Endowment Fund

Small fluctuations in value and stable prices make wood investments of increasingly attractive tangible assets such as real estate and forest are increasingly in demand, because they are largely independent of monetary fluctuations. A real value is long lasting, even in times of financial crisis, because the exchange value represents a non-influenceable size. Thus, a real value is long-term safer than stocks and other investments. An investment in the asset value of wood is particularly attractive. Privileged classes such as the nobility and landowners as investment for diversification of assets in the past was reserved. In recent decades, even institutional investors recognized forests as an increasingly scarce commodity. In North America, E.g.

wood investments in recent decades an integral part of many successfully managed assets, such as the Endowment Fund of Harvard and Yale have been. You thus generated solid double-digit yields. For approximately ten years, there’s also in the increasing mass wood investment offers for private investors. Asset wood: high returns and low Fluctuations in value trees regardless of stock market crashes and economic fluctuations and wood WINS so even in economically troubled times steadily in value. Wood is a renewable, versatile usable real value which is used as a building material, as well as in the furniture and paper industries. In addition, wood is a CO2 neutral energy sources.

For these reasons an increase is predicted alone for Europe for round wood consumption by 2020 by 40 percent. But also the emerging economies in Asia and Latin America contribute to the increasing demand for wood. With 2.6 billion people, populous countries in particular India and China with its fast-growing middle and upper classes contribute specifically to a strong growth of in demand for tropical hardwood. Worldwide therefore pension funds and banks to invest in the growing mass in tropical forests, because there we are in the temperate trees approximately five to eight times as fast.