Definition Of City

William Cowper: God made the field, and the city a city man is not a territory lined cement, traversed by carts and racing and buried by thick smoke from its chimneys and the deafening noise of the cars speakers. Nor is it an open field in which one and the others run in a hurry from one place to another as if they did not have a fixed destination or as if they flee frighten their fears and fears. A city is much more than the rush of those who run; more but much more than the structures of concrete, iron and asphalt cluttered cities that have grown so many generations of men and women whose life was spent between the anxiety of time and the reduction of spaces. The city is much more than a site, a place, a lot, land and space. The city is the people that laughs and cries at the pace of events imposed by their time and their life style; It is the encounter of the smile of innocent children with the whisper of the wind in the treetops whose shadow casts generous on the sidewalk where friends share their conversation or in the Park in which lovers, gently holding hands, walking in the same direction and are planning a future filled with love and understanding. It is the point of time and space where match the souls of people, their desire to build a new and better world and its need to live together with other human beings beside which must suffer and enjoy, perform as a human being and build their daily lives as rational, emotional and intelligent person.

The city is the place where our eyes are opened to receive every morning in the light of the new day and where you absorb the air that fills life with our bodies and we have to face the fight of every day with renewed forces obtained in the folds of the memory or in a corner of the future where our dreams have been projected. The city is the place where you were born by God’s will or in where you are faced with the intense days of the journal live by their own volition or by force of circumstances. Certainly we are not only the site in which we were born, but the scenario in which we plan and fulfill the task of living and sharing. In this sense our City is one in which, at a given moment pose the soles of our feet and our gaze is fixed. It is the geographical space in which beats the heart and circulates the blood in your permanent life cycle. The city is a platform passed by people from here and there; a street where circulating walkers driven by its commitment with the now; an avenue crossed by bridges of cordiality; a set of neighborhoods in which customs are born, are modified and reappear in a perennial process construction and realizations.

A city, in other words, has life. Life of its own. For herself and transmit cobijamos who in their protective shadow Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian scholar whose articles are published on websites, newspapers and magazines of several countries of the world. Recently was he awarded the prize for journalism of the CERREJ?N in the modaidad of the internet. He is frequently invited to seminars and conferences in various cities. Get in touch with him via mail and visit his page.