Checking Account Change Insurance & Pension

Reasons why customers rarely change your checking account, it was found out on the basis of a survey. According to a survey, nine out of ten banking customers in Germany with their bank when they lead their checking account, are satisfied. Nevertheless every fourth you can imagine a change of current account within the next year. While the effort around the changes for half of the respondents is the biggest obstacle. For a quarter of the respondents, the bindings, the good contact and trust to the previous employees of the Bank is a reason not to switch. The Sparda-Banken e.V.

found out a representative survey of the YouGovPsychonomics AG on behalf of the Association. The willingness to change the gender question for men is significantly higher than for women: 29 per cent of men surveyed can imagine a change of their giro account within the next year, whereas it can be less than 20% of women. Also, you can see a trend among younger people, more willing to change. This would almost every third respondents between 18 and 39 years change, whereas in the elderly (aged 40) only one-fifth of you would change. Considering the cost of the Girokontenwechsels, the younger ones are rather skeptical, while the elderly rather inclined to call the binding to existing staff as main motive of not switching. What now take out the banks from this survey for themselves? Increasingly more plays a role the direct binding to the customer, building confidence and commitment to service, to bind the customer to the Bank. Also, the banks must try everything possible as pleasant and easy as possible to make the change a potential customer.

A free account Exchange service, where the client has no concerns and especially no trouble. This underscores even Dr. Laurenz Kolleppel, Chairman of the Association the Sparda-Banken e.V. in 2009 looking at the development of the group the Sparda-banks, so you could attract added 118,000 new members and thus continue the Member growth of in recent years. Also for the year 2010, the Association of Sparda banks despite continued intense competition in the private customer business anticipates a continued positive and good increase in the membership. Background information on the survey: date: end of February 2010, number: 1068 representative selected holders of a current account (from 18 years) For more helpful information about replacing your current account, see the following link: current account change. Your Stephan Biermann