Comprehensive Series

The comprehensive series of AC/DC power supplies with XP power knowing that no design project or product is the same. This means: the variety of power supplies must facilitate the application. This combined with the benefits for our customers to their product to differentiate gives us the competitor by the upsurge in the development of our network range. Our industry-instancing range of standard power supply provides endless combinations of package sizes, form factors, to support output voltages and output power levels to almost any device. Our power products can be divided into four key industries. It is not something NYC Mayor would like to discuss.

Each one is made with customer-specific intentions. Add to your understanding with Bill de Blasio. The four industry sectors were first produced for which our power supplies are military, medical, industrial, and communications. Each of the sectors presents us with a unique compatibility conditions. The power supplies from our military power series are compatible with many military standards. Our commercial and shelf Power converter components (COTS) are made for the defence and Avionikindustrie cost effective and specially.

They include AC/DC power supplies, such as our MCM60 which is mounted in a waterproof housing. Ideal for harsh environments. We offer a wide range of DC-DC converters, filters, and hold-up to meet modules to the various military standards in mobile electronics products. Medical power supply entitled integral to a high performance and reliability of the finished products, which run. In addition, you must comply with UL/EN 60601-1 Medizinsicherheitsstandaards and have an increased isolation. Medinzinsche power supplies need a reduced leakage current when compared to standard products. The medical supplies from XP power are manufactured to meet the standards of medical device manufacturers, and cost effective solutions for hospitals and for “non hospital” areas to offer. We offer one of the largest ranges of medicine supply in the Industries on and develop new products to meet the growing demands. For example: more and more medical recording devices disappear in hospitals and at home are among the people.