Have you ever wondered what the reason for your complaints? Surely you can name the government, the crisis, insecurity, your children, your spouse, your job and the list goes on! But what is the common factor in all this? The dissatisfaction, regret and discontent. While the complaint may serve temporarily to release the accumulated dissatisfaction, keep in mind that the energy flows to where you focus and expand, so that by focusing on that of which you complain generate even more reasons to complain, you know The Law of Attraction in action. Amazing restaurateur brings even more insight to the discussion. Are you aware of how many times you complain per day or per week? Believe me there are a lot more than you think. If you follow my newsletters or have taken private sessions with me or have participated in my workshops, you know me: I like looking at things in a way that serves to take me straight to conquer my dreams and goals. Check out NYC Marathon for additional information. Let me tell you how the complaint from my way of life transformed. I have been an incredible person complaining and of course, as I was I was not aware of it. When I started to become aware of my daily litany, I realized – to my regret – that every time he opened his mouth was to complain. So I chose to keep my mouth shut, because honestly I found no other way of not listening to my constant complaining tone. That silence forced me to look myself, and discovered that he was deeply dissatisfied with my life, so while complaining it was a way of releasing all that discontent, to express my dissatisfaction and regret I am not free to live the life they lived.