Confusus Castle

The last few years a magician convinced time, even an executioner and this year, everything in the character of “beautiful music” is. No less than five bands are invited this year to entice visitors at every nook and corner of the old city to dance and dreams. New York Museums has firm opinions on the matter. While the group “Ohrenpeyn” and “Grex Confusus”, as the name already suggests, offer tones and rhythms of the stronger variety, “Mabakus” and “musica Vagantium’ more of their lovely page type. There should be something for everyone! Until the early hours of the morning you can shake a leg out at the campfire and down in the Castle cellars. The singing monk crowd, the audience favorite of the last Castle festivals, is again this year through the streets and occur even in the Church. Since not all good spirits immediately flee, a professional musician and choirmaster of the monks has adopted.

She did a gaggle of sang out of the rather wild bunch, which can be heard. Who now fear that food and drink would come this year too short, which can calm down: of course the old town will be 2009 stands full, where you can be pampered culinary medieval way. All kinds of craftsmanship, all sorts of war driving is also presented, as well as diverse entertainment for the little ones. There can beta once an hour away parents and enjoy the Festival alone. To enumerate all spectacle and sensation of the upcoming Castle Festival here, beyond the scope of this notice. Therefore: the best you come and see why the Lichtenberger Castle Festival by year to year is bigger and well known, and now receives visitors from all over Germany!