City Council

Text forwarded to the mailbox for complaints and suggestions of the municipality of Meliana, which they only answered on bilingualism, the other accusations do not answer them nor refute. COMPLAINT: not supplied format requests of the City Hall of Meliana bilingual, against the constitutional mandate. SUGGESTION: Enforce the Constitution by imperative legal and forget already laughing at citizenship. COMPLAINT: The writings of complaints, regularly not are answered (perhaps a corporatist rule in all political parties which we have administered), especially those concerning crumbled spending from the public purse, bank borrowings and recruitment of staff; as public administrators are required to do so by law and do not. We think that something dirty they must hide, or perhaps us refuses to certain people because we can denounce certain corruption do if they have nothing to fear, why hide the accounts? And by the way Mr. Alcalde: information that I asked him in writing on the spending of the Patron Saint of Meliana, that forced me to go to the City Council for an interview because not answered that letter, in addition to promise me (as always) that it would send it to me, so far unanswered, and does not answer because probably you can do without scandal. Accounts which I asked you are to find out if you got fingernails into coffers to pay masses during the holidays to 200 each, few paid and if he paid some other little thing private.

SUGGESTION: As it is assumed, PC. Politicians know that by law they are obliged to provide much public expenditure data request citizens, and you offer fierce resistance to such an obligation, incurring serious breach of the law. There are rumours by the people than politicians and some civil servants of laugh of citizens like me, and also no answer, however, will end up with these thank you and the giggles turning to the constitutional order.