: type shadow = compliance reality – people Israel = true Christ Israel – El Temple = true Christ Temple – unleavened bread = Christ, an offering of Holiness and purity, eternal food.-passing through the Red Sea Israel joins with Moses in the Red Sea = unite with Christ by baptism into his body by the spirit-the land of Canaan = Christ is our CanaanHeavenly and eternal-rest = Christ our Sabbath Saturday the salvation by grace, not by works – the high priest = Christ high priest forever according to the order deMelquisedec-the tribe of Levi = Christ the true Levite, we have the priesthood all believers. -Circumcision = Christ without sin, clean from contamination of meat. -Isaac * = Christ the son sacrificed – Jerusalem = Christ the Celestial.* Jerusalem * (figure or type of separation of the flesh of sin of the heart = seal of the Covenant, replaced by baptism) Col 2: 16 so nobody judge them you by what quecomen or drink, or with regard to religious holidays, new moon or Sabbath days.Col 2:17 all this is a shadow of the things that estanpor come; reality lies in the Christ of the cross after all typologies have been left behind and the reality has become evident. That reality is Christ. The law is fulfilled and the Jewish festivals, we who are in Christ fulfilled all requirements through him forever and we are perpetually and why not in damnation.