In the bottom of a plastic bucket drilled a hole for the em liquid, put in the same bucket. I was lucky: in the buckets were the rings, so between the bottom of the first and second bucket was a space in centimeters five tall. Piled food residues, microorganisms seeded them with the sprayer after each tab. Isolated from the air, put the lid on oppression as a 5-liter bottle of water. But no matter how I , how would often not removed the electromagnetic fluid, the smell was from a bucket. We have seen that for an urban apartment, this method of recycling food waste quite good. For the rural monastery, where a warm barn – it is ideal for apartments – alas. In Internet you can find advice to prepare the em compost in plastic bags with holes at the bottom, the bottom of the bucket put the grill – I suppose that our horseradish radish is not sweeter. Unpleasant odor during composting, as it seems to me evidence of life aerobic organisms, which are beginning to exploit the em, including in their food chain. After all they are capable and pathogens cause to serve the noble cause of healing the soil, water and air. It was necessary to remove semi-finished compost on the site. At first, I raked the compost pile and dumped there a few buckets of residues that they're finished their fermentation. But my tab at an attractive smell found the dog, turn a heap.