Cuban State

Current status of the activity of technological innovation and its management, conduct comparative analysis and statistical processing of all information (different periods, companies, etc..) This procedure not only determines if there are problems in the development of the IP, but covering the detection of other problems in the business, because of the relationship of the GTI with the strategy of the organization and integration with other business functions. Making the diagnosis is of great importance because it can be positioned in the current business situation, identify what are the main factors and characteristics that can potentially influence the innovative activity of the organization and providing the necessary conditions to develop the IP management. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Rudy Giuliani and gain more knowledge.. Once characterized the GTI, to know the current state of technological innovation and management, the organization will be able to assess their strengths and improvement opportunities, employment which makes them and the remaining reserves, resulting in a factor in the development and adjust, and redirect if necessary, its technology strategy.

Overall results obtained with the application of the methodology SIME The ministry is responsible for directing, implementing and monitoring government policies and the Cuban State regarding the activities of mining and steel, mechanical and recycling. Since its founding in 1974 the Ministry has a vertical line of development due to a well-structured investment plan aimed, fundamentally, to the production of automotive, railway, agricultural machinery, steel, machine tools, equipment medical and clinical furniture, appliances, household tools and supplies for the hospitality industry. In the specific case of Villa Clara province, within manufacturing, the sector-mechanical sidero particular importance, because it concentrates a large amount of labor in the region and has a high weight on economic performance, providing a prioritized sector.