Cruise Business

Summer – a season for Mediterranean cruises, cruises to Northern and Western Europe. In addition, in summer you can take a cruise on the American or Alaska to make the transatlantic passage from London to New York. Also in the summer Cruises are very popular in Scandinavia and the Norwegian fjords from St. Petersburg. Cruises from St. Petersburg offers a unique opportunity, without leaving their home country to go on a cruise through Europe, visiting countries such as Norway, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Estonia and others. Fall and spring – the time of passing cruise. In the autumn cruise lines ships gone from Europe, where it becomes colder and winter approaches, in countries with warm climates.

An example is serve as a transatlantic to the U.S., after the liner is ready to carry out cruises the Caribbean islands or South America. Some of the ships sent to Asia, and Australia. In the spring movement occurs in reverse order. In the fall 2011 season will be very popular to use Mediterranean cruises from Odessa. Itinerary of Odessa are very diverse. They can be for 5-12 days to see Turkey, Croatia, Italy, Greece and other countries Europe. Winter – season exotics.

Regions across the equator is visited by cruise ships in the winter, because in the southern hemisphere at this time of summer. The main directions of sea cruises – Australia and New Zealand, South America, Southeast Asia, Arab Emirates. There are regions where the cruise season lasts all year round. These include the Caribbean Islands, French Polynesia, and, oddly enough, the Mediterranean Sea. So to see Europe with his balcony on a cruise ship can virtually year-round. Extraordinary popularity enjoyed visa-free cruises are also on the Red Sea region and Israel, the Caribbean, South America, islands of the Indian Ocean.