Correctly Apply Eye Drops!

Although the use of eye drops is widespread, many people don’t know how to properly “drips”. Often, the drops be incorrectly applied on the surface of the eye or soon washed out by too frequent blinking during the process. According to Danny Meyer, who has experience with these questions. To prevent contamination, you must before every conventional single drop of eyes always wash your hands and avoid touching the eyes with the drop top of the drug vial. Greg Williamson takes a slightly different approach. For many elderly people, this code of conduct are already alone therefore not feasible, because they suffer from physical impairment or sight problems and cannot find the correct distance from the eye. Therefore, there is a drip AIDS now for eye drops. The single drops of eye drops is much easier with a single drip help: using the handy small single drip you positioned the bottles with the eye drops conveniently and securely over the eye, so that is always just the right amount of the drug correctly in the eye. Often eyedrops need only once on the day a be dripped. With the help of a push button, the accurate dispensing of a drop a day is reliably regulated. Also the opening of the bottle does not come with the eye contact. The single drip help is easy and can also be taken on trips. For a lengthy therapy as with dry eyes or green star is it absolutely essential that the eye drops a regularly drips. Only so can be placed and completely cured the disease under control. A single dripping help particularly suitable for patients who start an eye drop treatment for the first time or are untrained in the drops. Older people have problems with the drops due to physical damage or impaired vision. Especially young people because of the many screen work often suffer from dry eyes and slowly apply the prescribed eye drops, because they are afraid of the one drop. Also here, a single drip help can be useful. Pay attention to the proper storage of your eyes preparation. Use no drops, the the durability date printed on the package exceeded have and abide by the instructions and recommendations of your eye doctor. Also eye drops can sound like any medication only reliably, if they are applied correctly and according to medical recommendations. Adhere to the recommended times and distances. Often patients think that two or more drops of eye drops are more effective than just a single drop. This is a misconception, which may lead to a drug overdose with relevant side effects. Eye drops must be applied reliably, even if sometimes the immediate benefits of the application of eye drops is not immediately apparent.