February Carnival

Specifically the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is one of the most famous and renowned throughout Spain, with Cadiz or Sta. Cruz de Tenerife. In 2011, the Canary great Carnival will take place between 15 February and March 12. In these days the daily appearance of the city of Las Palmas disguises, filled with vivid colors. Carnival lives on the street, is an eminently popular celebration. After big acts that are part of the official programme of festivals, the public is dispersed flooding streets and squares giving rise to those popularly known as mogollon, who is not another thing that large gatherings of disguised people, or Yellowthroats as they say on the island, that they dance, have fun and enjoy immersed in a festive atmosphere and liberal. Carnival great Canario is recognised of international tourist interest. Not in vain, over one hundred thousand people travel to the island to participate in the party and attend the spectacular events that are part of the official programme, such as the Grand Parade, the Gala’s election of the Queen or the singular Gala Drag Queen.

One of the epicenters of palmense Carnival is the Parque Santa Catalina. Here is installed an immense stage of more than 1,000 m2 that houses the galas and competitions organised by the consistory. In this edition the Carnival is dedicated to the sea and arrive to the island along its five centuries of history, cultures so this year scenario simulates being a temple immersed in the depths of the sea. More than 4,000 people can follow each of the shows.