An affiliate program is to promote a product or service of another person who owns a business online, instead of charging a Commission that this person will pay if it manages to sell the product, which you promoted him. The affiliate is identified through a link or link from affiliate. Affiliate Marketing is how quick and easy to make money from home, so you only need promote the link of affiliate that the seller of the product or service provides. They are increasingly more people who decide to distribute products and services on the Internet as affiliates. It is a way of earning money that does not require any investment and very little time by the affiliate. On the other hand, traders have seen the increase in benefits that may involve installing a program of affiliation, and every day more are those who are offering this option. Products/services more prominent get more than 75% of their sales through affiliates. This means that any online business that offers a system of affiliation can be multiplied its sales by 2 or 3 easily.

This is a trend that will continue to increase in the coming years, since the number of internet users has an exponential growth. It is one of the best ways to start a business on the internet, because they don’t need a product to sell and you can begin immediately without having to be an expert. A business on the internet of this type may mean you earn money for which perform it, achieving a relative financial freedom. There are two types of products, the digital (e-books, audio, video, software, etc.) that are paying higher commissions due to the cost of production is very low, and physicists (electronics, books, magazines, etc) that pay much lower commissions in the market. However, it has proven that you between 30% and 40% commissions on affiliate not collected are for whom corresponds. Theft of commissions is doing to lose much money to affiliates. And is also a problem for those who have a program of affiliation, since its members get less sales, lose interest and cease to promote their products.