Dolphinarium City

Mariachi, tequila and up to the most beautiful woman in the world of 2010 are from Guadalajara. Art, history, gastronomy, ay fauna flower, among many other things you can find in this beautiful city, already know it? Travels to Guadalajara and knows the best zoo in Latin America in the Guadalajara Zoo there you can see animals from around the world and not only to the children you s love, but to the whole family. You will find the most modern Dolphinarium in Latin America also in Guadalajara and has a therapeutic program. If you want to know about animals just visit this city. Although it is one of the most important cities of the country, visit Guadalajara and discover how has managed to combine in one place the technology and its history, because it still retains places that were created since its foundation. Churches and cathedrals can not miss, but this city also boasts a beautiful library that was formerly a Jesuit College founded in 1591, in this place that breathes history! Travels to Guadalajara from $395 pesos coming from Toluca, with this price you want to bring the entire family! The low-cost airline, this price brings it if you did already travel with them insurance know about the quality of its aircraft and the good service they offer..