Nothing is more beautiful than packing bags and in the China. Like every year around this time of the summer is coming up and all holiday plans are in full swing. Nothing is more beautiful than packing bags and in the China. A few years ago, still that was totally shut down, and if you can not totally shut down that was associated with high costs. Today, however, they can advance at home and even on vacation with friends or acquaintances in contact. The mobile makes it possible. But how can you in China using his own mobile phone and save money when calling in China or the China home and forgo the high roaming charges? There of course different ways to avoid high roaming charges and telephone charges. The easiest way is to use a prepaid SIM card. Without such a SIM card international roaming charges can be bypassed unfortunately. There are different providers of prepaid SIM cards with the different tariffs and also the different options to choose from in the China. Very simply with the SIM cards Find the appropriate tariff Configurator. Card, you can buy such a prepaid actually everywhere in China, and each kiosk offered different maps for different needs, provided one speaks Chinese. German or English is not helpful in China. Call your friends to much China or perhaps you are planning world to call your friends and acquaintances from the China? Or perhaps remember to show your holiday photos on the Internet, to retrieve emails or use Skype also think? So different destinations, so different are the needs of travellers. However so different tariffs and limits of prepaid SIM cards are provider in China. What discount rates has which provider at the time where they are on your tour? Where can you free call or are called from abroad for free? How is the quality of the Internet connection and the data transfer is how much? Not only your cell phone should be more than that nowadays most support mobile 3 G EDGE support and better, you should also know your ISP can offer you a quick and good Internet connection. On a trip it is not just in one place, to visit many interesting places in a short time. So, what does your provider in Hong Kong and what in Beijing? Of course, other issues are also where can I recharge my prepaid SIM card when needed and where can I get help if I need that time? Such offers are of course not to expect from a dealer by a gas station or a kiosk. One gets such help from King which know the provider in China and know the hidden, so services and tariffs which one gets not called and must ask for, savings rates. And of course you will also receive his prepaid SIM card China before the trip home. But those who would not pay the cost, can also free in China send to them. Other benefits like for example the resulting its own cell phone number phone number can forward the new China, or also the German assistance which is included you and where all important Questions from the outset. At least speak English not every day and knowledge can China also isn’t all about that. Further tips and tricks related to savings for the call abroad visit here and just a SIM card Configurator, you would pay only what you really need.