Easier Server Entry For SMEs

axxiv entry Server CUN VERVA TC02 of the new server line up Hunenberg 09 July 2010 which axxiv CUN VERVA TC02 is new Tower Server designed for small and growing businesses. Equipped with the latest technology, it takes into account their requirements and budgets specifically. These differ markedly from those of larger companies, the basic requirements for data storage, performance, and reliability are same. With the latest technology, because of an Intel Xeon – or core – i3-powered processor, the entry Server TC02 offers lots of computing power. Applications are performing in the network and data storage in the company quickly settled hard drives via SATA-II or SAS-I. Looks like effective IT management. Powered by an Intel Xeon or core i3 processor of the latest generation and supported by reliable ECC memory, you can expect a lasting, stable performance of the axxiv CUN VERVA TC02.

400 W 80 thanks to optimally cooled with three fans and energy saving, PLUS power supply, the TC02 delivers a constant motivation. A data redundancy achieved axxiv onboard using an Intel RAID controller. With desktop PCs in the knees go, performs these special tasks professionally and reliably the axxiv TC02 of the server system. An interruption-free operation of business just for operation of SMEs is the be-all and end-all. The acquisition protects system ineffective transactions between accounting, management, operations, marketing and sales. The TC02 can prevent failures hazardous profits and painful loss of data. The automatic, centralized storage generally improves operational efficiency. This technology installed axxiv 24 x 7 hard drives with optional SATA-II or SAS-I.

Adapted infrastructure axxiv Server CUN VERVA TC02 done running business-critical applications, databases or websites reliably, quickly and efficiently. The possible modular composition of one axxiv server in the build-to-order process and the individual adaptation to the claims of the respective company, optimized hardware, power, and management costs. The server axxiv CUN VERVA TC02 is available from CHF 1’370.-inclusive of VAT through retailers. Axxiv Server 3 years bring – in warranty standard. If necessary, this can be expanded with interesting service options. Learn more about the product and the sources of supply are available under.