Configuring Services

In order to test the service try to go to a site in WAP-browser of your phone Anycool. To do this, go to Menu-> Internet-> WAP (Menu-> Services-> WAP) and select the Home menu. If for any reason the operator's home page opens, most likely the problem is in the page. Try to go to Menu-> Internet-> WAP-> Enter (Menu-> Services-> WAP-> Links) and manually enter the address of the site. If you then load the page in question, then it is working. Otherwise, see the section 'If you have problems' at the end. It should be noted that by using this type of service access to the Internet you get a significant advantage in speed.

This service is charged on the amount of used bandwidth (amount of information received). Rates you can learn from your mobile operator. Also, most mobile operators provide the ability to use the mobile Internet while roaming. Stable WAP-access to the Internet using a GPRS link in the network foreign operators to the presence of GPRS roaming between the operator and the operator of your mobile phone. To use WAP services while roaming you will not need to change the profile settings in your phone. Configuring Services MMS: MMS (Multimedia Message Service – Multimedia Messaging Service) – This service allows you to send and receive multimedia messages (containing a large number of symbols, images, sounds, videos) from your mobile phone.

To configure the server manually to your mobile phone Anycool to open Menu-> Messages-> MMS-> Message Settings-> Edit profile (Menu-> Messages-> MMS-> Settings-> Configure network). As usual, choose a blank profile and press the Ok-> Edit Profile (Select-> Edit). Next, enter the profile settings in the table. If you encounter problems: If the manual configuration of services you have any problems, then you should do the following: Make sure your phone supports the above listed services, and your operator provides them. Once again, check carefully whether all the settings entered correctly. Check the settings for each profile. If you are a contract subscriber from his mobile operator, check if you have activated the relevant services. When contract connection is often necessary to personally call or come in to the operator service center to activate the service. Typically, prepaid customers do not need. Check whether your account funds. About the fees for the use of services can be found in his operator, call the Reference number or web site. Make sure that when you are using your phone is in range of your network GSM operator. In this case the indicator next to the network to be displayed at least one bar.