Had to the proper characteristics of the baseball, it has moments where if it acts collectively individual or, but always for a common objective: the victory of its teams; for this reason, the practitioners acquire values as team spirit, disciplines and auto-confidence. Defesa9 is the number of players who enter in field to defend. Below they follow position: 1. Arremessador/Pitcher: Basically, it launches the ball in order to make it difficult batting of the rebatedor. Speed and control I hurl in it of the ball are characteristic of the arremessador, as well as the good psychological preparation and balance to play under pressure. The arremessador is aimed at and charged during a departure, it takes what it to be the player most valuable in one equipe.2. Catcher receiver: It catches the balls launched for the arremessador, assisting it to choose it balls that make it difficult batting of the rebatedor.

For being the only player to have general vision of the field, it tends to be a species of leader, guiding the too much members of its team how much to the defense position. Internos3 gardeners. First base/First baseman: Elasticity and height are characteristic well comings to the players of this position. The concentration is important because, being the defender of 1 base, it will be involved in the majority of battings. The left-handed people will have easiness in this posio.4. Second Second base baseman: The important one is here to have speed and agility.

The capacity to simulate possible plays for anticipation is essential, especially when it has corridors in bases.5. Third Third base baseman: The main requirements are: good impulse, consequence and speed therefore great part of the balls struck in its direction are short and/or fast. The strong arm is very importante.6. Interbases/Shortstop: It defends the biggest area of the internal garden, what it justifies the necessity of agility, strong arm and the good integration with the player of the second base.