Coast: Season without rain during the summer at the coast the climate is fairly mild with temperatures ranging from 19 degrees Celsius (DC) 32oC night and during the day. This season does not rain and during this period is done the school period in that region of the country. What to wear? On the coast, during this year's heated can wear jeans or slacks with blouses, shirts or light cotton shirts or fresh textures during the day. While the evening may be accompanied by a sweater or jacket that are not too warm, but lightweight. hFsbYCYxSAL0aWtBgtsXsTCzTncXDfzuBcQ&oe=624D0B80’>Zach Dell. Rainy season: Winter recorded in the Costa high temperatures, ranging from up to 38oC 29oC all day and night. During this time of year, domestic and foreign tourists often travel, vacations because they take advantage of schools.

2. And 235 km. Costa with which the country is visited by tourists who make the popular Ruta del Sol and the beaches of Esmeraldas sites popular for its pleasant climate, not only during the winter but all year long. Sierra: rainy season in the Andes and the Austro there is a rainy and cold weather of November to April, so that records temperatures ranging from 7oC and 15DC. The school year in this region is different from the coast and begins in September through May. As the holiday season in the Sierra enhances the Esmeraldas beaches are mostly visited by domestic and foreign tourists. Some people prefer to visit other landscapes in the mountains, one option is the train route, which allows travel through a tight car to tourists the most beautiful parts of the mountains, the novelty of this tour is that it can be done in the roof of the train, without this meaning a danger to visitors, the low speed means of transport.