Web-studio "Svarga" – professionalism, responsibility and success. You need to create a stylish, comfortable and easy to manage the site? Requires a ready resource to promote in search engines? Would you like to see advertising on your site authoritative thematic areas? Web-studio "Svarga" take care of all your problems. A team of young and energetic professionals make a reality of even the most fantastic ideas. Priority tasks Web Studio are: The manufacturing sites of any complexity, including the design, layout, installation on the CMS, the preparation of software testing; Created online resources; website promotion to leading positions in search engines; holding companies of advertising sites; Development of corporate identity design, manufacture logos. Web-studio "Svarga 'unites young, creative, motivated professionals. We are confident in our abilities, and love the unconventional approach to solving the original problems. We are always aware of innovative processes in the field of Internet technology, basic trends in the industry, shows attention to pressing security issues today. Work of all our projects is accompanied by simple and effective system DeotixCMS, also developed and tested specialist web-studio "Svarga." DeotixCMS to make the process comfortable and content management as easy as possible for even an untrained person.

Web-studio "Svarga '- it's compliance with international standards of quality and high level of customer trust. We love our job and responsibility, to the best of attitude towards their work. Making websites by us at a level that more than half the customers come to us repeatedly. We value each customer and value in return from them. For us, no less important reputation and good name of the web studio. Therefore, we do not deal with orders for manufacturing sites, the concept of which is associated with pornography, advertising alcohol and tobacco products, as well as gambling. In addition to quality work, web studio Kazan offers customers an adequate price for all types of services, including manufacturing sites. These positions, we consider not only the key indicators of a professional approach to business, but also a guarantee of its success.

Manufacturing sites in our web-studio – it's easy to manage development resources. Our credo: Just = n-GROWTH-on hard-to = FALSE. We believe the site should be as simple and convenient to the owners of the resource is not required to work with the study of literature. Effective site to optimize existing problems, rather than multiply them. Creative, enthusiastic and passionate in the process of the business people together in a team web studio. Kazan, where the "Svarga," only a small portion of the vast space, where they live and successfully employed our customers. This is Beijing and Moscow, St Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. Web-studio (Kazan) has customers far beyond their hometown. U.S., Australia, Cyprus and Israel – is not a complete list of countries where we have created resources are widely used as a tool for efficient business. The fact the vast geography of our virtual products, we have repeatedly proven success of the Web-studio in a remote location. All customers who order the production site in web-studio 'Svarga', we provide a warranty for one year. Errors and disadvantages found in the 12 months, removed and modified for free. Wherever there was our potential customer, for it is not difficult to contact us by clicking on the contact page and filling out a simple questionnaire will allow us to better understand each other.