As your POS system regarding process and quality alignment of events and other mobile Gastroangeboten optimally supported as restaurateur caterer is the topic known to you: you are supposed to deliver a good and rich food and beverages for a shooting or an event in the village square or in a town hall. And the costed of course at a good price and with sufficient service forces. The problem, which is behind such events, often in addition to the logistical requirements is missing or at least significantly reduced planning security. So from the outset is to build on experience gained and to ensure at the same time in special measure to secure, customer-friendly and efficient processes. What is this closer to adjust as first the existing mobile POS system to the respective needs and at the same time, a proven orientation system and a reliable planning instrument to expand it? A useful measure, that in recent years more and more implemented will.

This underlying idea includes a centralized billing (except possibly deposit return) for decentralised goods issue of food and drink stalls. In this sense, spend no classical receipts at a central cash register terminal, but turn the Thermorollen used by you with your kitchen printer easily into value vouchers which entitle your customers to pick up the respective provision of the relevant counters. Any of this value voucher is counterfeit-proof designed, clearly identifiable and includes an article each. He covers well read in particular the name of the product in clear text, a serial number and date and time of delivery. Specifically, the process defined so that first of all noticeable inform your guests or participants of the event your culinary offerings. For this installation, price lists or lists in the cashier are common. Then the cashiers will accept the wishes of the customer, advises if necessary, completed the course Payment process and prints out the individual value vouchers to the handing over to the customer.